100% Huel started today

So I’ve been on Huel for a while now and I’m also loving the new black edition huel! I had ordered some more bags and x2 boxes of the bars the coffee and the orange, literally just tried a coffee bar as they all arrived today it was really hard to eat, as in it’s rock hard to chew! but will power though, as it’s probably the colder temperatures.
I neither like them or dislike them, they will grow on me, I suppose :slight_smile:
Anyway, from today I’m doing 100% huel for a month mainly for weight loss and will be mixing it up with the bars/shakes and flavour boosts!
Already done this the past two days, so will post my weight loss updates on this post :slight_smile:

Todays weight - 11st 12.8lb


Ten seconds in a microwave makes the bars awesome if you fancy trying that. No more than 10 seconds though otherwise they pretty much melt.


Ooh definitely will try this! Thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

Keep us updated and good luck!

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Would love to know how you get on, I’m starting roughly 80% Huel from Monday!

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Will definitley do! :slight_smile:
Also had the orange choc today and it tasted much better! Could taste the chocolate chips come through and was much softer to eat! Definitley keep them in a warm room to soften them up, definitely don’t taste the same cold! Love the orange one though so glad! Also loving the flavour boosts taste so much different from maybe years ago, when I last tried them?!

Also update - I’ve had x3 bars today - x2 coffee and one orange bar plus x2 huel shakes made with half water and half unsweetened almond milk! in the new black edition huel, in both the chocolate and vanilla and tried two flavour boosts in the apple and cinnamon and the peanut butter (peanut butter one I couldn’t taste whatsoever in the chocolate! Should of tried it in the vanilla as such a waste as I love peanut butter) :drooling_face:
Also had a manuka honey tea this morning with two sugars as my throats killing me and also my collagen drink which is like 35cals.
All in all today I’ve had 1549 calories, I’m aiming for around 1400 per day but it’s still under my tdee which is 1818 so hopefuly will still lose weight it’s my totm which started today too which might hinder weight loss, but I’m still going to carry on :slight_smile:

Wow so off to bed and yep… my totm makes me literally ravenously hungry, I’m literally a bottomless pit it’s riddiculas!

I’m literally going to bed now and in total I’ve had 2385 cals which is way over my tdee, because I had a banana huel shake and yet another bar ahh someone stop me! :joy: Only good thing is atleast I was 100% huel :joy::joy: Anyway, tomorrow I’ve wrote out a huel plan I’m going to stick to! Wishing myself luck I don’t devour all the bars and powder in one sitting :joy::joy:


I find it really hard to stay within my calorie limit when I have bars. At least with shakes you have to take the time to mix them, plus I only like them after a couple of hours in the fridge. With bars, the moment I feel hungry the wrapper is OFF and the bar is GONE.


@David that pizza you squeezed in between the bars don’t help calorie control sadly

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Totally agree about devouring the bars haha! anyway today I’ve weighed in 11st 11.8lb so I’ve gone down! :slight_smile:
despite going way over my tdee yesterday but I’m not complaining!

On track today, my fiance let me have an extremely long lie in and looked after our baby! Woke up so heckin hungry, but then again it was like 3pm, haven’t slept that long in forever… so far I’ve had two bars and I’m going to have two shakes x2 scoop each later on with half water and half unsweetened almond milk.

Update - I’ve had x3 bars today and x2 400cal shakes! One vanilla with mint chocolate flavour booster and one chocolate, both made up with half water and half almond milk :slight_smile:
ending the day on 1474 calories! Which is great and my hunger has diminished so much today thank goodness :slight_smile:

13th Jan 19

So weighed this morning and gone up to 11st 12.2lb hopefuly just a fluctuation! but that’s what’s you get when you weigh yourself everyday I suppose :joy: always feels rubbish going up instead of down, just got to keep pushing on I suppose! :slight_smile:

Today I’ve literally gone through 5 bars :joy: and I’ve had one 435cal shake to bring me up to 1435 calories for today :slight_smile:
So pleasantly surprised with the bars I really didn’t like the coffee much at all, but I’m starting to crave the taste of the bars in general and actually enjoy them!
I think on my next order I will stick to the orange and choc chip but I would try another bar instead of the coffee and the coffee seems to taste somewhat drier than the orange?! probably will try the salted caramel next :slight_smile:


Morning everyone! :slight_smile:
I’ve weighed myself just now and I’m 11st 10.6lb!

I have gone down again and considering that I’ve got endometriosis and its messing up my monthly as in bleeding randomly making me think I’m on and then being like a week late as usual still not here but have all the usual stuff that call for that totm, I’ve spent the past few days feeling pretty bloated!! But woke up today and my belly has gone in loads all of a sudden! whether that’s water retention or what it still makes me happy!

So from 11st 13.8lb to 11st. 10.6lb
in four days I’m not complaining :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is to another day of Huel!
I added x2 teaspoons of milacano instant coffee to my vanilla huel last night and chilled overnight! Really yummy!!


RIP your toilet!

But seriously, any toilet trouble to report from going 100%?

Good shout.

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Honestly I was pretty constipated for a few days starting back on huel as in adding more into my diet, as I hadn’t been on huel for a few months! This was before huel 100% (wanted to ease myself back into drinking it) I was constipated for around a day or two going full on, but I just upped my water intake I wasn’t drinking enough at all to be honest! and now back to normal :slight_smile:

Ending the day on 1397 calories :raised_hands: Very hectic day today! Ended up having a coffee x2 scoop huel this morning, followed by two huel bars, then a x1 scoop vanilla huel blended with one very tiny banana and then another x1 scoop huel chocolate blended with another very tiny banana and a little cinnamon! :blush::heart:
Off to bed now goodnight all :slight_smile:


I was 11st 10.4lb today so a smidge down from yesterday :slight_smile:
I today have however gone over my calories to 1684 today, on huel bars and x2 shakes… so far… I got out of the bath just not its literally 10:20pm… but I’m ravenous today!! not going to lie, I could eat a giant Sunday dinner like right now! I’m making a break today from 100% huel, as I’m going to have some peanut butter and banana on x2 rice crackers! Literally because I’m starving because I’m due my totm and want some proper food, so I’m having it :tipping_hand_woman:Will definitley probably be over my tdee but I know I’m just going to crave like mad if I don’t so there you go :woman_facepalming: Probably not the best week to choose to do this :joy::joy:

  • Ended up having a tin of Tuna with salad cream and red peppers instead and another coffee huel bar!
    Total cals today - 2130
    way over my TDEE but tomorrow is another day and atleast I resisted the sweet goodies i got as a present! Sat ontop of the fridge :joy::woman_facepalming:
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what exercise are you combining it with typically Abby?

I’ve got a really bad condition that doesn’t allow me to workout unfortunately! I wish I was hitting the gym though not going to lie, I miss it! :joy: But at the moment it’s just looking after my almost one year old! :blush:

So I weigh less today 11st 10.3lb down a little from yesterday, even though was way over my tdee yesterday so I’m happy with that! Definitley noticing my clothes fitting better already! :slight_smile:
Tomorrow will be huel all day, but this saturday I’m going to be making a gluten/dairy free curry recipe I’ve been wanting to try, for me and the fiance! Then it’s back to huel all day Sunday! :slight_smile: