@TheJackal - I know they are high in sugar but I had them to use up and to be honest it tasted pretty damn good!
@DC666 - I went shopping yesterday and picked up frozen summer fruits mixed berries and also picked up a bunch of banannas.

Havent had any shakes today, was feeling a bit rough from Tuesday and gradually got worse. Last night I was in fever mode, today still feel ill, but no fever and had no choice but to work as I had a lunch meeting to host.
Tonight will be mixing 1000 cals of Huel with one banana and some berries, not exceeding 1300 cals.

Tuesday (day 1) I had 1000 cals Huel and I was pretty marving by dinner…but it was the first day of lowering my intake.
Wed (day 2) I added the weatabix shake that took me up to 1250 cals and I had a few graps and two slices of melon which kept me satisfied before dinner.
So hopefully 1300 cals before dinner will be the right balance!

Without any effort really I have dropped 1.2kg since Tuesday and I have averaged just over 1800 cals a day so far.
I won’t take it for granted as I not going to be eating totally sensibly until Monday, but if my starting weight Monday is less or the same as Monday gone 113kg then that will be a bonus.

Update -
Been sick since last week :slight_frown: Throat infection
Got worse by the weekend so haven’t been Hueling up at all.
Back to work today just about…hopefully it will clear up in a few days and then back to Hueling!

I’m back Hueligans!
Feeling more or less better. Didn’t have the energy to make my shakes last night so did it this morning instead.

Didn’t add ice seeing as my fruit was all frozen but I forgot how powerful my blender is! First sip was grim lol

Anyways my recipe above made me around 1600ml of shake, I filled 1200ml between two bottles and drank the rest once I made it.

Have to say the fruit has changed the flavour of it plus I’m getting a nice sugar rush :grin:

I’m on my second bottle now and sipping slowly.

Weighed in this morning at 112.8kg so still down 0.2kg from the past few weeks.

Dinner tonight is kidney bean and sweet corn curry with brown rice…can’t wait

Im enjoying reading this thread. I feel like I’m following you on your journey haha. Keep it up mate, you’ve got this in the bag!

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Thanks @TokyoGatez hope my thread brings some comic relief or supplements the cheese everyone is missing from their lives lol

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I was a good boy last night : )
I got home washed my bottles and made up my shakes for today, and weighed out Huel to mix up tonight.

But then dinner did not go according to plan…
See when you have a baby a lot of Aunties tend to pop in during the day to visit the wife and pinch the babies cheeks…they also all bring food and lots of it!!!

So instead of the kidney bean and sweet corn curry my wife made, we ended up having a feast of three different veggie curries with masala chappatis…it was heavenly. When reaching for my third chapati I realised that I unless I stop myself I could just keep eating so I put an end to the feast.

Luckily the scales this morning were rather forgiving I lost 0.8kg since yesterday, although this initial loss is expected when cleaning up food intake.

we have a family wedding in Wales in April so I’m hoping I can be trimmed down enough to fit in a one of my decent suits!

Its been a busy day.

No Huel today so far, had a project meeting (with a full spread!!!) in the morning.
Had a sales rep pop in at lunch who I had to smoooooze
and Dinner is already cooked!!! :frowning:

Tomorrow is another day!
also I weighed in this morning at 112kg so exactly the same as yesterday.

Was up at 4am looking after my little one whilst my wife slipped into a coma lol
Eat sleep poop repeat and he was finally down.

Didn’t make up my shake last night so got to it this morning. Found some chia seeds knocking about in the cupboard so figured I would add a table spoon of it.
Also had some MCT oil which I use to take with my coffee and it did really perk me up so decided to add 10ml of it also. (Be careful with this stuff, too much too soon and you will have a poop explosion)
I also used ice today as I wanted to sip some before I leave for work.

Have to say the texture is totally different, super smooth! I think he chia seeds may have helped really grind.
Also I put the huel in dry first and then added the water and added my fruit last, this time there were very few clumps of unblended huel.
I suppose the mct has helped lubricate it, it’s not as sticky and it poured out nicely.

Also something I did the other day when I made up the night before was to leave about 50ml space at the top of my bottles. I then added water and shook before drinking.

It seems my indulging this week has been excessive I weighed in at 113kg again this morning so back to starting weight of the week.

Having dinner tonight my in laws…I have to behave and control myself especially cos she is an amazing cook!

No plans for weekend other then work and changing nappies so hopefully I will be good.

This is what I put in today

its only 13:30 and I finished all my Huel for the day usually last until 3pm…
Water it is I guess…

How did the rest of the day go? Remember that self control at dinner. You’ve got this bro, wanna see you below 113kg next time you weigh in

Went well thanks for asking, we had dinner plans at in laws and my wife went earlier in the day with the little one. So I came home and put my headphones on and walked to their house, nothing major just half hour walk but was a start.

Dinner was amazing chick pea curry with batura bread and salad (I had double helping of salad)

And Uncle had bought some whiskey from Wales so had two shots of that.

Haven’t weighed in yet, haven’t really slept lol little one has been screaming every hour.

Going back to bed now my wife is up, going to try squeeze in a walk again later today.

Today’s Huel ready to go! I have increased my MCT oil as my tolerance has built up. I’ve dropped the yoghurt now seeing as the chia or ice is making it smoother.

Weighed in at 112.1kg today which is 0.7kg less than Monday.

see how the day goes I may try 100% huel day

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Well done buddy.

I always find weekends harder, and having one or two huel a day is a achievement

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Update - got home convinced the Mrs to ditch the car and so we took the push chair and walked to the supermarket.
My average daily steps week to year ranges from 2100 - 2930…pretty terrible!
So that kinda spurred the idea. Racked up 6k steps today woohoo. Aiming to raise that average figure 500 steps at a time.
Making some fresh tabouleh and humous today for dinner

What you using to track steps?

I have a fitbit, this varies massively compared to SHealth on my phone

Just use the inbuilt health app on my iphone. Not sure how accurate it is but if it motivates me to move then so be it!
I got my Bro-in-law an apple watch 2 for his bday few months back and he says its super accurate for fitness tracking, so I might treat myself to one soon.

Sunday -
My Wife had been craving noodles for sometime, so we decided we would do Wagamamas at lunch.
I had already skipped breakfast as I did the early morning feed and nappy change and then my Mrs took over so I could get some sleep.

I checked out their website and planned my meal as the list calorific values, obviously this was pretty approximate but I was kind of surprised that a main course and sharing a few starters can easily rack up to over 1500 calories! IKR?!
Add a large beer to that and the daily intake is done, so that is what I did! haha

The one we went to was in a shopping centre so the plan was to eat and then walk around and rack up some steps, I purposely parked 10 mins away add some steps and I pushed my sprog the entire time with his suitcase of a nappy bag!

Racked up just over 5k steps so was pretty happy with that, and in the evening I finished up the tabouleh with a little humous from the night before.

Monday Weigh In

Woohoo…I weighed in at 111.6kg this morning, pretty happy with that considering last monday I was 112.8kg.
I will measure my wasit etc later so I can keep track.
Total loss for the week - 1.2kg / 2.6lbs

Sticking with the same formula as last week, blending in a bananna and some fruit and MCT oil.
Spent a bit of time planning out dinners for half the week and I have decided that days where I know dinner is heavy I will cut down my Huel. (eventually I will burn off via exercise but taking baby steps at the moment)

The important thing is that I feel satisfied with what I am shoving in my gob, and I am still losing weight.

Changed up my formula a little today, well last night is when I made it…(keep saying formula like its my son’s milk!)
I added 200ml of hazelnut milk, no real reason other than to try something new and I also added masala tea spices to experiment.
Have to say it tastes pretty nice, the garam masala is giving my throat a little warmth, you also get a hint of the cinamon and cardamon, tastes like a thick chai latte.
Got my delivery for my massive second order, need to find cupboard space!
Anyway last night was a sleepless one, as I type this my eyes are drooping and I’m almost rocking myself by swinging my chair side to side. Needless to say when I asked what are we having for dinner tonight I received the stare of death from my Wife lol!
Might be Huel for dinner tonight!

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How you finding the experimenting? I usually have regular vanilla, very occasionally with a spoonful of coffee.

How old is your Son?