Been lurking, but now time to share my weight loss on Huel

I have been using Huel since July, it has been an absolute revelation to me!
I am a nearly 50 year old woman and at 1.61m my BMI was 41.6 and I weighed 109.3kg. I had to do something or i was looking at a future of painful joints and diabetes -with the paternal side all living with the condition its still a bullet I may not have dodged! I have most days 100% Huel with the occasional meal out with friends or family - I am also a teetotal, sugar free, decaffinated, vegetarian so those meals are not the binge fest they used to be. Here is the progress of my weight loss
2.7.17 109.3kg
7.7.17 106.3 kg
23.7.17 105.2kg
30.7.17 104.4kg
12.8.17 104.3kg (holiday with kids)
24.8.17 102.9kg
7.9.17 101.8kg
12.9.17 101.1kg
18.9.17 100.3kg
28.9.17 98.7kg
27.10.17 97.4kg
8.11.17 96kg
14.11.17 95.1kg

So just over 14kg loss, I am now going to the gym at least twice a week and my hypermobile joints are much less painful. Im doing the 0 to 5k app and am signed up for an OCR next year - somerhing i never thought would happen!
Ive gone from a size 22 to an 18 and aiming for a 14 to 16 at the end, which I can now visualise!

Thank you folks at Huel, this has been a life changing experience so far and I hope to be fitter at 50 than I was at 30! Thank you all so much xxx


Congrats! This is so exciting!

I am also on a weightloss journey, my BMI is 35 and I have type2 diabetes. I am trying to eat one meal a day including the shake (I have it first) and sometimes in the evening a really thin shake with some soy milk if I feel I need it.

If I stick to the plan, it works well, I am down 12 kg in 6 months (48 years old…too many diets…)

But obviously some weeks don‘t go as planned, but at least the weight doesn‘t go back up that fast, it just stays where it is, until I get back on the plan. That is a real bonus, never had this with any other plan before.


Hi and well done!

Fanatastic results!! Very Inspiring!!

When on 100% Huel what did you snack on if needed ( so as not to ruin weight loss goals?)

K xx

I always have fruits and nuts available to snack on. As long as its sugar free Im not that hard on calorie counting.


I have made it through Xmas! Still managed to stay sugar free, first year without any guilt - feels good :slight_smile:
I am now 92 kg and working out 3 times a week so some muscle gain is in with that. Roll on 2018! 17kg loss and counting…



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Well done!
Can you tell me how many shakes you have a day and how many scoops? I did a month on 100% 3 shakesx2 scoops each.Lost a stone but then the weight loss ground to a halt.Now need to restart after Christmas but feeling despondent…

3scoops x 4 times a day. Seems to be enough for me - don’t feel hungry on that

What do you mean with “sugar free”? I’m afraid you’re confusing sweetened food and carbohydrates. The former will encourage you to eat more than you should and the latter will satiate your appetite and provide clean energy to your body. If you do not provide clean energy to your body, your basal caloric expenditure will go down. Muscles and health will go down too. The low carb doctors are lying to you for their gain.

To be honest, ‘I’m confusing’ doesn’t really matter - it’s working for me. Reducing sugar intake, upping exercise and being mindful of what I put in my mouth is important. I am a nurse in the UK and surrounded by Drs everyday - none are in the habit of lying, that one phrase has lost any potential exchange we may have had.

Happy New year


Well done that’s great.

Well done that’s great progress. I am also a nurse (community) and starting on Tuesday as soon as my Huel arrives. Your results are very inspiring!


Thats fantastic! Congrats!

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Time for another update -
I am now running 3 times a week and doing it all on huel :slight_smile:
My weight is now 87 kg,
22kg loss all told and now wearing size 16 comfortably. I cannot say thank you to huel enough I have an active life back- I will be fitter at 50 than 30!


Reading this has been inspirational! I have just turned 39, am 5ft 7” and weigh 106kg. My Huel packs arrive tomorrow and I aim to go 100% on the 1st Feb. This thread has given me the motivation to go ahead as I need a complete break from food for a while. I don’t binge but trying various diets has left me confused and exhausted! I just want some mental clarity and to not have to think about food for a while so I can get into a routine, lose weight before surgery and feel better. Gentle walking and a bit of cycling will be enough as I have fatigue at the moment due to gyne issues so I’m looking forward to feeling better! Thanks for the inspiration! Keep your posts coming! X


Lou, let me simplify nutrition science for you in one sentence: low carb = death. Also let me simplify the economic forces behind this: low carb = money going from your pocket to their pocket.

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Good luck with it Lou Lou! I am now able to run outside with my dog and have joined a canicross group. Weight down to 86kg and I have to pinch myself to believe it’s going! Still a few more kgs till I’m in those size 14 jeans, but closer than I’ve been for years! 50 will be a brand new start at this rate. Good luck Lou Lou, you can do this xx


That’s amazing Catavelauni! Size 14 is my goal as well. Such an inspiration. I start tomorrow. Thanks for the lovely support. Will keep you posted :slight_smile: xxx

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Hi Catavelauni, LouLou and any other current Huelers on the fat reduction trail;)
I’m new to heuling so thought I’d sahre a short report and see how you guys were doing since Jan (along with anyone else).
I started Tues afternoon (eagerly awaited the delivery and started at lunch!). Start weight 161lbs already at 155lbs of water bloat down and jeans are no longer straining at the seams and hurting! I have a further 19lbs to go;-)
Have to say that I have loved every thing I have tried: New vanilla, flavour samples, granola and bars.
I snack on fruit , veggies,sauerkraut, green smoothies or 30g porridge (pre run) and have cut the bars up into snack size portions to support the odd choc craving. Two short runs have also helped.
Absolutely no digestive probs (maybe as already ate plant based so gut didn’t need to adjust?)
I really thought I’d be cancelling the subscription after month one, but instead have added more items to help keep me on track and protect my stash from the kids!
Very happy to have discovered Huel (my son’s tell me it’s a ‘thing’ apparently and seemed mildly amused.) I am determined not to give into premature aging/toxin/weight related diseases and have healthy post 50yrs enjoyment of being able to run a little and put the ‘fat pants’ away for good! Hueling seems to be the incredibly easy and flexible option.
Happy Heulling guys!


You’re doing amazing!!! Huge inspo right here xx

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