My Huel journey begins 😀

Hi everyone!
My name is Andrea and I live in Milan.
In the last few weeks I only read this forum, but today, after some troubles with UPS with delivery, I finally received my first Huel package :+1:
I odered Vanilla (new and original) and Coffee that I am planning to use in the morning…
Right now I am hacking my first meal made with the new Vanilla.

I didn’t know exactly what to expect and the first impression is that I like it… Maybe a tad sweet as I feel a persistent aftertaste… I will for sure have time to experiment :grin:

So for now I can tell that I’m happy with the purchase and I hope it will also help in loosing weight :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Good luck with your journey!
You will get used to the sweetness/aftertaste. I’m just ending my first bag of vanilla and I really was doubtful about whether I would manage it but actually once you experiment a bit with flavours and consistency it’s much better. I’ve got unsweetened arriving tomorrow which I think will be more to my taste but actually I probably could have carried on with vanilla if I had to.

Are you going 100% or just replacing certain meals? For me I love the fact that I can grab it if I have nothing in the fridge for dinner and stops me raiding the hash browns from the freezer! I’m seeing ok results weight loss wise - loads in the first week and now it’s slowing down but the important thing is it’s going down!

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You may have to buy some unflavoured and mix with vanilla if I is too sweet. The good thing about Huel is you can adjust to taste and thickness. Lots of possibilities.
Good luck with your journey.


Tonight I tried the Original one and I Think it’s a bit better on the sweetness…
And tomorrow I will try Coffee :wink:
I guess that in the next order I will actually add the unflavoured and then I try to mix.
Thanks for the advice :grin:

Tonight I’m tasting the Coffee and I can say that for now it is my favourite :grin:

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