Start and end weights

Perhaps we can use this topic to simply track the most binary measurements of weight and date (editing the original post to add updates)

Dec 31st - 15 Stone 7lbs
Jan 9th - 15 Stone
Jan 16th - 14 Stone 12 lbs
Jan 22nd - 15 Stone (BAD week of evening meals)

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Good idea - I’m trying to maintain / regain a little, but I’ll post up mine

Hey all! I’m new here, but using Huel to give me exactly what I need for weight loss, with a regular meal thrown in every other night.

Starting weight: 91kg (11th January 2016)
End weight: (will update weekly)

Hi, First post for me.

Started using Huel on Monday (11/1). Am using Huel for weight loss.
Strated out at 67.5kg on Monday morning, and my target weight is around 62kg… Using 150g of huel during the day, and have a regular evening meal. I normally go for a 5k run 2 times a week, and cycle at the weekends. Will be upping my intake on the days I cycle.

Not sure how long it will take, but we’ll soon find out!

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Scales read 66.8kg this morning. Was hoping to have lost at least 1kg on my first week.
Have stuck to my 150g Huel a day, with an apple/banana around 11, and then a normal evening meal. Will try shrinking my evening meal slightly this week to see if that has any further effect.

I’m still not quite ready to share actual numbers on a public forum, but, according to my spreadsheet, I have lost 11Kg in 70 days. I’ve been using Huel for about 2 meals per day since the beginning of November.

I’m seeing a few effects. One is that not having to think about what to eat is a HUGE relief, I’ve been fat pretty much all of my adult life and the constant having to think about food is exhausting and oppressive. Huel is great, I eat Huel. End of thinking.

I feel good. I’m 10 weeks in, and my energy levels are still high - I’ve started a regular exercise program and can see progress there as well.

My tastes have changed. I’m having on average one meal of ‘real’ food per day. Out with a friend the other night we ordered dessert. I ate about 1/3 of mine and then stopped, because I’d had enough and it was just far far too sweet. Both of these things would have been unthinkable back in October.


That’s great feedback - glad you’re doing well.

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Great topic - I’m using it for weight loss, budget and the reduction of stress around what and when I eat.

I started on Huel just after I got myself a Fitbit Surge and wireless Fitbit Aria scales. I track EVERYTHING in Fitbit, obsessively!

On January 4th (start of the program) I weighed in at 13 st 2.3 lbs.
On January 22nd I weighed in at 12 st 4.5 lbs.

I can find my weight can increase by a few lbs’ whenever I deviate from my 3 course of 114g (3 scoops) a day (1/4 calorie deficit). I feel my digestion slow down, and genuinely attribute it to this.

I’ll be taking delivery of a bike from Germany mid-Feb, where I’ll begin 1 hour commutes to and from work daily, at which point I’d anticipate needing to increase my daily Huel intake to 4 courses of 114g.

Will update on my progress next month - my goal to be at 10 st by March.


INew Huel user here (well, about 2 weeks in now), so might as well join in with the weight thread! Replacing breakfasts and lunch during the week, then eating ‘normal’ food in the evenings and at weekends. Combining the Huel with regular exercise, and dramatically cutting down on booze, so we’ll see how it goes…

Target weight is 75kg(ish), although if all goes well and I can get closer to 70 that would be fantastic. Used to be quite a bit heavier, topping out at about 109kg about 7 years ago before losing a lot and getting down to low 70s which is a good weight for my height and build. Last few years have seen it creep back up to around 88-90, which is where I’ve been hovering for the last 12-18 months.

Starting weight (18 Jan): 89.4kg
End of week 1 (22 Jan): 88.6kg
End of week 2 (30 Jan): 88.8kg
End of week 3 (6 Feb): 88.5kg
End of week 4 (13 Feb): 87kg (finally a tangible loss!)
End of week 5 (20 Feb):… tbc


Heres mine, started at 13 stone or 182.8lbs

After 1 week, 178.2lbs, 12.11 stone
After 2 weeks, 175.6lbs, 12.54 stone
After 3 weeks 175lbs, 12.5 stone

I think the third week might just be the weight loss plateau as the user above also noticed. Been tracking a few days since then and its still slowly going down (174.2lbs today for instance)

I may have also put a bit of muscle on as i’m supplementing lots of protein and doing the odd workout session (not much, mainly basic cardio)

I’m hitting about 1200 calories a day. That breaks down to 175g of protein (aiming for one gram per pound of body weight) which is supplements with GN’s 97% Diet Whey, so as to get the most protein per calorie as i’m cutting - and the rest are Huel macros, 28g of fat, 8 sats, 83g carbs, 1.4g sugar.

Sorry, didnt update last week.

11/1 - 67.7kg
18/1 - 66.8kg
25/1 - 66.2
01/02 - 65.5kg

Slow, but steady loss, which I guess is a good thing. I have managed to get tendonitis in my achilies tendon from running, so have had to stop that for 5 to 6 weeks, whis is a knock. Have been upping my cyling to around 150-175km at the weekends though, and using the indoor rollers 2 or three nights a week.

Today I’m 13kg down in 93 days, on about 2/3 Huel more or less for all of that time.

I’m female, 50 and 5’9" and trying to lose a large lump of weight.

I started at 113kg, now at 100kg, so just over 2 stones, 4.25BMI points in 3 months. I’ll take that.
I can also now hold the ‘plank’ position for 3 minutes - it was a push to get to 20 seconds when I started. Given I’ve always had stereotypical female pattern upper body strength (aka ‘almost none’) this too is huge.

Next goal is to see 95kg. I’m not doing large goals here, slow and steady.


Wow Stef, that’s very impressive. Amazing work, keep it up to become the best yourself :)))

Thank you! I’m enjoying the journey so far.

Oh - and I’m only having the standard, vanilla, Huel. I’ve not bothered with any other flavourings etc and that’s working fine for me. I did try a sample of the unflavoured. I’m glad I tried it but I don’t think I’ll be repeating that experiment.

Hey. How are you getting on?


How are you getting on with things?

Well done Stef! You’re an inspiration.

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You’re doing well Bobby! What are indoor rollers?

Week 4, 173 pounds. Haven’t really got the time or inclination to work out, so just throw in one strength session a week, the rest of my mobility is just from my day to day work. Aim to get down to 145 pounds, at this rate, if I throw in a little more exercise I could be there by the start of summer.

11/1 - 67.7kg
18/1 - 66.8kg
25/1 - 66.2
01/02 - 65.5kg
08/02 - 64.3kg.

Steady progress seems to be continuing, so should be able to hit my 60kg by April target if i can keep it up. Looking forward to breaking the 64kg mark, as that will be the lightest i’ve been in my adult life. (as far as a i can remember, anyway!)