Have just ordered 28 Meal Huel to see if I can get my eating habits back on track.
Up until April last year I was doing pretty good had slowly dropped 14kg over 7months eating relatively clean, then my wife announced her pregnancy :slight_smile:
After that I blew up like a balloon,now that my little one is a month old (today in fact) I decided it was time to get back on the wagon.
As I am being stretched in all directions at home and increasing my hours at work each week I have no desire to sit down and calculate my food for the week. I was pretty good at this for 7 months with varied food and some guilty pleasures included. It can get really hard to eat 2000 calories cleanly.
I even worked out my own breakfast shake using plain oats, protein powder, high protein yoghurt, fruit, coconut oil and I enjoyed it, but it was time consuming to prep.
Now that I discovered Huel it seems someone had the same idea, replace food with a drink that ticks the macro and vitamin boxes.
I will most likely jazz it up a little to avoid getting bored, but I really look forward to trying it.

The Plan
Introduce one 100gram serving a day until 6th Feb, during this time we have family functions etc for the baby so no point me avoiding the somosa’s (cos I love em) during this phase I will experiment with my one shake a day and try some recipes i’ve read about on here and also try some of my own.

From 6th Feb I will aim to get total of 1000 calories a day from Huel (excluding what I add to jazz it up) The idea being it lasts me until dinner time, and then I will eat a normal meal with my Mrs. My average calorie intake will be 1600 - 1800 a day for about a month. This should help me shift on average 0.5kg a week (obviously this can never be exact) I will slowly begin to introduce some gentle exercise during this time (other than using my baby as a kettle bell lol)

After that no hard and fast plans as there is a lot going on with my new house nearly finished, we will have to deal with moving etc. But the general aim is to be back into a manageable exercise routine by March.

Just got my text that my Huel arrives 30th Jan, so I guess I will be back to update and post some stats etc.
(my fingers are crossed that I will like this product)


Super Excited!, my Huel should arrive at some point today, although I won’t get to experiment with it until I get home from work :frowning:

I picked up some nice drinking bottles over the weekend
from Costco, twin pack of Avex bottles which come with the mixing ball inside and one bottle comes with detachtable storage container for power.

Even though I intend to mix up my shakes the night before, knowing that I have an extra serving with me each day incase I need it will be good until I can guage my requirements.

Although I won’t be cleaning up my diet until next Monday, I did do a weigh in this morning and tipped the scales at 113kg. This is the same as last week Monday, I am just shy of 5ft 11 in height. I will sling shot a measure tape around my body next week.

I have not weighed less than 100kg in approx 7 years…in 2013 I really made a conscious effort to make a change as my GP warned me I was heading towards T2 Diabetes and that my blood pressure was scary high, at this point I was 27 years old!

So in Jan 2013 I was 114kg, and I got down to 103.6kg by the end of March. Then one day my wife’s Uni mate came to visit and we took her out in London to see the sights we walked miles and miles and although I endulged in a few more drinks than usual I knew I had walked it off. The next morning my healthy eating went out the window and I guess I used having her friend around for a few days an excuse.

June 2014 I was back to 114kg, and I decided to start again, I made it to 103.8kg by October. From then until Jan I blipped up and down but was back on track in feb 2015 and by August 2015 I reached 100.4kg! At some point that month we went to Portugal for two weeks for a family wedding…I was pretty active swimming daily, long walks etc…but I probably over ate and definately had too many beers!

I then yoyo’ed up and down from 100 to 106kg until April, and that was when I found out my wife was pregnant…I then proceeded to eat alongside her in huge quantities, sympathetic pregnancy? possibly…pathetic excuse? definately!

So here we are again back up to 113kg…and even though I am not sleeping much (screaming baby), trying to finish my new house (nightmare project), and ridiculously busy at work (totally overwhelmed) I have decided that trying to wait until everything is calm in my life to instill a healthy regime is just impractical.

This is why I decided to give Huel a try…
Firstly I don’t have to meticulously calculate my dietary requirements for the week (prepping my own breakfast shake, snacks, and salads, lentils etc takes a lot of time)
Secondly I can make up my shakes the night before and not have to worry about food until evening which from Mon-Fri will be cooked for me by my lovely Wife
Lastly but crucially the most important factor is that I will maintain healthy nutrition whilst still creating a calorie deficit.

I’m feeling positive about this change…!


Congratulations and good luck!

Huel has been great for me as a Dad of two little ones. When you’re working all day and changing nappies all night there are times when you need a quick, healthy meal.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement Tom! Hopefully I’ll stop snacking at 4am also!!
I don’t know how you manage two kids :scream: although my wife wants me to get cracking again HaHa!

Got my delivery! I weighed out two lots of 125g (500 cals) I made up one plain vanilla and one with the chocolate flavour system.
I sampled a bit of both and on the whole the vanilla on its own wasn’t bad, tiny bit sweet for my liking but palatable :grin:
The one with the chocolate however isn’t as nice I thought it would be, I used half a teaspoon and it felt less sweet than before so I added a touch more and it got more savoury.
Anyway it’s too late now not going to waste it that’s my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.
Will experiment with adding fruit tomorrow I think, ideally I want to mix up the full 1000 calories worth with a diff flavour each day to keep things interesting.

While I was making it my Mum was intrigued,she tried a little of the vanilla and liked it, so I made her a shake too.


Good luck on your huel adventure! I’ve been on 2x3 scoops daily for 3 weeks now and although not lost as much as I’d hoped (2lb) it has helped me with the evening snacking. The routine of weighing out your breakfast and lunch in the morning/night before definitely helps with the day ahead, I actually look forward to my pineapple coconut lunch :heart_eyes:

You may have already said which combo you went for but I find 1 scoop vanilla/2 unsweetened with a flavour system is really sweet enough (and I have/had a big sweet tooth).

Same with adding 1 or 2 spoonfuls of ground instant coffee with 1/2 and 1/2 vanilla/unsweetened is just right and delicious

I have found shaking the night before makes it too thick to stomach for me though, I prefer more water than suggested (I think I maybe in the minority here though)

Look forward to more updates :+1:

Thanks @Benj082
I only purchased vanilla 14k cal pack to start with as it seemed like the safest choice. At the checkout I got offered flavour systems with a discount so I went for the chocolate.

Funny thing is the chocolate pouch when opene and sniffed (as one does) smells really nice…so I will make sure I figure out a ratio that I like.

Seeing as I’ve already got my Mum tagging along on Huel I’m gona need to reorder sooner than expected so I will try some unflavoured with next order.

As I have had a lot of shakes in the past and even came up with my own last year which funnily enough was oat based I’m pretty happy with the consistency with 125g Huel and 500ml water, mind you that was when I made it last night so I will find out today once I attempt to drink it!!
As I used my superblender (vitamix) I’m confident that I will have a nice smooth shake, that machine will turn Oats into dust lol.

Once I make a new batch tonight hoping to post update if I get time. Until then catch you later Hueligans!!

Been up since 5am doing the early morning baby sitting shift and after I got ready about 30mins ago I got hungry so I decided to start the chocolate shake I made yesterday…I demolished it pretty quickly!!
Have to say it tasted much better today than last night, texture was way better less grit and some sweetness came back in.
I’m slowly starting to feel full now, will be interesting to see how long it keeps me satisfied!
P.s. I had one 500ml bottle and one 700ml bottle and I drank the 700ml one so my breakfast was more than 500cals!
Right time to go to work!

If you’re going to be having breakfast so early might be worth splitting the large drink into two sittings?

Personally I usually have 3 x 100g per day

1 around 8:30/9
1 around 12:30 /1
1 around 3:30/4

I’m trying to reduce how much I have of third shake currently though.

Thanks for the tip…I’m starting out this week on 2x100g and a full meal in the evening.
Aiming to net max 1800 cals a day until I start working out again.
For me it kinda has to be one thing at a time otherwise I won’t last long lol
Next week I will be cutting back on the booze and eating cleaner evening meals.
Once I can start exercising again regularly then I will up my calorie intake to around 2000 - 2300 but right now with everything that’s going on I doubt that will happen till march.
Might even try a few days a week on 100% huel now and then.

Our plans sound very similar, I aim for around 1800-2000 calories per day, and also cutting down on beer. Last weekend wasn’t too bad cutting down, this weekend will be tough as I’m out with friends Sunday afternoon /evening, going to try and replace a lot of the beers with Vodka Diet Coke.

Yes I have been following your thread, seems we have similar vices lol
This week I will be going all out for dinner lol and Sunday is my son’s naming ceremony so it will be a feast and drink up of epic proportions!
A cold pint after a weights session is actually pretty beneficial, I remember reading something in mens health about it.
RE: the vokda :slight_smile: I normally have mine with soda and lime when I’m trying to be good…only trouble is once you pop its pretty hard to stop!!

Huel update - its been 3 hours and I have no desire to eat…I’ve sipped on about 500ml water and had to have a sugar free gum for my shake breath lol!!

Yes I get quite tangy breath after a shake too!

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Ok, so I got hungry around 13:30…but I didn’t get to physically get off my desk till 14:00.
This one was super cold as someone has set the fridge at work to be a freezer! Although it was refreshing at first I can now feel my throat starting to go funny.
Have adjusted the fridge back down so tomorrow should be ok!
I drank this one slow over an hour and sipped on water at the same time, its hard to describe but I’m not sure if i’m still hungry or if i’m full up.
One thing for sure and I don’t know why but I have got heartburn and some reflux happening…especially when I burp and its making me uncomfortable to the point where I would like to eat an antacid. :slight_frown:

Glad my dinner will be solid!

I know, I know I post way too much!!
found this in the forum regarding heartburn.

So basically it could be because I am Obese, drank coffee, got myself a hiatal hernia whilst getting pregnant and Primary diseases of the esophagus (oohh errr I wonder how) :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Or it could be the Huel…but I hope not!

I sometimes get a sticky feeling after drinking Huel quickly followed by a glass of water, I just put it down to a large amount of liquid in a short space of time

I got a headache after the heartburn and acid subsided…lol I guess a headache was expected considering I’ve been wolfing huge lunches lately.
Then I got stuck in traffic for an hour and half (usually takes half hour to get home)
Gave my son a shower and some how my headache went away, maybe it was partly stress?
Having my solid dinner now, a dry sticky tapioca potato onion curry with yoghurt, nice and spicy :grin::grin::grin::man_with_turban:t5:
The wife wasn’t too keen to weight out all the ingredients for me lol (home alone with screaming baby)
Anyway let’s hope tomorrow goes better :+1:

Had a few weatabix on the go in my fridge so I blitzed one into 250g of huel and topped up with water.
Had one shake already and was much nicer than yesterday!
Need to go buy fruit today so I can try that experiment tonight.

Have a look at sugar in those Weetabix drinks!

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My view on this is add frozen fruit, ok its still sugar but it is natural sugar and if it means you are more likely to stick with the new regime a very small compromise.

Enjoying your enthusiasm, keep it going! :slight_smile: