Newbie issues

Huel noob here :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:
Currently on day 6 and I have to admit I’m a bit mixed on my experience so far (hoping it’s just a transition period from being a lazy lardass to a slightly less lazy lardass)

I’m 6’1 and 213lbs, my weight and image were starting to get to me so I thought I’d finally try huel to cut out some bad habits and get on the weight loss train (being known as the fat one in your friend group is quite a kick in my self esteem)

I’m currently at a mundayne sedentary 9-5 desk job which has partly led to me piling on weight over the last 2 years, well that and the fact I LOOOOVE snacks. I have to travel over an hour each way to get to and from my job so breakfast isn’t easy and by the time I’m home, I get a precious hour or 2 with my partner and our precious little lady so cooking dinner isn’t high on my priorities and I don’t really like eating past 8pm.


What a genuis, time saving option this is! I can drink a breakfast on the bus (I never used to have breakfast, hence the tasty snacks), I can have it at my desk for lunch, saving me from my poor self control and Starbucks robbing me blind every day, and then it’s off home where if I have time/energy I can have a small meal but if not, HUEL TO THE RESCUE!

I am determined to keep on with huel as I’ve thrown a bunch of money at it and I do enjoy it (except the current shake I pre weighed out, I put the water on top of the huel and also forgot the ice tray thing so it’s pretty grim. Big lumps of dry ass powder is not ideal. Lesson learned :joy:)

Here’s my issues though, I need to lose weight so I’m looking at keeping under 1500 cals now to hit the weight loss hard.
I try to have 2 or 3 scoop coffee huel in the morning
And then a 3 scoop vanilla with whichever wacky flavour boost I’m trying on that day (chocolate was not good, toffee was so sweet it made my eyes hurt but mint choc was the absolute boy)
I’m also smashing so much extra water, having to have between 3 and 4 litres a day as I’m so thirsty all the time now.
But I’m so bloated, ridiculously so. As in I’m hungry but my stomach can’t take anymore. Yesterday I had under 1000 cals because of this. And I’m not gluten intolerant or anything.
I’m also having persistent mild headaches over the last 2-3days and it’s just not going away, I’m so spaced today because of this

I’ve looked at the threads and I don’t think I’ve seen a reason why I’m having a bit of a lame time

Has anyone else had such issues?


Sorry I saw the ass powder thing and had to post before I finished reading :joy:

As for the rest:

I think this is from coming off the sugar, you’re actually going through withdrawal.

Not sure about the bloating, but sounds like you’ve jumped into the deep end which is explicitly not recommended by Huel, they say it’s best to just do one shake per day for a couple of weeks.

I commend your enthusiasm but if you hit the ground running too hard you’ll get sore feet!

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You’re most likely right, I find transitioning quite hard and its easier to just go ham and go all out.

When I went vegan that’s exactly how I did it, just overnight switch but I never had any issues, same with my meds over a year ago
Maybe I’ll have to dial it back a bit but then I run the risk of stopping entirely. Like I said in my post, I’m lazy :joy:

I mean, I would say just stick with it then? I get bloated in the day sometimes and only manage two shakes all day. If I absolutely have to eat more because I’m going the gym later that day or something, I’ll have a Huel bar with a cuppa

It could be worse, there’s some horror stories of people going 100% on here, usually involving them having to redecorate their bathroom :joy:

We recommend that when you start your Huel diet, you first try replacing 1 meal with Huel, and then after a while (approx. 5-7 days) you could progress to replacing 2 of your daily meals (and then 3, 4, etc. if you want to go 100% Huel). This will allow your body to slowly adjust to Huel.

If you switch from one diet e.g. vegan to paleo, you can experience flatulence and irregular bowel movements, tiredness and/or cravings, etc. It’s not that the diet is bad it’s due to changes in the gut’s microbiome based on their new food source.

The fact you’re having so much water may also contribute to this. This may be due to having less salt than you are used to (it sounds counterintuitive I know but it’s to do with electrolyte imbalances).

I get really bloated with it too. I’ve been on and off Huel for a few months now. Whenever I start again I am so bloated for the first couple of weeks.
I put it down to the extra fibre and the “air pressure” associated with that! Once my body begins to get used to the extra fibre it seems to ease up a bit.
Maybe you need a good old fashioned fart? :joy:

Stopping farting is often the problem :grin:

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