My 2 months Huel diet plan - want to join me?

Hi Huelers. I’ve never had any kind of a log, except occasionally using fitness apps. But there are no forums there and no support, something I really need. So here we go. If you’d like to join me, feel free to post your progress here too and we can support each other! If not, I’ll just keep logging my entries regardless.

So far, I used SlimFast shakes for a week starting two weeks ago, while waiting for my Huel order to arrive.

My weight 2 wks ago: 67.2kg
Goal : 62kg

On SlimFast, my weight went down to 66kg. Started Huel last Monday, and by Wednesday it was 65.1kg! I was pretty happy about that, but then on Wednesday and Thursday evenings I had work events that involved food and drink, so couldn’t do Huel… Then Friday was a date night with my husband, so no Huel again, and the weekend was off Huel as well. Result: not so great tbh. Weight today is 67kg. Again. Hence I’m starting this log to be more disciplined… Back to square 1. Hopefully with some help /support from other Huelers I’ll get there.

So, starting to log my progress from today.

Day 1: 67kg
Morning : 2 scoops of coffee Huel with unsweetened almond milk. Yum.

To come today:

11am: an espresso

Lunch : 2 scoops of berry Huel with unsweetened soya milk.

Afternoon snack : a banana.

Dinner : so that’s gonna be another tough one as it’s a work dinner, a high profile event, with three courses and alcohol. I’m so fed up that my weight just jumps back up as soon as I eat normal food… So I’ll try to just eat a quarter of what’s served, maybe that’ll help. And no alcohol.

Good luck to everyone, and good luck to me!


Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Emoskv, I’ll join you! I’m new to huel today, and intend to replace lunch & breakfast with huel (3 scoops) & then eat a healthy dinner. I want to lose weight but have fallen into disordered eating before so I want to do it slowly and sustainably. I’m just sipping lunch now, and I think it’s growing on me! I like the full feeling after a huel.good luck to us!

Todays weight: 71kg


Hi @Emoskv Ill join you too. Ive started (restarted) my thread too but ill try and pop over to this to also update you all. Feel free to add to mine also :slight_smile: New user to Huel- Weightloss

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Hiya. Day 2 of Huel.

So, yesterday evening I was at a work dinner event, but: I literally had just a sip of wine and didn’t have any dessert. Hooray!

This morning, weight: 66.4kg. Not too bad.

Breakfast : coffee huel, 2 scoops with unsweetened soya milk.

Snack : a mandarin.

Lunch: I was at an event again with food, so had some fish dish, not quite sure what it was.

Snack: a plum and a mandarin. And a tiny piece of flapjack.

Dinner: berry huel with soya milk and some fresh blueberries thrown in. Yummmm.

There were drinks at the event, but again, I just had a sip of beer. Yay!

Tomorrow, the plan is Huel only.

How’s everyone else doing?

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Hi! I’ve just posted about my progress. How’s your diet going?

Hiya! Nice to meet you! How has it been for you today? I’ve just posted about my progress…

Hey @Emoskv! Well done for resisting temptation!

I have mixed feelings about how days 1 &2 went.

Yesterday I had breakfast & lunch huel and a healthy dinner and good night’s sleep, and this morning my weight was exactly the same!

Today I intended to have huel for breakfast and lunch, but ended up skipping breakfast due to having no opportunity to drink huel at work first thing. By 5pm I had just had one portion of huel, but felt fine on it all day (even though I never miss a meal usually!) Since getting home I have grazed on healthy foods, and probably met my calorie limit for the day.

On the whole I’m glad I have eaten good stuff today, and discovered that intermittent fasting might be an option for me. But i also won’t be surprised if my weight is the same again tomorrow morning die to snacking tonight. We’ll see, I’d really like a confidence boost from the scale!



This is utterly absurd, like something you’d read on a Slimming World forum. We’ll stamp this out right now. You seem to be chasing instant gratification, which is simply not going to happen.

You’re not going to lose fat in two days. You’re likely not even going to lose weight. Bowel content, digestive tract content and bodily water content all play a part.

Weigh in at the exact same time every day and record. Ideally after waking up and emptying your bowel/bladder, but before consuming anything.

Once you have your caloric intake right and you reside in a deficit, you’ll likely see your weight drop a couple of pounds. Your muscles will drop their glycogen stores and you’ll lose some water weight. This is not fat loss.
A loose (very loose) rule of thumb is that for every 3500 calories burned over what you’ve consumed (500 calorie deficit per day, for a week) you’ll lose 1lb of fat. I guess that’s the easiest way to convey how much of a long battle this process is.

Fat loss takes consistency, discipline and hard work. Huel alone won’t lower your bodyfat, it’s just food. You’ll need to understand your energy requirements and energy expenditure first and eat accordingly.


I do know how weight loss works, but thanks for spelling it out.

I’m not here looking to have things i have chosen to share ‘stamped out’ by you, just sharing my experiences so far!

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Well okay, good luck.

With all due respect, I’m not entirely sure you do understand if you’re expecting a loss after two days, but hey ho.

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I’ll be happy to join to.
I’m 22, student, female, 63 kg. Using Huel without consistency for last month.

My plan is to eat 1200 kcal worth of Huel everyday and have one cheat day every Sunday, that will consist of 400kcal Huel in the morning and some random stuff that won’t exceed total 1200 kcal.

My goal weight is 52kg, I fully understand that it will take long, long time. But I will be happy with being under 60 for starters.

Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

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Great progress @Emoskv and well done on no alcohol!!

My progress for 08/10/18:
Current Weight : 14st 3lbs- ish-(loss of 1lb) i dont have a digital scale so im going by what i saw on my doctor style scale :slight_smile:

Food intake 08/10/18:
Breakfast: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel- I know its not for everyone but love this flavour :slight_smile:
Lunch: Quinoa & Supergreen salad from M&S
Dinner: Sweet chilli stir fry- home made and 2 Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages
Snacks: about 200g of grapes

Calorie intake was 1082 cals- lower than my recommended 1173 however I didnt feel v hungry until bed time (v busy day yesterday) and didnt want to eat rubbish so held off until this morning for breakfast.

Steps: 8216- missed out on the 10k :anguished: need to get better at this!

Planning to go to the gym later but with 5 hours sleep I dont know if I will follow through :frowning:


Update on yesterday- 09/10/18:

Current Weight : 14st 2lbs (loss of 1lb again!) I know its water weight im loosing here so not expecting this to carry on for long

Food intake 09/10/18:
Breakfast: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Lunch: Quinoa & Supergreen salad from M&S (same as yesterday lol but today is Huel for lunch!!)
Dinner: Persian dish (Lubio Polo- basically green beans and rice) Had a small dish as i ate a couple of veggie kebabs (small) that my aunt made. I dont know the calories on these but I estimated in total for dinner 676 :/:anguished:
Snacks: about 200g of grapes and an apple

Calorie intake was 1426 cals- over my aim at 1173 but under 1673 so im happy :slight_smile:

Yesterday was a stressful day- at a course all day for work then brother drama! lol but I managed to stick to fruit for a snack.

Steps: 6848- was on my bum all day yesterday at work which didnt help the steps- plan to go for a walk today on lunch!

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Hi @loo89, thanks for sharing your experiences. I think you’re doing everything correctly and with me it was the same, it usually takes a few days for the scales to start showing some weight loss.

I’ll detail my progress below… Thanks for your suppoet!

Hi and thanks for joining, welcome! I like your plan a lot, I also have cheat days, both Saturdays and Sundays, it’s tricky to be on shakes when I’m out and about with my family. Wishing you all the best with your diet!! Please let me know how it goes, and I’ll try to report back daily or every two days… Good luck!

Hey @Watsername, thanks for sharing your progress! I love vanilla Huel too. And I got taste boosters from Huel, powders of various flavours like coconut and toffee and many more, they really add variety!

I’m not doing much exercise at the moment myself as just like you, not getting enough sleep and working all day… But my plan is to go back to my rock climbing gym from next week!

Hello! So, yesterday was a good day, Huel-wise.

Weight: 66.4kg
Breakfast : vanilla Huel, 2 scoops, with unsweetened almond milk
Lunch: coffee Huel with chocolate taste boosting powder from Huel, yummmmm!
Snacks: 2 bananas, 1 espresso, 1 cappuccino with oat milk
Dinner: some meat and a spoon of plain pasta, and some coconut yoghurt with bits of chocolate.

Observations: for the first time in months, I actually wasn’t tired in the evening! I even stayed up till 11:30pm and worked on my laptop. Usually I go to bed at 10pm at the latest, and I’m exhausted. So I was really happy about that. I’ve got IBS and Huel is really helping me to eliminate dairy, which I think is to blame for my regular bloating and fatigue. And yesterday was just awesome in that respect!


Weight: 65.8kg

Breakfast : Coffee Huel with almond milk and coconut and pineapple taste booster

Let’s see how the day goes!!

Good luck, everyone! And good luck to me :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tried the boosters with the vanilla Huel @Emoskv (yet) I wasnt the biggest fan of them but that was with the u/u Huel.

Yeah progress isnt too bad- no loss overnight - prob starting to even out now.

Had Huel 2x2 scoop shakes- one for breakfast and lunch.

I know what you mean about not being as tired- Im much more awake these days and considering im running off 5.5 hours sleep again- i dont feel too bad :slight_smile:

@Emoskv & @Watsername great to hear that you are doing well and enjoying huel!

Me too, actually. I have to admit when I had my first drink I was worried that I didn’t like it and would really miss food, but it’s grown on me loads! I’m sticking with 1 huel 3 scoops and a solid dinner and any snacks I need (although not feeling too hungry) and I feel like I have settled into a good habit after only 4 days :grin:. Best of all I just feel like I can carry on, and weight loss will be possible and, dare I say it, easy! I hope you are feeling this too.

I’ve lost 2lb so far, which was the water weight loss I was looking for to give me confidence that I’m doing it right :grin: hopefully soon it will be fat loss. I feel I’m creating a calorie deficit anyway.

That’s great that you two are feeling less tired in an evening, I haven’t particularly noticed that benefit yet, maybe because I do most of my eating in the evening. Similarly I don’t think I’ll huel at the weekend as I’ll eat with my partner.

I admit I’ve been dreading people at work noticing that I’m drinking my lunch, and having to explain it all to them. I don’t really even like telling people that I’m trying to lose weight, not sure why - maybe I don’t want to lose face. I’ve been sippingv huel from a ceramic takeaway coffee-cup syle cup. Are either of you feeling this, or just out and proud with your huel?

Keep up the good vibes!