My journey on Huel

I am new to Huel and this is my first day.

The taste is meh but ok. I went for chocolate and have vanilla to try soon.

Just thought I would keep a post going of my progress.

Day 1
17st 1


Welcome! Loads of suggestions on how to make it more palatable - I like to add coffee flavour and cinnamon to mine.

Presumably you’re looking to use huel to lose some fat from your body? If you have any questions, plenty of people around here have been or are on similar journeys.

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Best advice for a newbie is to take it slow (don’t try for 5 shakes a day from the start!) and then persevere and give it a proper chance. That’s the reason you can’t buy a sample bag of Huel it takes a bit of time for you to adjust to it and start to feel the benefits.

Best of luck!

Thank you both for the advice. I am looking to shift a few pounds but also get a tad healthier.

So this and some exercise should help.

Welcome to the team! Chill you Huel with ice or leaving in the fridge is a favourite with Hueligans!

Hi @KernowRed if you use the search function you will find lots of great info and advice to read. Hope you grow to love Huel as much as we do.

One thing I am loving is the t-shirt they send it’s really comfortable and long. I have a long torso and generally always find my back exposed

Breakfast was nice, I have mixed lunch and it’s in the fridge

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Noticing the odd headache but guess this is due to lack of sugar

I think, for me, the headaches were caffeine withdrawal. Soon fixed that by adding instant coffee to Huel Vanilla :yum:

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That could be the case but I have drank caffeine in 8 years.

I am guessing sugar and maybe dehydration

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Yes, be careful of dehydration Tim, Huel in your diet must be accompanied by plenty of water aside from that you use in the shakes.

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Well day 3 and things seem to me going well. I am having 400g breakfast and lunch. It’s stopped me snacking and I feel fine. I do really look forward to that evening meal but also the shakes are so easy


I am with you on the taste meh, personally vanilla tastes better than the chocolate.

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Day 4

Seems to be going well, breakfast and lunch I am full and seem to have more energy and less slumps.

Headaches have calmed down but I am weeing more. I don’t feel I am drink gallons of water. So it’s strange.

16st 11

All good.

Had a weekend away camping and hurled breakfasts and lunch but the beer consumption epic.

Still really enjoying the huel, it’s making life so much easier. Hmmm what to have for breakfast and lunch is now a thing of the past. I have no hunger pains and feel a lot more energetic.

Day 8

So after two weeks of huel twice a day I can confirm I am still the exact weight as I started.

I have tried really hard to count my cals in my evening meal and have been eating really health meals.

But I guess not good enough.

On the plus side I am enjoying the huel and the fact I don’t have to think about what I eat for two meals a day which has been cool.

sounds delightful…

I ment huel for breakfast

Try just 3 Huels per day. If you don’t lose weight at 1200kcals and 17st you should be studied (nicely) by scientists.

You’ve got this.

That might have something to do with it. Even if you were fairly disciplined for the first 5 days, a weekend of epic beer consumption is potentially able to wipe out any deficit and then some. If you are serious about losing weight, you can’t swing between extremes like that and still expect to make progress unfortunately.

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