How Many Here Are 100% Huel?

OK so I’ve been using Huel for almost a year now, but this was mostly in a transitioning period, and also mostly so I could have reliable quick breakfasts and lunches so I wasn’t snacking at work, with limited success - I would have on and off days, or more regularly Huel through the day then supermarket junk food at dinnertime! sigh

But I couldn’t shake the fact that I would feel better through the day when on Huel, then absolutely awful after eating a large solid food meal (physically and mentally).

After a while of this I finally realised I was emotionally eating, as I had other stresses in my life which were forcing me into ‘comfort foods’ as a coping mechanism.

What is really instrumental in my story here, is that being able to easily stick to Huel for the working day, then crash when I got home, gave me the mental framework to view my eating habits objectively and be able to make serious and well-informed decisions about my lifestyle.

Fast forward to today and I have now been 100% Huel for about a full month now, and it was the recent publication of the Huel ‘30 day’ trials that made me speak up - I feel GREAT!

From the point where I was still binge-eating in the evenings, and made the decision to STOP and go 100%, I lost about 8 pounds in the first 2 weeks - this is to be expected somewhat as I was ‘purging’ all the crap I’d force-fed myself, but now, another 3 weeks or so later (sorry for not documenting more precisely), I’m down almost a full stone from my heaviest point - that’s from 15st 1 to 14st 2.

The loss has slowed lately, but that’s because by losing this much, the calories I calculated to consume for loss at the start (2000), are now closer to a ‘sustain’ intake for my current weight, so from today I’m dropping from 12 scoops daily to 10, which should give me around 1650 to help with the next phase of loss at a more controlled and sustained rate.

For the record I’m an IT Manager so my workout regimen is basically quite sedentary, and after a long day of problem solving I just want to sit and switch off in the evenings!
I have taken to walking more regularly though, and try to fit in a trip around the business park during lunch, and some light workout excercises when I get up.

TL;DR : I use 100% Huel now, feel awesome, and lost a lot of fat!! :smiley:


Great story. I have been doing exactly the same as you, Huel for half a day then crappy food when I got home. My 100% started today. Can’t wait to feel as good as you say you do. Well done !


Thanks! The first day 100% was hardest obviously, mostly at evening time resisting troughing! lol
Day 2 was much easier, by day 3 I hardly missed solid food at all, and most importantly it required so much less will power to just say no! :slight_smile:
Good luck Sir!

When you say 100% Huel, does that include the frozen fruit or raw cacao I use to flavour it?

I’m doing 100% Huel in a bid to crack my emotional heating habits. In much the same way as these vlcd aim is the liquid only to “break your addiction” to food.

I definitely feel great on it. I’m running 3-4 times a week (not far, not fast but progress) and I’ve finally lost some weight!

I’m a convert.

Nik x


Yeah, I wouldn’t count additions to the Huel itself as not being 100%, I’m more meaning not eating other meals or snacks of any kind… no chewing basically! lol

Personally I love the vanilla Huel so I’m utterly content with it as-is, as for drinks I’m on mainly black coffee as always have been for years. :slight_smile:

OK slight update - I’ve been reading up on scoops vs weights, and have switched to weighing out Huel for a more accurate analysis on progress - rather neatly 400g of Vanilla Huel provides 1640 calories which is exactly where I need to be right now - will update this thread as developments occur. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to get to 100% Huel but probably around the 70%/80% area. I’ve got a good system for weighing up all my Huel, getting the correct amount and it does make me feel full and gives me a lot of energy… However… there is just something about eating solid food that I can’t stop!

Personally, if I had some kind of mythical food bouncer to stop me for a day or two, then I could manage it after that, however, the willpower needed for the first few days eludes me!

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I’m 100% Huel Mon-Fri then one normal meal a day Saturday and Sunday. Trying to eat sensibly i.e. a roast dinner, with two potatoes instead of ten :blush: I find that the Monday following the feast I feel absolutely great and as the week goes on my energy levels diminish until Saturday comes around and I get a boost. This is partly because I am on 9 scoops (weighed) a day and trying to lose 1Kg per week. So pretty low intake for someone 6’2" and around 16.5 stone (using spreadsheet in the Mathematical Diet posting - which is great). The thing I like about Huel as a diet aid is the way you can really measure your intake and it’s so easy to do.

I did go 100% Huel for two weeks around six weeks ago and it was just to much for me, on my hands and knees for lack of energy (see above). I too am in IT and spend a good 10 hours of my day on my fat ass, followed by another 3 or 4 in front of the box. I do a little yoga (@yogawithadriene on YouTube which has both gotten easier as I’ve lost weight but also helps sort out the mind and get yourself together to keep going with your program (she really is excellent - start with the 30 day of yoga, then move onto the 30 day yoga camp - done both many times now - no yoga Nazis welcome, I’d never done it before and it really has fixed my tired old saggy baggy body :slight_smile:)


Scales is definitely the way forward! We need Huel branded scales. Thank you for the updates!


I’m still not 100% but I have gone down from 107kg to 100kg in a month from not eating chocolate sweets or crisps and watching what I put into my mouth, I used to get high every night and binge eat till I felt ill going to bed with a bloated stomach in pain.

Now I track my calories and see food as a source of energy rather than pleasure I feel in control.


100% Huel Vanilla since 25th Jan (bar a couple of meals in the whole of the period since starting - ok so probably 99.99999999%) - I love it.

Family are super supportive.

I’ve experimented with adding maca powder, chia, hemp, cooled off infused green / herbal teas, almond or coconut (or both) milks instead of water but currently Huel Vanilla (never tried UU) with Huel Toffee sweetener - oddly I really have a taste for toffee at present for some reason and its not something I’ve ever been fussed about as a sweet.

My initial idea of going 100% Huel was to ensure I was getting the correct levels of nutrition - I didn’t look at this as a way to loose body fat, I thought I was eating clean but had concerns.

I have lost a lot. It started as a happy side effect of excellent nutrition. As the weight came off, my exercises have got easier. I don’t go to the gym. I do in-home exercise, sit-ups, squats, press ups (the wife has lately asked me to do Pilates from DVD with her) and I run 3 or 4 times a week. My gains have been amazing. My health has improved as has my well-being.

I make no apologies for being uber-enthusiastic (and defensive) about Huel but it has changed my life for the better and I will continue with its use 3 times or 4 times per day, every day.

Enjoy your journey, I certainly am.


I would be 100% if I could afford it. At the moment I’m on 66% (2 out of 3 meals) huel.


I’ve generally found I’m saving up to £100 a month on food bills after switching to 100% Huel!
Of course that depends on your calorie intake with Huel, and how much I used to trough on ‘traditional’ food! lol


In my experience that also has been the biggest advantage powder food brought: breaking free from snacks, especially sweets.


Huel Power!

Great to hear you are saving money too @reintegrated, many people reject Huel for the reason of money.

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Not trying to pry into personal circumstances but if a typical Huel shake costs around £1.40 or whatever it is, how do you manage to eat a meal cheaper than that ? !!

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I used to have Weetabix (own brand - 5p per unit), raisins and company provided milk for breakfast. Or own brand oats and raisins porridge. Both around 20p for that meal.

And for lunch I’d have either plain toast and butter or add Peanut butter, which at 1-2£ per loaf of bread is similarly < 50p for a meal.

Multi-packs of canned tomatoes, onions, garlic, large bags of pasta and own brand cheese also led to cheap dinners.

Obviously not as healthy as Huel, but certainly cheaper :slight_smile:

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Shameless plug for Huel here - not only does buying for the month give a considerable discount, setting up an order subscription gives an even further discount! SUPERB! :smiley:


Good point. I was thinking from a different angle

Breakfast would be my magic porridge potion. I’d add flaxseed, sunflower seeds, chia seed, fresh raspberries, cinammon, grated almonds, coconut and greek yoghurt. Don’t know cost but it was a lot of faff to make and probably similar nutrition to Huel

Lunch would be a Sainsbury’s meal deal - £3 and full of crap, or a cafe costing at least £5-8

Evening meal would be organic veg, locally sourced organic meat / fish etc so would cost at least £5-6 per meal

Huel easily saves me money :slight_smile:


Great thread peeps! thank you
I’m transitioning to 90% Huel Mon-Fri - I do feel soOo much better having it for evening ‘meal’ rather than more bulk