HUEL is working for me

Hi There,

Been struggling with weight loss for a number of years now and i have tried various diets, juices, you name it i’ve tried it.
some things worked but i easily got bored or the cost was through the roof.

I have been using Huel for around three months now and im pleased to say with rather good sucess.

When i started using Huel i was 22 stone and was really struggling to drop the weight. I used to be really fit and active and jobs and lifestyle changes hadn’t contributed to this.

i started on 2 shakes a day of 3 scoops per shake and an evening meal, i did this for a month

i then went to 3 shakes a day of 3 scoops with no evening meal but having health snacks for a month

in October i went to just shakes only but of 2 scoops per shake.

i went from 22 stone to 18.5 stone.

Although i cant put this down to just the use of Huel it certainly did help. I did up my activity by using a fit bit and walking more each day.

I have just had two weeks of no Huel to have a break and eat normal food and i have only put on a few pounds so overall not to bad.

I have just re-ordered Huel to get back on track and reach my goal weight of 17 stone.

Out of all the things i have tried Huel is by far the easiest to use, most versatile product i have used and i haven’t felt hungry once.


WOW that is amazing progress - congratulations! I bet you feel amazing :slight_smile: Today is my 12 week Huel anniversary and, like you, I’m so happy with how Huel has changed my life. I’m 1.5 stone down, and 1.5 stone to go. Huel + my fitbit will get me there, no doubt! Good luck to you!