Good morning all,

Well after hearing about huel I did some research and decided to take the plunge. I have a very busy work schedule and have two little boys at home so needed something that was quick and practical.

I put on 5 stone with both pregnancies due to being on bed rest and having massive cravings for scones and muffins!! On top of this I have had major spinal surgery last year with my lower back being fused.
I do exercise but currently abit limited due to flexibility issues. I am working on this. I love my food (probably a little too much :rofl:) but I have noticed I have major sugar cravings and comfort eat when stressed or upset. I have tried every diet under the sun but haven’t found anything that works for me.

I have done huel for a week now and it really makes you aware of what you are putting in your body and calories in/out. I have replaced my breakfast and lunch with huel, have had healthier snacks throughout the day and a sensible meal in the evening making sure I stick to around 1400 cals per day. Other than one of the days where all I wanted to do was eat everything in sight (I didn’t!) I haven’t really been hungry or had craving sugar which is amazing.

Before measurements
Weight- 211lbs
Fat- 35.6%
Bust- 47in

Week 1
Weight- 206lbs (-5lbs)
Fat- 34.8%
Water- 47.6%
Bust- 44.5in
Waist- 41in

I will be interested to see what week 2 brings. :+1:t4:.


Great progress already! I’m no nutrition expert but 1400 calories per day sounds a little on the low side, just take care! Keep us updated and good luck

Hey Ryan,

Thank you :blush:
At the moment I’ve not been doing much due to the back flare up but I will up the cals once I start doing more.

Hi Coco! Welcome to the Forum!

Great progress so far, well done :slight_smile: I find Huel is just thing thing for a busy Mum as there’s so little effort involved, plus prepping the Huel in advance means it’s there when you get hunger pangs/cravings so it seems to limit me doing the Mummy raid on the cupboards and fridge :joy:

If your interested, I’ve been tracking my Huel weight loss journey on the Experiences page under the thread ‘Over weight sugar addict’


I am Day 3 with huel for breakfast and lunch. Trying to shift baby weight is not easy :grimacing: But it is making my life so much easier not having to think about what to have for those two meals. Husband is doing it aswell so we will see what happens! Good Luck!

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Main tip for when starting with Huel for me is drink lots of water, I find it really helps keep you fuller for longer. Also have healthy snacks at the ready because personally I have one Huel between 10-12 and my other between 1-3 and then when I’m home between 5/6pm, I start getting hungry before dinner and naughty snacky bits (biscuits etc) are more tempting than ever. I tend to have either a Huel bar (when they’re in stock) or Natural nut bar, few sips of a pre made Huel before a fairly healthy normal dinner.

Hi Charlie May.
Thanks for the welcome.
Sorry for the late reply, I’m slowly getting used to the forum and there seems to be plenty of great discussions and debates.
The last few days I’ve only replaced one of my meals with huel but have trying to keep within my daily cals. I’ve Been a bit hungry but think that is because I’m becoming more mobile (my back went again a few weeks back so slowly getting back on my feet). This has caused me to stare at the contents of the food in the fridge and cupboards telling myself not to touch it… I have no willpower so been surprised that I haven’t raided them yet especially as the hubby likes chocolate!!.
I have found that I have been horrendous at not drinking water so will be tackling this over the next few days.
I’ll have a little read of your journey thread once I put the children to bed when I have some much needed peace and quiet :joy:.
I’m not sure whether to do a weekly update or monthly as it not sure if anyone would be interested.

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Hey Leanne07
Thanks for commenting and Good luck with your journey. It’s great the hubby is doing it with you as you can support each other. My husband is very curious about it and catch him looking at the booklet, he has already nicked the free Tshirt that came in the first order :roll_eyes:.
Life isn’t easy with small kids so it helps massively not having to think about cooking. I still have to cook in the evening as I have to feed the kids so I have been having a healthy meal with them so they don’t ask questions about why I’m not eating dinner. Keep us updated with how you get on.

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Hey The Jackal,
Thanks for the message.
I’ve found I’ve been horrendous at drinking water lately but Tackling that as of today!
I’ve been off work at the moment due to back issues so I haven’t been majorly hungry (apart from the odd days) nor have I had to be organised with snacks etc but I’m sure that will have to change once I go back to work.
I leave the house at 630am and most days I don’t get back home until 730pm. I have also realised that my colleagues are feeders. They always have cakes, donut and chocolates in the office.
Over the last few months I have not really participated in the office shenanigans as I have found that I don’t respond well to gluten and most of the treats contain it. I am curious to try the huel bars. Are there any ideas of when they will be back in stock?

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Im waiting for the bars to vome back in stock too, apparently there will be news in that soon.

I’ll keep a look out for the bars as it will be nice to try something new.

Well I weighed myself this morning which showed 203lbs on the scale so another loss but keeping Wednesday morning as my official weigh in day.

I’ve Been drinking loads of water today but it isn’t helping my hunger levels. I woke up this morning with hunger pains for the first time in a long time and I’ve been hungry all bloody day so trying to stay out the kitchen. :cold_sweat:

Has any one tried baking with huel? I’ve seen a recipe for muffins but I’m not the best baker in the world and I’m sure experimenting will go horrendously wrong.

@charliemay I read your journey. Loved how honest it is. Well done, keep up the good work :+1:t4:

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Hey everyone.

Just a Quick update after completing Week 2.

I have had a few days where I’ve just wanted to stuff my face as I felt so hungry but instead of letting my inner fatty go mad I just had a few extra snacks.

I have also discovered that the bowel issues I have suffered from for years have majorly reduced. I no longer have the bowel pain/cramps or bloating that I usually have. Also instead of going to the toilet 5/6 times a day I’m just going the once which is amazing (TMI for some so apologies).

Week 2
Weight- 204lbs
Fat- 34.9%
Bust- 45in

So 2lbs off this week so overall its 7lbs in 2 weeks.
Now on to week 3!! Wish me luck.

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Brilliant progress, well done!! xx

Thanks @Coco!

I tried to take a ‘scientific’ (or maybe ‘mindful’?) approach to hunger in my first few weeks on Huel, trying to analyse how I was feeling, whether it was actually ‘belly deep hunger’ or cravings. I found it really interesting as I began to realise that previously I wasn’t really ever properly hungry, just craving food and/or tired and cramming food in just because! I’ve also found that whereas before I would still have a full belly at bedtime, now I’m often on the empty side. Before I would have been almost fearful of being hungry and would have had a late night snack to avoid going to bed hungry, now I just try to drink a glass of water, or a piece of fruit and a glass of water and go to bed (earlier if possible!). My body has been thanking me for removing it’s previous nighttime workload I think. I do sometimes wake up ravenous, but that’s when the pre-made Huel sat in the fridge helps! Other times I’ve woken up surprisingly not hungry as if my body’s gone, ‘ah ok, no late night snack? Fine I’ll just munch on a piece of thigh fat tonight!’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a Huel bar and a half in my cupboard because I got a couple of free ones with orders when they first came out. I think they may end up staying there as I found them pretty meh. They are not enough calories for a meal, so for me I can’t use one to replace a Huel (even one of my usual 2 scoop Huels), but then their calories are pretty high for a ‘snack’ and quite frankly I’d choose a whole host of healthy snack option for less calories before I’d struggle through a Huel bar - they are very dry and powdery :confused:

Have you tried a hot drink to stave off hunger? My absolute favourite is Nettle Tea (I drink Clipper nettle tea, but there are several brands). I find a nettle tea after my Huel really helps my hunger satisfaction level, as does eating a small snack followed by a nettle tea. It’s as if the warmth and volume of the nettle tea tricks my body into thinking it’s had a bigger meal than it has!

I’ve not tried baking with Huel because it’s not what Huel is about for me, I like it simple and easy. If I had time to bake I think I’d prefer to bake something I really like and then eat a small portion within my calorie allowance, rather than bake something I know won’t be as good with Huel (I really love baking…). For me Huel is kind of about not eating or thinking about eating, if that makes sense. I feel hungry, I drink my Huel, I don’t feel hungry, but it’s not really an ‘eating’ experience. It’s almost like a mental break from eating and thinking about food for me and I’ve found that quite freeing.

How’s everything going? :slight_smile:


Week 3 update:

It’s been a pretty good week.
Again I’ve had a few days where I’ve been abit hungrier than usual so I have had a few hot drink which seemed to control it.

I’m trying to break my evening habit of eating a snack once the kids are in bed but it’s hard as the inner fatty wants to escape. Instead of the usual crap I’ve been having rice cakes and pukka detox tea. I’ve started getting used to waking up with hunger pains.

I’m still off work at the moment so only having between 1400-1600 cals a day but this will change once I go back. I’m trying to work out how I will fit huel into my hectic work schedule but I’m sure I will find a way.

So far I’m loving it. I’ve had a few people commenting that I’ve lost weight and my skin looks better.

To the ladies out there, have you found that huel has helped your monthly visits?
I found this month I have not been snappy at all, haven’t had the usual breakouts and I’m not bloated. I also haven’t had the usual cravings to eat all the crap I can find which is a bonus.

We had a family meal out last week and I decided to order half the menu like I used to do before starting huel but found I couldn’t even finish my starter, mains or dessert (my favourite cheese cake!!).
I also ordered a Diet Pepsi but couldn’t drink it as it tasted vile so stuck with a jug of water!!!

Week 3
Weight- 202lbs
Fat- 34.5%
Bust- 45in (-2)
Waist-40in (-2)
Hips-47in (-2)

So another 2lb loss which is 9lb in 3 weeks.

Now onto week 4. Wish me luck!


HI Coco,

Had a read over your post and it looks like you are doing the same as I am. Trying to replace 2 meal now with Huel. I had planned to go full Huel but not sure I can manage it. Upped from 1 shake for breakfast for a while to 2 last week and this is week 2.

Week 1 I managed to gain 1.4 lbs but I put that down to not drinking enough water at the weekend. Hoping for a better week 2

Natasha x

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Hey Natasha
Thanks for reading my post.
I had planned on replacing all 3 meals with huel but knew I would struggle with it plus I have on going bowels issues and didn’t want to spend all the time on the toilet.
I have found that I’ve coped with huel pretty well and haven’t had any adverse affects. My bowels seem to be a lot better whilst on huel.
My breakfast and lunch is huel (so each meal consists of 2 scoops with 400mls water and some fruit). I also have snacks during the day and a healthy dinner in the evening.
I track my calories using fitness pal and trying to stick within 1400-1600 cals a day but will up it once I’m more active. It’s fab keeping track of what I’m eating as some of the stuff I thought was a better option was full of calories :roll_eyes:.
I’m trying to cut down on my tea consumption so have been drinking herbal tea which helps when I’m feeling abit peckish. I’m rubbish at drinking water at the mo but I am trying to make more of an effort.

Fingers crossed for week 2. Im sure you’ll smash it. Let me know how you get on.

Coral X

Week 4 update.

Another good week. Have eaten out a few times but chose healthier options.
I Haven’t been majorly hungry and Been keeping within the calorie allowance.

I purchased a Fitbit blaze on Monday after looking at it for sometime and all I can say is…it is amazing!!

I have also synced it to my fitness pal so its been updating the energy used and automatically adjusting my calories which is making me slightly happier as it is giving me slightly more calories (=more food☺️).

Week 4
Weight- 199lbs
Fat- 34.1%
Bust- 44in (-3)
Waist-39in (-3)
Hips-47in (-2)

So 3lb off this week and a grand total of 12lb in 4 weeks


That’s awesome progress!

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Thank you. :grin: