My Journey with Huel - Blog!

Hello Huelers,

I’ve decided after a year of watching the forums to take the plunge and order a big bulk of Huel. It worked out cheaper and I prefer to buy in bulk to make things easier.

I’ve decided to stick to a Huel diet until this runs out or I physically can’t do it anymore. I’ve ordered the up to date 2.2 with Vanilla and also the chocolate flavouring just incase the vanilla is too ‘plain’

I have a nutri-bullet blender which I plan to blend up the mixture and will use the fridge technique. My rationale to going over to hue is I’m a nurse working permenent nights and so I was only eating toast or cereal twice a day and I’m starting to lose too much weight. Fingers crossed I don’t get the ‘lumpy’ batch and that it helps me go back to a normal weight again! I’m waiting for my delivery and will keep this blog updated with my experiences :slight_smile:



Thanks for choosing Huel, Josh. Looking forward to your updates!

Hello Everyone!

Ok, so my Huel has arrived (never knew it would be so heavy!) I was eager to try my first batch. 500ml water with 3 scoops of vanilla huel and the powder smelt really nice. after blending in my nutribullet it was a smooth consistancy if not nearly overflowing!

Sad to say I’m not completely into it, not sure how I’m going to go 100% I think I’m going to have to add something to improve the taste. My issue is the aftertaste, it’s very chalky and stays in your throat and is almost like cold oatmeal? I’m just about to try my second meal of the day, but this time I added Coffee granules, hold on…

Ok so Coffee makes it tolerable, I’m still getting a chalky aftertaste but not as bad. I have a feeling the chocolate flavouring will make it much nicer but will try to fit that in later. I think I’d struggle to drink this 4 times a day to get my calorie intake for the day unless I find a way to make them super tasty. Any tips? After my second shake I’m feeling really nauseous…

I think it’s just the aftertaste of raw oats. Letting it stand after
blending helps. Some refrigerate overnight.

i used to make my daily amount in the morning and have it for the day. i saw vast improvements in taste when making it in the evening and leaving it in the fridge to settle overnight.

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Ok, so I’m having 2 shakes a day and then trying to fit one extra meal in the evenings.

I’ve found adding nesquik to the mix makes it rather nice and I no longer want to throw up with the texture!!! trying to fit 4 shakes in the day is nearly impossible - is there any way to condense it to two?

some ideas I’ve had but didn’t want to try yet. how about blending biscuits with the mix? like custard creams or bourbons? I know that defeats the healthyness but it sounds nice to me.

“I know that defeats the healthyness but it sounds nice to me”

So does adding Nesquik :stuck_out_tongue:

As Huel is a drink it’s very flexible. There are plenty of suggestion threads including some in the sticky FAQ at the top with many ideas on how to flavour it. I’m not a big fan of the chocolate flavour. Maybe you should have ordered the flavour sample pack and tried them all.

Hi! I wasn’t keen on it at the start either. I mix two scoops with 1 banana, 500ml of water and a table spoon of peanut butter in the mornings for breakfast and it’s so so good.
I’ve also found mixing two scoops with 500mls water and a teaspoon of flavouring makes it really good for me too: I guess it’s personal preference. :slight_smile:

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That’s a lot of sugar too :wink:

Huel’s not really an acquired taste, but it’s a different one. The flavour system really helps make it more palatable if you don’t happen to like it as is, I’d really recommend you try the sample pack so you can figure out which you really like.

Beyond that. I find that mixing the night before can help, and using cold brew coffee works far better than instant or boiled (cafetiere or aeropress makes cold brew really easy).

Give it time, you’re coming from highly flavoured ‘nornal’ meals and snacks to something a lot more neutral, can take a bit of getting used to.