Weight loss - 28 days later

I’m on day 28 of using Huel, yesterday was my first 100% Huel day, up 'til then I’ve been having 2 Huel meals and then some ‘normal’ food for the other meal. I was around London all day yesterday and rather than paying for a salad in Pret or similar I stuck with Huel.

So far, in these 4 weeks I am a stone lighter than when I started (I’m 5’9 and was/am a lot heavier than I want to be). Using the calculators I need about 9 scoops per day to lose 1lb a week. Yesterday I had 7 scoops (3 for breakfast then two more 2 scoop meals during the day). Having any more would really have been forcing it down for the sake of it, not something I wanted to do.

Since starting with Huel my daily calorie intake has been between 1100 and 1500 per day - I’ve not worked out the average yet. But the biggest revelation I’ve had so far is absolutely no desire to snack on sweet stuff - if I’ve had the munchies an apple or some sugar snap peas has hit the spot. This even on days when I’ve given myself permission to eat ‘normally’. I have also been taking a daily multivitamin as I’m nowhere near hitting the 2000kcal per day complete nutrition levels.

I’m not sure if this is still the zeal of the newly converted or a genuinely long term thing. Obviously I hope it’s the latter, but so far I am loving this stuff.

There is more I could say about my experiences and thoughts as a long term fat bird, but I’ll stop here for now.


yeah! This is great for kcal controlled diets. Are you logging your meals on MyFitnessPal or similar? Keeping a (fairly) accurate log helped me a lot this year.

With MFP when I am tempted by chocolates or similar, I know that not only I am cheating but I’m also recording permanently HOW I hindered my diet efforts!

I’m using a spreadsheet for now. So plenty of space for my comments too as well as whatever calculations I fancy putting in. I’ve tried MFP type things but they’re too prescriptive for me, sometimes I want to put in ‘I at 1400 calories today’, sometimes I want to list things in detail. I’ve tried using the Fitbit food record section but it’s a lot more faff than just typing into my own spreadsheet.

Keeping daily records and daily (when I’m at home anyway) weighing first thing in the morning both definitely help me so a similar idea of regular accountability there I think.

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I concur 100% - my ‘snacks’ average literally a banana a week.
I don’t count calories, but going by what I’ve read on the packaging I’m similar to you. I have 3 scoops twice a day, varying the consistency and temperature to suit my mood.
I just ‘just’ got into my 32" Gap trousers I haven’t been able to get near for a year. Miracle!
Seriously, what I have found (and had corroborated by my friend who put me on to Huel), is the peace of mind of knowing you are getting all you need from it. The hard work has been done for you.
I realised this week that I haven’t bought any food from the supermarket recently. I’m not a saint - I haven’t had so many fish dinners as since I started Huel. But, to be honest, my observation is that this is just old habits, and the Huel has got me thinking less frequently about chips.
If anyone has a weight issue, get on this. It requires zero thought or effort from you.


Re-visiting this thread, I’m now on day 62.

I’ve now lost almost 10kg (I had/have a lot of weight to lose), my energy levels are stupidly high. Over Christmas I was quite happy to stick to one ‘real’ meal a day and the rest Huel. I had a few Christmas foods but nothing outrageous. I currently weigh about 1.5kg less than I did before Christmas.

Currently my regime is 2 scoops Huel twice a day and one meal of food that I need to chew. Though I have done a few 100% days. Oh - and I never had much of a sweet tooth but what I did have has more or less vanished.

Oh, and my jeans are currently way too big and I’m on the last notch of my belt. Shopping will have to happen soon.


Well done to you @Stef, that’s very encouraging for us all trying to lose a few pounds.


Another update, at least partly to remind myself of this stuff.

I’m still not quite ready to share actual numbers on a public forum, but, according to my spreadsheet, I have lost 11Kg in 70 days. I’ve been using Huel for about 2 meals per day since the beginning of November.

I’m seeing a few effects. One is that not having to think about what to eat is a HUGE relief, I’ve been fat pretty much all of my adult life and the constant having to think about food is exhausting and oppressive. Huel is great, I eat Huel. End of thinking.

I feel good. I’m 10 weeks in, and my energy levels are still high - I’ve started a regular exercise program and can see progress there as well.

My tastes have changed. I’m having on average one meal of ‘real’ food per day. Out with a friend the other night we ordered dessert. I ate about 1/3 of mine and then stopped, because I’d had enough and it was just far far too sweet. Both of these things would have been unthinkable back in October.

However, if anyone knows a secret source of jeans that fit that would be great! My current pair are loose on waist/hips/thighs but really really tight on my calves. Which is an interesting feeling but not a good feeling.


One of my main reasons to get into Huel was to have something that’d help me lose weight. I’m 6’6 and did weigh around 300 pounds before getting started, so plenty of me to cut back on.

With the massive frame and exercise on top, I can happily shove down 2000 cals per day and still be on track to lose 2lbs per week. I’ve been doing 2 3-scoopers per day and then whatever the hell I like for dinner. More often than not, the meal I do have is a veggie one (doing my bit for the environment by cutting down on meat massively), and it’s coming under 2k cals per day, with some fruit thrown in to keep me ticking over.

I’m not sure how much I currently weigh, but I know it’s having an effect. People have commented that I seem to be shedding the pounds, and all my clothes are getting pretty loose. I even lost a belt notch over christmas, which I was surprised with.

Like you, I’ve just found it supremely easy to do, and Huel seems to be good body fuel for hitting the gym as well.

Anyhow, great to see it’s working for other people too. Keep it up :smiley:


Using the calculators on here I reckon I need about 1400 cals per day to lose around 1kg per week. What seems to happen is that I have a day where I do hit 1400 cal, but then the next day I’m just not that hungry. I think it’s evening out - and I am losing at a fairly steady 1kg per week. 10 weeks in and 11kg down. I know that that isn’t sustainable forever, but while I still have a lot to lose that works for me.

There is no way I could manage 2000 cal. of Huel in a day, it would be way too much food.

My ‘real’ food meal tends to be lots of veggies, some fruit, some nuts and some protein - either cheese or Quorn generally. Though if I’m out I’ll have salad or veggies and something like fish or chicken.

The thing is, I do not feel like I’m suffering terribly on a “diet” at this point. I just don’t want to eat the crap. I am putting that all down to having actual, complete, nutrition provided in a good format.

The only thing I am doing, because I’m not taking in 2000cal Huel or lots of other stuff, is I am taking a multi vitamin every day. Not sure if it’s needed but it makes some kind of sense to my brain.

Oh, and exercising as well - I’m starting, for the first time ever, to see actual definition in my arms. For a middle aged fat bird this is remarkable!



This really has filled me with joy. Good on you for changing your life. Your comments about your energy levels being sky high, your weight loss, and your evident proactive desire to share your success is all a result of your solid effort and it genuinely makes me so happy for you.

People often ask me why I don’t eat crap, or that it’s okay to let go a bit now I’m nearing 30 (yeah, sure, because 30’s so old…!) This is what I’m all about. FEELING GOOD! The endorphins you’ll be releasing will only increase and I can bet you’ll go from strength to strength.

Please keep us updated. I am subscribing to this topic.


Posting here as I’m using this as something of a diary to remind myself of how I’m doing on Huel. I’m on day 97 now - I have been keeping a daily record since day 1 on a spreadsheet, I like numbers and being able to read back and see what was going through my mind.

Pretty much the same as above - I still have high energy levels and no desire for eating crap. I was away over the weekend and we did a 7 mile walk along the river, almost all against the wind, and it was fun. Going out as well in the evening. And having plenty of oomph to enjoy it.

Sunday evening we went to a restaurant that I last went to about 18 months ago - a direct comparison available there with previous patterns, I just want to eat so much less. As a life long fat bird this is amazing to me still, I give myself ‘permission’ to eat what I want. I do eat what I want. I just don’t want to eat anything like as much as before, and sweet things really don’t have much appeal at all. A small amount of good stuff occasionally, but just because it’s there and available, not at all.

I still don’t quite believe this, I’m still waiting for the shine to wear off and to start seeing the man behind the curtain, but as time goes on this is feeling less likely to happen.

It’s almost as if feeding your body what it needs to function properly is a good idea. :grin:


Same experience here. On regular food, my pattern would be one or two giant meals a day. Since switching over, I find that when I do eat regular food, I get full on noticeably less. What would in the past constitute as one meal is now two servings for me.

Hooray for leftovers!


We went out for a celebratory meal today at a Very Fancy restaurant, so small portions. Even there I didn’t really want the dessert. Though it was Very Fancy so I did have one, but I suspect I’ll not want to eat again until quite late tomorrow, and it’ll likely be 100% Huel for the next couple of days to re-set back to the new normal.

(Minor edit made to correct typo)


Thank you for sharing your experience! You’re the first person I’ve come across who has accurately described the emotional fatigue I feel with regards to eating food. I struggle horribly with binge eating disorder, and so I’ve decided to give Huel a try to allow myself some time away from the exhausting struggle of controlling binges and emotional fall-out when a meal I make isn’t 100% healthy and balanced, despite that being a somewhat lofty goal for myself. So far, removing food from the equation has lifted a bit of pressure - this is the first day in months that I’ve got to 3pm without that cycle of shame kicking in.

I’ll be following your progress eagerly :slightly_smiling:


Hi, new here!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, and a HUGE congratulations on the weight loss! I am on Day 8 and I too am using Huel for calorie control. I have a BMI of 28.9 and I want to get down to a ‘healthy’ weight, though as yet I have no specific target.

I completely agree with you and kiiabby about ‘food fatigue’. Being able to choose what to eat and when is a huge luxury of a Western diet, but the problem is I find the choice stressful and overwhelming. I work 40+ hours a week in a mainly sedentary office job. I found worries over what to eat at breakfast and lunch to help me lose weight were actually eating into my time when I should have been focusing on work. Then by the time I went out to lunch I would be so ravenous I would opt for an unhealthy option that left me sluggish and unfulfilled.

I absolutely love food and cooking. But unfortunately during the working week I simply do not have the time or mental energy to meticulously plan out healthy meals. I think that is why I’m getting on surprisingly well with Huel. I can get on with my working day knowing that my nutritional needs are being taken care of. Then when I get home I can take joy in preparing myself a lovely home-cooked meal. A weird side-effect of Huel is that I’ve been less inclined to eat meat; has anyone else experienced this?

Anyway, I would absolutely love a March update from the OP!


Thanks for the topic, I’ve been searching the forum trying to locate something to do with eating disorders

I’m hoping i’m going to get some sanity & sobriety around my eating by using Huel…

I’ve had an eating disorder for as long as i can remember I would always seek solace in food, by 21 I’d developed bulimia which I’ve had bouts of for the last 22 years. I have spent my life being ashamed of my shape & size & fearful of getting fatter.
Thankfully I was relived of my obsessive exercise addiction last year (which i used as a means to purge off calories I’d binged on if i hadn’t puked them up)

Mostly now though I just compulsively overeat & don’t purge afterwards so am obviously getting bigger.

I went to Overeaters Anonymous (OA) for 6 years & had good support & tremendous relief from finding i was not alone with this compulsion but I wasn’t vigorously honest with my sponser (or myself)
Recently I found a different 12 step fellowship, Anorexics & Bulimics Anonymous (ABA) which I found a huge identification with but there aren’t any meetings where i live.

I relate to whats been mentioned about making food choices being overwhelming & I could really do with a break from the constant “what can i eat, when can i eat, how much can or should i eat, where can i eat so no-one sees me” blah blah blah thats with me all day long in my head

" One is that not having to think about what to eat is a HUGE relief, I’ve been fat pretty much all of my adult life and the constant having to think about food is exhausting and oppressive. Huel is great, I eat Huel. End of thinking" (Stef’s post)

It sounds wonderful to have freedom from all the decisions & time wasted that i spend thinking, planning, shopping, preparing & consuming excess food!

My idea is to remove all food stuffs from my home & to go exclusively UU HUEL for as long as it takes for my reliance on food to give way. BUT i don’t know if i can do it, I bought a weeks supply of Huel some months back & i really like the taste, find it quite palatable BUT i’ve been incorporating it amongst meals, so still overly dependent on food.
Being a person of extremes; the all or nothing approach appeals to me! To try the Huel recovery path to sane eating behaviours & healthy relationship with food.

Really hoping i can clear the house & get going on this & stick with it…
Gonna order some now,


Very best of luck to you

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I’m really pleased to have found this thread. I’m in my 50’s, female, 5ft7ins and currently 13.5 stone. I’m 3st over weight and starting on Huel tomorrow. I’ve got an autoimmune disorder, some primary plus secondary immuno suppression and have been in very poor health with chronic infection for the past two plus years. The infections are finally spacing out due to treatment so I now need to get some good nutrition and get the weight off as my joints don’t like it at all! I have RA and my mobility is impaired but I am gradually building up my steps. I had 18m of complete inactivity following orthopaedic surgeries so there’s a lot of rehabilitation work to do.
Pain and fatigue are my biggest problems. The fatigue means that I am daily too tired to be able to prepare meals and currently exist on breakfast biscuits, fruit, toast and multivitamins - not good. Exercise wise I have a dog who needs long walks at least twice daily so I drive to a country park where he tears around and I walk along, sit on benches and am gradually increasing the distances I walk each week:-) This is my ‘new normal’. Pre disease I was a distance runner competitively, a gym bunny, karate enthusiast and healthy eater who weighed between 8st5lbs and 9st3lbs. I’ve too much joint distruction to return to any impact or contact sports but I’m aiming for good nutrition, some energy and return to having some muscle tone :slight_smile: I walk with a stick/ crutch and have ankle and wrist+thumb splints.
I too am looking forward to not having to think about food and how awful my diet is!
I have successfully lost weight before following surgery or long periods of time on prednisolone so I know that I can do it - having support on the forum is going to be important- just writing it out is therapeutic. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me:-)


Hi @Cece - welcome to Huel

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Thanks James:-)