Aiding my weight loss goals with Huel


Hello, today has been my first day on Huel! Since reading about it over the weekend, I was really excited to place my order and get started as soon as possible.

A few stats and goals:
Age: 26
Height: 5ft 6"
Current weight: 12 St 12 Pounds
Goal weight: 9 St 7 Pounds

The goal seems quite extreme I know, but I’m fed up of my flab and no longer want to jiggle. My current planned routine is to have overnight oats for breakfast, 2 scoops of Huel for lunch (I currently have the Vanilla V2 and the Mint Choc Chip with water) and a healthy meal for dinner. I want to eventually replace my breakfast with Huel too, but wanted to start off with just one shake a day to see how I go.

My calorie intake goal will be 1,000 - 1,200 calories. I have an office job so I’m sat down nearly all day.

I was SO surprised by the taste. I’ve had protein shakes in the past and couldn’t stomach them, but I actually really like Huel and the taste makes it feel like it will be easier to stick too. I intend to get some frozen berries to keep in the freezer for when I get a bit fed up of just having the scoops and want to mix up the flavour a bit. I’ve also heard throwing some instant coffee in too works well.

Exercise wise, I do Kuk Sool Won every Monday and Tuesday, sometimes on a Saturday, which is a style of Martial Arts - and I’m now going to start doing 2 miles a day on the cross trainer on the days I’m not at Kuk Sool.

I hope to update as often as I can, but if anyone has any tips I would appreciate it!


Good luck! My stats are similar (well, add a bit to the age and add a bit to the goal weight :laughing:) It’s a slow process for me, but my daily brunch Huel helps keep me away from the snacks! My go to is instant coffee, but recently I’ve been using the mocha and pineapple+coconut flavour boosts. I’ve also been adding in teas, by following @ChristinaT’s tip for a chai flavour, but also with apple & cinnamon teabags.


Hi surrealsai :blush: I’m sure it will be a slow process for me too, but I’m excited to see some results. Read a lot of successful stories on here! Good luck to you, and thanks for the ideas regarding the tea, didn’t think of that at all! Amount of different fruit teas about will I’m sure give plenty of flavour combos!


So my first day of Huel yesterday went quite well - I did however feel quite peckish throughout the afternoon, but I think it’s more my brain telling me I hadn’t ‘eaten’ anything. I managed to get through until dinner time anyway, I just drank more tea/water to try and suppress it!

Yesterday I had the Mint Choc Chip flavour powder, which I found yummy. I used to be a huge lover of mint choc ice-cream before I turned vegan so I found it pretty extra special. Today I have vanilla, which I’ve just started drinking for my lunch. I did a cheeky weigh of myself this morning (I know I shouldn’t have!) and am 12 stone 11 pounds. This could just be fluctuation though, I’m going to do my proper recorded weigh in’s on Saturday mornings starting this Saturday (although it won’t have been a week so not expecting spectacular results!).

I also downloaded the My Fitness App yesterday and have started to record my calories which is helping me with portioning stuff for dinnertime.


I routinely weigh myself after I get up every morning and record it on MFP. Interesting to see the fluctuations on the graph. It can serve to remind us how much our weight can change day to day and not get too perturbed by it.
Another 3lb loss and I have reached my goal weight of 9st 7lb :sunglasses:


@Bee Wow congrats!! That’s fantastic news. Interesting to hear you weigh and record everyday - does it not make you a little deflated if say one day you weigh in at 12 stone 10 and then the next you weigh in at 12 stone 11? Didn’t know if you felt a negative impact on your day starting like that.


Thank you :grinning: I’m pretty scrupulous with my diet so it’s not usually too much of a fluctuation. Happily, no, it doesn’t impact on my day at all. I tend to look at the overall picture which balances things out.


I find the complete opposite. By weighing myself it gives me a lot of data, and I can therefore see where my weight’s actually heading. I think I’d get discouraged if I only did, say, a weekly weigh-in as little things can make your weight fluctuate so much. It also gives me that boost to make good choices - if I’ve gone up half a pound since yesterday, then I know I’ve got to be careful today. We’re all different, but personally I find a daily weigh-in the single most effective part of my weigh-loss.


@tomuea @Bee I think you’ve both converted me to do daily weigh in’s ha. When you say

if I’ve gone up half a pound since yesterday, then I know I’ve got to be careful today

it totally makes sense that it would spur you on a bit more. Now just added todays weigh in into MFP, thanks guys! :slight_smile:


Weighing half a pound or more heavier could also mean you haven’t had a wee and a poo :grin:


Make sure you’ve been to the loo before weighing and weigh at the same time every day.


Good tip, thank you :slight_smile:


Also remember that our bodies can retain fluids. ie time of the month, not drinking enough water etc. This will all show on the scales.


Thanks for another good tip. I’m a pain for not drinking enough so trying to consciously drink more while I’m at my desk!


And there’s me not worrying too much and only getting weighed about once per month :wink:


Not trying to be nosy but what is your diet like? Do you drink Huel twice a day and then have a dinner? Sorry for the questions, it’s just I’m trying to lose weight too so it’s nice to have ideas.


I wouldn’t feel too bad because weight fluctuations I hear are pretty normal, it doesn’t mean that you are not losing weight necessarily and it doesn’t mean that you gained a pound either. I think it depends on the day and especially if it’s in the morning. I’m just repeating what I hear and I heard it’s because of several factors. I’m sure you could look at the scale and use that as a guide but I’m not so sure if there’s a good time to look at the scale so that you’re not thrown off by false fluctuations because of water weight and the like.

I’d go with how your clothes feel over time for that reason.


I have Huel granola for breakfast and a Huel shake for lunch. Some days I have another shake for dinner but most often will have a veggie meal for dinner. My snacks consist of fat free yoghurts, half Huel bars, fruits or flavoured rice cakes.


So day 3 of Huel, and this morning my weight came in at 12 stone 10.75 pounds, so a respectable 1 and a half pounds lost since I started (as I started off 12 stone 12.25 pounds) I know this is probably just water weight but it still feels good!

I need to get better at dinnertimes as yesterday I didn’t give my body what I needed as I felt starving all evening. I think maybe I need to be hitting the 1,200 calorie mark, instead of the 1,000 mark, but yesterday was the only day I’ve struggled so far. Today will be hard as Friday’s are a longer day for me - I don’t get home until 7.15pm so will leave my shake as late as I can for lunch!! May pop out and go and get some fruit to have a bit later.


Also I saw this picture, and I know it’s silly but I didn’t realise a pound was THIS MUCH, so now I feel even better ha :smile: