My 2 months Huel diet plan - want to join me?

@loo89 so glad you got that weight loss :slight_smile: it just took a little longer and both came off at once lol

Yeah I am adjusting to the Huel for breakfast well- I think its the lunch one thats taken a little more adjusting. To be fair though this is only my second day having it for lunch- yesterday I was so hungry though at 4- the satsuma sufficed thankfully!!

No, im shy about talking about Huel too- you get that disapproving look like- really- meal replacement etc etc mostly from family though who think they know better lol

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I am not too keen to explain why I’m drinking my lunch either, but at the same time I don’t really hide it as such - I put my Huel bottle in the fridge in the morning and then usually go out for lunch into a nearby park. So I don’t sit at my desk drinking it, I guess that helps!

I think I wouldn’t be able to do it with only one Huel a day though, even with 3 scoops… I’m having 2 Huels with 2 scoops each time, morning and lunch, and snacks in between. So far, so good! Well, today I’m working from home so having probably too much chocolate as a parcel from relatives arrived with some chocolate, hehe, so it’s hard not to! :smiley: so I’ll probably have my 3rd Huel for dinner tonight because of that!

Update from yesterday:

Current Weight : 14st 1lbs (1lb loss)

Food intake 11/10/18:
Breakfast: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Lunch: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Dinner: Omelette with a side salad and avocado
Snacks: Pumpkin spiced latte with skimmed milk

Calorie intake was 1151 cals and exercise was 9599 steps- raging i missed out on the 10k :frowning:

@Emoskv Im the same- i couldnt handle 1 shake- def need 2 :slight_smile:

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Mmmm pumpkin spiced latte - sounds delicious!!

My system is very similar to yours, also 2 scoops of Huel twice a day, plus snacks and dinner. :grinning:

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Hi guys. So my weight is still below 65kg, which is great for me.

Yesterday I probably had too many chocolates but no coffees or anything, and Huel twice plus some food in the evening.

This morning, my weight is 65.6kg

Hope it stays below 65 over the weekend!

Hi, fellow Huelers. So I’m a bit bummed and need your advice and support. It’s now been 3 weeks I’m creating calorie deficit 5 days a week, having any 1000 cal a day - usually by having Huel with two scoops morning and lunch and a really light dinner or also Huel in the evening, plus a couple of healthy snacks. And then I eat normally over the weekend. I don’t overeat or anything - this Sat I had Huel in the morning actually, then salad for lunch and some avocado with cheese and a piece of bread in the evening, and some wine. On Sunday maybe more calories as we went to the movies with my son and had those stupid nachos they have there… But still, I can’t only be on Huel forever!!

My original weight when I started 3 weeks ago was 67.2kg. Every Friday, it gets down to 65.2 or thereabouts, weighing myself first thing in the morning, always the same way. And after the weekend, like now yet again after 3 weeks of this, we are back to 67.1kg!! Wth??

Now I realise that I can’t shed two kilos in a week and I thought that the first week must if not all loss was due to water weight. But surely after 3 weeks of intermittent fasting there should be at least some progress???

Any views welcome, or I’m ready to give up tbh…

Hi @Emoskv,

I think the answer is written in your question above.

If you tracked your weekend eating using My Fitness Pal, I think you might be surprised by the number of calories you’ve had. Avocado, salad dressing (?), cheese, nachos (more cheese), wine, bread, etc are all fairly calorific.

If you’re not already using MFP to track your calories, it may be worth a go, even in the short term. It will help to monitor calorie levels and inform your future decisions (e.g. go for the popcorn instead of the nachos next time).

Either way, try not to let a plateau in weight get you down. It will happen. Small losses will be the way it comes off after the initial water weight drop.

Keep the faith and stay positive. :muscle:t3:


@Emoskv I agree with @MarkyT - try downloading My fitness Pal- it honestly is very good at helping you keep track. 1/2 of a medium avocado is like125 cals. Wine is also fairly calorific- pretty sure alcohol makes you retain water? could be wrong.

I will update later on my progress at the weekend but so chuffed i managed to stay within my cal range :slight_smile:

Intermittent fasting does not cause weight loss. Caloric deficit does.

IF just makes dealing with a caloric deficit easier for some people by hard coding a barrier into their mind telling them they can’t eat the cakes at work because they’re not in their feast period.

Alcohol will dehydrate the body rather than hydrate it, that’s what causes hangover. Usually after a heavy night out where I forget my two pints of water before bed I’ll weigh in around 2KG lighter than the day before.

Otherwise you’re right, wine is awful in terms of nutrition and calories.

@GTIPuG so you mean the thing to do is to get drunk the night before a weigh in? :joy: lol if only


Hahaha, that’s one option :wink:

Works in reverse for salt - For a fat club competition I took part in a couple of years ago I had to weigh in as heavy as possible. Went to Ikea the day before, ate 30 meatballs and then drank a few pints of water over the course of the evening. Weighed in a good couple of kilos heavier than my actual bodily mass. :slight_smile:

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@GTIPuG well at least it worked!! Cant say ive heard of a fat club comp before lol

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So, ok. Intermittent fasting clearly doesn’t work for me in terms of weight loss. So I’m changing my strategy then. For a month, starting today, it’ll be Huel only all week including weekends. And from tomorrow I’m finally going back to my rock climbing gym. Oh yeah.

And I think I’ll try drinking Huel more than 3 times a day, that is, instead of putting 2 scoops into 400ml of unsweetened almond milk like I usually do, I’ll just put one scoop at a time and have, say, 5 scoops a day in total. One scoop is about 150kcal, so 5 will be 750kcal, and I’ll mix almond milk with water to in total get to about 850kcal a day. Let’s see how it goes.

Day 1 today. Weight : 67kg.

Good luck to me!!

@Emoskv that seems very low calorie wise? What is your recommended calorie intake?

Good luck, but only 1000kcal a day seems very low - unless you’re only about 5 foot tall and very inactive. I know it wouldn’t be sustainable for me, but we’re all different. Fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

I’d cross my fingers too, but on only 1000 calories today I am too weak…or a fortnight in old money.


LOL Return to form :rofl:

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