Big loser - 100lbs to go


Lol! So now the carpet feet are on, I’ve deduced that basically my floors hate me. I checked this morning, 4kg more. Moved the scales to where I used to use them and it’s only 2kg more :woman_facepalming:t2: Anyway, point is I’m trying to lose not gain, so I had better stop those last minute bad lunch decisions!

But yes, carpet feet are the future (if your floors are flat).


I think Huel is a good option for someone in your situation. It’s a sure fire way to lose weight if you can stick to Huel, only Huel and regulate your intake. I imagine it will take a lot of will power though. I stuck to 100% Huel for two weeks once, and was definitely craving anything else by the end.

I imagine your body will be have a little odd until it’s used to it. Perhaps that would explain why the scales haven’t budged much yet. It could easily be that the change in nutritional profile is adjusting your water content, or something like that.
Good luck, and please keep us up to date on progress :slight_smile: It’s fun seeing people with such extreme goals. If I lost that much weight I’d be in hospital needing treatment for anorexia like symptoms, so it’s not something I can attempt myself.


So the scales were kind today. I didn’t post yesterday because they said I had put on another 3lb and I couldn’t bear to admit it. Usually, a result like that would derail me totally but I kept on track, had Huel breakfast (late), lunch and a low carb dinner. I can’t stomach Huel in the evening, it makes me a bit acidic and I think that’s down to the oats. Wow, I had so much gas last night too! TMI?

I am counting calories with MFP which I find a bit challenging because I’m a previous low-carb convert and have never worried about calories so much before. I also find it very tedious but I know it will help so I will continue with it.

Starting weight 311lbs
Weight today 307lbs

My morning shakes tend to be 2 scoops vanilla with added coconut to cut down the sweetness a bit, a seed mix and a bit of wheatgrass powder. If I have them, I’ll throw in some berries too.
Lunchtime is 2 scoops coffee Huel with a banana and some raw cacao and a tsp of coffee granules.
Next delivery is unflavoured so I’ll see how I get on with that. I am not getting hungry at all during the day, my danger time is evening nibbles and Netflix. That’s just a question of willpower.

Onwards and downwards.


Using Huel for breakfast and lunch seems to be working. However, the last few days I haven’t had any any appetite for breakfast so have slipped into an IF pattern eating between 1pm and 7/8pm. This seems to be suiting me really well, I’ve never been much of a breakfast person anyway. I had such cravings last night though after my dinner, not for anything in particular, just for anything and everything. I had a cup of herbal tea and managed to not eat anything.

The scales were kind this morning
Starting weight 311lbs (141kg)
Weight today 304lbs (137.9kg)

Have now added kg conversion for those who are used to metric.

Now, to survive the weekend! C’mon Wales - the Grand Slam is ours!!!

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Nothing lost, nothing gained over the weekend. Had a bit of wine on Friday and extra snacks but have been counting my calories like a good 'un. It’s helping my mindset to do it, I don’t feel deprived and can make more sensible meal decisions, cravings are less frequent and less intense. Using Huel for 2 meals a day and a sensible dinner. Finally feeling like I’m getting my food under control for the first time in years.

Starting weight 311lbs (141kg)
Weight today 304lbs (137.9kg)

Onwards and downwards!


Good feeling isn’t it? You’re doing great :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks Bee, i’m feeling so much more balanced mentally by having something that works for me.
As a userand real advocate of low carb diets for so many years its weird to be embracing (some) carbs again and counting calories instead. Had some guilt free toast and Marmite last night and was still way under my calories for the day.


Marmite on toast is yummy :yum: I’ve been eating very little bread lately, and then only when I have eggs and chopped tomatoes on toast which is about once a week.

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@100down I also found the sweetened Huel (Original) far too sweet, so I mix Original and Unflavoured 50/50 (one scoop of each) and that works for me - quite a few others do the same. I’ve tried one third Original to two thirds Unflavoured too and that also works. It’s worth experimenting. The Huel Bars make good 250 calorie, low GI snacks. I like Chocolate Orange, but I didn’t like the Coffee bar.

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My order of unsweetened arrived at the weekend so I have been mixing it up since. Its made life a lot easier.
With my history of eating, i’m not sure the bars would work for me. I suspect they would be gobbled up in no time and then I wouldn’t feel as satisfied as I do with drinking Huel. I would give them a go though, just don’t want to buy a whole box at a time. That would be too much temptation sitting in my cupboard if they taste nice.

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Ha ha, ask anyone: they’re not easy to “gobble up in no time” and I do find by the end of one (even half of one works to take the edge off) I don’t feel like eating anything else immediately. They are, after all (being Huel), 250 calories of pretty well-balanced nutrition.

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Agree @Africorn. They are rather filling :yum:


You haven’t seen me eat! :joy::joy::joy:


Day 16
Really glad I ordered the unsweetened Huel, its made life a lot easier and I can now experiment with the flavour boots without gagging at the level of sweetness.
Today I had 2 scoops unsweetened, pineapple and coconut flavour boost and 1/2 a fresh mango. Its almost like a pina colada and very tasty when really cold. I’m so glad I have a Nutribullet as it makes everything so delicious and smooth.

Starting weight 311lbs (141kg)
Weight today 307lbs - put on 3lbs somewhere but I know that will drop in the next few days.

Maintaining a good calorific deficit every day, except Friday where there was a wine incident, so I expected a few ups and downs this week. Now, I just need to move my fat ass and get some exercise!

Onwards and downwards!


My god I can’t imagine how difficult this must be. You’re doing splendidly and grabbing every assistance you can, not least Huel.

While I haven’t got headaches from it, I find Huel Vanilla too sweet, and mix 1 scoop of Unsweetened/Unflavoured with 2 scoops Vanilla. Much nicer.


Thanks @jameshg . Honestly, its harder carrying the weight! I’m not finding the actual dieting hard at all. Huel is really suiting my way of living and calorie counting has been a total game changer.

My headaches have stopped now so I think I needed a period of time to get used to the sweeteners, but I do now have unsweetened mixed with the other flavours and its working a treat.


Day 17
I only had 1 Huel yesterday - for lunch. I didn’t have room for any more. I find that I’ve been having my first Huel at 1pm which is 2 scoops and I include a bit of fruit. Then I’ll have another around 4-4.30 so that I’m not driving home at 5.30 hungry. Just couldn’t stomach the 2nd one yesterday.

Had a sensible dinner but got a mega choccie craving afterwards so sucked on a Lindt Lindor ball, found it way too sweet so I may end up breaking up with chocolate altogether.
(I love Lindt, this is heartbreaking :disappointed_relieved:)

Starting weight 311lbs (141kg)
Weight today 305lbs (138kg)

Onwards and downwards!


I was doing one scoop of each, now doing 1 Original to 2 Unflavoured. That’s about perfect for me now.

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The headaches may have have been detox headaches because of something you weren’t eating, rather than from the Huel.

Once when I gave up drinking (a lot of) tea, I had a solid headache that went on for 5 days, 24 hours a day. I know that because I didn’t take anything for it - I was curious to see how long it went on for.


I used one of each this morning with 5g pineapple & coconut flavour boost (as a change from granola). Found it really sweet. Might try using less original, like you, or all U&U and see if I like it better.