Big loser - 100lbs to go

Hi all
I’m a new convert to Huel and I’m hoping it will help me achieve my goal of 100lb weight loss.
I started on Monday with Huel for breakfast and lunch and a reasonable dinner at 311lbs. Technically I’m morbidly obese but I certainly don’t feel it. I have no health issues or complications but I just want to cut the risk of dying early and be able to wear nicer clothes.

My job is fairly sedentary and I’ve been effectively hibernating for winter, only getting proper exercise at weekends. I do enjoy walking and last October went on a trek to the Great Wall of China. Boy, oh boy it was hard work but one of the best things I’ve ever done. Once the nights get lighter I will start walking again but for now my priority is sorting out the eating.

I’ve been big pretty much all my life and my weight yo-yos like a lot of overweight people who try diet after diet. I just can’t be trusted to go into a supermarket, buy the right food and then actually eat it. In my 20s I suffered an eating disorder and lost half my body weight, it left me with a few hormonal problems and it still raises its ugly head now and again, usually when I’m stressed. Since the problem is food and making that conscious (and sometimes unconscious) choice of what to eat, Huel seems to be a good option as I really don’t have to think too much about what I shove in my moutht.

I’m an all or nothing kind of dieter so I’m all in with the Huel and will aim for 100% as much as I can. I also like to weigh myself every day when I can, weekends are difficult as I’m often over at my boyfriend’s place.

Started on Monday March 4th at 311lbs.
Weighed this morning Thursday March 7th at 304lbs - I know this is mostly water weight.
I’ll aim to get some before pics up this week but for now, here’s me on the Wall!


Take time to get used to Huel - so build up the amount your having slowly.
And good luck! 100lbs is a great target! Keep posting on here to keep committed.

Wow. Never been to the Great Wall of China, sounds fun. Good job on losing a little bit of weight. I’m doing the same, trying to lose weight and also my story is fairly similar except I just get overwhelmed when trying to diet.

Thanks Tom. :grinning:
The only problem i’m experiencing is the amount of sweetener in the product, i’m having headaches and a few problems getting to sleep this week which I think is down to the Sucralose. I’m not used to using sweeteners at all so that might take a while to get used to. I’ve ordered unsweetened for my next delivery so i’m looking forward to experimenting with that.

Great Wall was amazing - proper bucket list trip! 6 days of trekking and it was hard work but worth every ache and pain.
I can sometimes get overwhelmed if I put a lot of pressure on myself to lose more and more. I’m trying to be kinder to myself these days and celebrate any loss, even a small one. I find Huel is suiting me as its one less decision to make every day.


Day 5 and doing well.
Got on the scales this morning and they say I have gained 4lbs. It usually happens when I start a new eating regime, the scales are all over the place but this should start to even out after the first week.
Starting weight - 311lbs
Weight today - 308lbs

I find that the shakes are filling me up nicely and I’m not really feeling hungry until around 5pm so I have a nutty snack bar thing that Aldi sell. They are small but just enough to stop the rumbles until I get home from work and can eat properly. The danger of not having the snack is that i’ll end up taking a diversion to a supermarket on the way home while feeling hungry. That’s way too dangerous for me, I would come out with a bag full of crap and, more often than not, a bottle of wine.

The level of sweetness in the drinks is quite difficult to deal with so i’m having to dilute it down with other products. I have to add a seed mix, fruit or coconut milk powder to make it palatable. I’m having problems getting to sleep and headaches and i’m putting that down to the Sucralose content so next order is for unsweetened.

Last night I really wanted something crunchy and savoury to eat and had some left over veg with a bit of cheese on (not crunchy but savoury at least) but it might be time to experiment with homemade courgette crisps to get that crunchy kick.

Its 6 Nations Rugby at the weekend and that would usually mean a few drinks, its not going to be easy, I will admit. I’m lucky to have a very, very supportive partner though.

C’mon Wales!!!


Well done so far and for choosing to change your life.

I am far from an expert but I was advised to firstly ascertain my BMR (Basal metabolic rate) - basically the amount of calories your body needs just to function with zero exercise. Then, take off between 500 and 750 and using an app such as MyFitnessPal - count ALL calories that you consume. Keep below your allowance and you will lose weight.

Late Jan I was 304 lbs - am now 281 lbs in about 6 weeks.

Good luck.


This post was all going well until the “c’mon Wales” comment! :joy:


I thought exactly the same thing @Tom82 :laughing:

That’s great going @100down and hopefully it’ll be easier for you once you get the U/U! I feel the same about shopping when hungry, though I don’t drink alcohol, my temptation lies in the dessert aisle… Thinking about trying the Huel bars on my next order.

Also #WearTheRose :wink:

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That’s a good attitude to have in life! I think I’ll follow your example.

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I actually went all in, Huel twice a day lol :rofl:


I keep getting tempted to do that… Just need to find one of my other shaker bottles (they seem to have gone for a walk) or buy another one (which is annoying)! Hence just thinking of going for the bars lol

Well, life can be difficult when you’re a food addict. No matter how good your intentions are, the monkey on your shoulder will work hard to sabotage your way of eating.
There may have (definitely was!) an alcohol incident Friday night then a burger and chips incident on Saturday and a normal lunch and dinner on Sunday. Had Huel breakfasts on both days.
I am now thinking that that has to be my fond farewell to alcohol for some time, it causes way too many food related problems.

Starting weight - 311lbs
Weight today - 309lbs.

So a 2lb loss in a week but the shenanigans over the weekend prevented any real loss and i’m quite annoyed with myself for letting go quite so much. I’ll get back on track this week and won’t beat myself up too much. It takes time to settle into a new regime.

Onwards and downwards!

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Still on for the Grand Slam!

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Thanks Tomo71. I have just calculated BMR and it comes out at 2112 so that’s a really useful place to start from.

That’s still a good loss! I ended up having burger & chips twice last week… One I promptly regretted (the other I enjoyed too much to regret if I’m honest). No idea what my weigh-in this week will say. My new scales were showing me 4kg up last week :open_mouth: I’m discounting that as I hadn’t changed to carpet feet yet, so got everything crossed that they were lying…

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Sounds legit. LOL


Haha love the excuse :laughing:

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Yep, reckon that would do it :laughing:

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Hhmm, so I appear to have returned to my starting weight this morning. However, I have a visit from my little monthly friend so i’m not reading anything at all into the reading on the scales.

Sticking at 311lbs for now which may not change until the end of the week.

Onwards and downwards I go.

Feel like i’m missing out by not having carpet feet though!!??!!

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