Weight loss starts now

I have been using Huel on and off now for around a year. I started off just replacing breakfast, then lunch.

All the time the main goal is to lose weight/fat which hasn’t really happened to be honest. On 2 x 100g shakes per day I was very hungry by 4 or 5 o’clock and would end up snacking before ( And sometimes after)the evening meal.

The other downfall in my diet is Beer, its quite common for me to have a few on a friday ( 4 or 5 pints) Few Saturday evening and again occasional Sundays.

Time for a change and Huel is going to be a big part of this for me. I’m 5ft 9 and this morning weighed in at 14 stone 12.

The new plan is 3x 100g portions of Huel, 1 around 8/9am 1 around 12/1pm and 1 around 4pm and then an evening meal. I have been doing this occasionally for the past week or so and am nowhere near as hungry in the evenings.

I’m using Myfitness pal to track calories and I’m aiming for under 2000 calories per day.

I have a fairly active job, but am now going to increase walking and eventually get back into jogging.

I’m going to keep updating this thread with how things are going, I will still be having occasional meals out ,odd takeaway and a few beers but will be reducing these and trying to make wiser choices where possible,

Goal wise I’d love to lose around 30lbs.

Wish me luck…

Monday 24/1 14 stone 12
Friday 27/1 14 stone 11
Monday 30/1 14 stone 11.5
Thursday 2/2 14 Stone 9
Friday 10/2 14 Stone 8
Friday 17/2 14 Stone 7
Friday 24/2 14 Stone 6.8
Monday 27/2 14 Stone 9
Wednesday 1/3 14 Stone 8


All the best. Thanks for sharing with us. Sounds like you have some great motivation there. Cutting down on the alcohol will help so much too. If you have any specific questions then let us know!

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Tuesday 24th January.

Breakfast 100g Huel
Lunch 100g Huel
Snack handful of dry roasted peanuts.

Dinner - Was never going to be great as had been arranged for months to go for a curry for a friend’s Birthday, I had Tandoori Mixed Grill , and half a plain naan and 4 beers.

Today I’m going to do 4 x 100g Huel to try and make up a little for last night.

Steps wise was 9,000 and according to MFP I was 400 calories over my daily goal once their calculation for Fitbit had been applied. I also went on larger estimates when inputting foods.

Busy day ahead today, so steps should easily be in 13,000 +


Today went pretty well,

Breakfast 100g Huel

Lunch 100g Huel

Snack 40g Dry roasted peanuts

Dinner 100g Huel.

Ended up doing 10,000 steps, less than I thought due to one job being cancelled.

MFP says food is 1550 calories for the day.

Planning on a similar day tomorrow, looking forward to weighing in on Friday.

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Thursday 26th Jan.

Today’s foods have been-

Breakfast 100g Huel

Lunch 100g Huel,

Snack 25g Peanuts
100g Huel

Dinner equated to 602 calories according to MFP

Total calories for the day 1950.

Steps fairly low as spent half the day at home catching up with paperwork, currently at 6,000 , possibly be 7,000 by bedtime.

I’ll update tomorrow as I’m going to be weighing in each Monday and Friday.

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Bed time now and no post meal snacking, also left around 1 third of my Huel from my snack.

Wish me luck for the weigh in tomorrow, will be happy with a pound or two, especially after Tuesdays Indian meal and few beers.

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Just Weighed in, 14 stone 11. Happy enough with that considering the meal out earlier this week.

Tonight we have dinner round friends, I’ll drive so there will get no booze, but I know our host is fond of home made deserts!

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Keep going dude!

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Friday 27th Diet was

Breakfast 100g Huel

Lunch 100g Huel

Snack 100g Huel.

Dinner meal round friends, chicken wrapped in bacon bbq sauce, small amount of roasted potato and carrots and veg

Apple pie and custard.

MFP calculates this to Approx 3000 calories,

I did 13,000 steps and MFP says I’m still negative 1000 calories which I find hard to believe

Now to be good over weekend

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I find that 1 scoop of Huel with my morning/lunchtime shakes is enough to keep me going until dinner time where I pretty much eat what I want within reason! Have you had a crack at lowering your Huel amounts gradually to see if you can say full for just long enough to get you through to your next meal?

My target intake is 1.5k calories per day, and I’m finding that pretty easy with 2 x 38g shakes per day. I’m just about full until lunch then dinner. I’m hungry, but when I need to be if that makes sense! That said, my job doesn’t involve much moving around and I don’t really do much in the way of exercise at the minute bar the odd game of 5 a side! Averaging about 7k steps per day recently. Having previously been playing 2 football matches per week + 3 training sessions and stopped in the last couple of years, I’m enjoying the fact I have more spare time and less trips to the gym… I’d much rather eat less and exercise less these days than eat more and have to compensate with exercise. Far easier for me to eat 500 calories less than it is to burn 500 calories every day!

I like you enjoy a beer at the weekend so it’s tough to stick to 1.5k. On my 18th day in a row under 1.5k calories currently, but with a few trips to various sporting events over the next few months, I think I’m going to surrender the streak at some point!


Yesterday was a no Huel day, wasn’t planned that way, just worked out.

Breakfast was a concoction the wife put together,
Basically scrambled egg in a muffin tin with spinach sausage and a bit of cheese.

Lunch was 2 slices of wholegrain toast with Jam and a Natural protein bar.

Dinner - we went out to a local restaurant, I had medalions of beef fillet with chips, and 1 and a half beers.

MFP calculated it to 2600 calories (I over estimate all calories inputted)

I did 13,000 steps. MFP puts me in a calorie deficit of 670 calories

To be honest I imagine I’d be starving on such small shakes. Some days when I do 100% Huel, my fourth 100g shake I only have half of.

Also with your calories so low and using Huel I wouldn’t have thought youd be getting near your recommended nutrient amounts.

No, won’t be getting the full amount of everything which is why I’d like a reduced carb version! But I do take supplements and have varied evening meals which is far healthier than what I was doing before!

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Today has been-

100g Huel for breakfast
100g Huel for lunch

My wife is now cooking roast pork chops, with roasthe potato and veg.

That should complete my day, will try and work out calories using MFP, step wise will only be around 5,000 .

Will be weighing in tomorrow, the plan from now on is to weigh Monday and Friday.

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Monday 30th January,

Just weighed in 14 stone 11.5

Happy with that considering I’ve had a couple of meals out. This week I’m going to try and cut down slightly on my third shake.

Will update today’s foods later.

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Good luck, keep us posted

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Monday 30th January has gone as follows

Breakfast 100g Huel

Lunch 100g Huel

Snack Half of my 100g Huel
3 Bourbon Biscuits

Dinner Lasagne ready meal with Garlic Bread.

Total calories for the day 1850

Steps at 12,000 currently

MFP gives calorie deficit at 2300 remaining!
I need to look into this as it seems massive.

MFP is linked to my fitbit so it gives me my daily calories allowance 1870, and then adds calories that Fitbit shows I’ve burnt throughout the day.

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Today has been good food wise.

Breakfast was half of my 100g Huel (remainder from yesterday afternoon.

Lunch 100g Huel

Dinner 100g Huel

Snack Natural protein peanut bar
1/2 a banana muffin made by customer .

MFP gives me total calories of 1450

Steps 13,000

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Wednesday February 1st

Breakfast 100g Huel

Lunch 100g Huel

Snack 100g Huel

Dinner (Naughty) Pizza Express oven pizza

TotAl calories 1995

Currently on 9000 steps, hopefully go for a walk later if it stops rating so heavy.

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Did the 2 mile walk which in turn stopped me trying to snack on anything else too :slight_smile:

Tomorrow is my wife’s Birthday so out for a meal at night, hopefully she won’t choose Chinese as that is probably the worst for a sensible choice, especially when they do set menu deals etc.

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