Aiding my weight loss goals with Huel - Take 2!

Hello :slight_smile:

So it’s been a while… I haven’t been on here for a couple of years! So way back in 2019 when the world was still normal, I used Huel for weight loss and it worked brilliantly for me. I then fell pregnant and everything went out of the window (not counting Covid which did a number on all of us).

I now have an 18 month old son, and a lot of baby weight still to lose. I just haven’t had the motivation, but I’ve decided that as Huel was the only thing that has helped me in the past and something I could actually stick too, I would give this another go. I managed to lose over a stone last time, but I’m a bit heavier this time round so think I need to lose a little more this time!

Weigh in: 13 stone 5 pounds
Goal weight: 10 stone
Exercise: Martial arts twice a week. I just don’t have time to do more than that now I have a child to entertain!

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So easing myself in, this morning I had one scoop of vanilla (also the scoops are a different size to when I last had it!!?) with some oat milk, ice and some instant coffee. I do like having it like a ‘frappe’ as it feels like a treat. Haven’t really worked out yet whether I’m having this for breakfast and lunch, think I probably should. Need to remember to drink plenty as I think I sometimes went wrong with that last time.

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Good job!
It can work if you give it a chance, I know I’m doing really well with it!

I find the black is better for filling me up more, if you’re not already, you could try a couple of bags on your next order

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Thanks himji, I hadn’t considered Huel black, I’m guessing it has more protein?

More protein and less carbs per calorie than regular powder. It also uses stevia instead of sucralose as the sweetener.

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Hey Danielle! Welcome back, it’s lovely to see you and hear that you now have a son, a belated congratulations, that is such wonderful news :blush:

As I said before, slow and steady is that way to do this. We recommend around 1lb per week, so let’s keep that in mind when you want to lose 47 of them!

We also have a bunch of articles here - Guides & Articles – Huel

Keep us posted, look forward to hearing about your progress!

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Hi Tim :slight_smile: thank you it’s good to be back. Slow and steady definitely - I don’t expect to see results quickly at all this time as my lifestyle has changed quite a bit since last time (lot’s of working from home!). But I’m looking forward to seeing what Huel can do for me again this time.