New user to Huel- Weightloss

Hi Guys

Just wanted to say a quick hello to all of you. I have just started taking Huel last Thursday 05/07/18. I have been on this Forum daily reading all of your advice and all of your weight loss diaries. I love reading all about these and it has really helped in preparing me for my journey.
For all first time users thinking of starting Huel, I just wanted to share my initial concerns in order to see if anyone can relate but also to help someone if needed. Usually i’m quite a reluctant person to share and don’t talk about weight etc but thought why not. All your posts have helped me and its nice to feel part of something- at least for my own accountability. So on with initial concerns:

  1. The dreaded talk about stomach issues and wind. Thankfully I can say that I have not experienced any of this so far, in fact my stomach seems more settled. I started on Thurs- Sun with replacing breakfast only. Using the Calorie Calculator and my own preference I have opted to have 2 x scoops for Breakfast and since Monday 9th have 2 x scoops for lunch also. I then have a healthy dinner in the evening. Just in case however I have some Senocalm and Immodium instants in my bag. I am an organiser- I like to be prepared. Especially if you’re staying at your new Boyfriends and the thought of what may happen is terrifying!!!

  2. The taste- I was really dreading the taste as I hate porridge- like I mean- I actually gag at that awful stuff lol Surprisingly, I really like the taste of Huel. I have only tried the new Vanilla- love it- or the unflavoured and unsweetened (with flavour pack). I tried blending the unflavoured with fruit yesterday and nothing else- gross- big mistake. Had to add chocolate and I tell you- that flavour combo is not good at all. Lol live and learn

  3. Feeling full- so at 5ft 2in and 89 kg (14 Stone), I think its safe to say I like my food. Im a pretty lazy cook and I do comfort eat. I’m hoping Huel can help me manage this. When I got married 4 years ago I managed to loose about 5 stone. I wasn’t able to keep it off in the long term and gained 2 stone back. I’m hoping to loose this two stone (mini goal) and see how I progress once I hit 12 stone. The last year has been pretty tough getting back into it- from divorce to family health-its been a real treat- but with Huel i’m finding although I am hungry, its a more manageable hunger. This is filling me up a lot more that my healthy breakfast or lunch would have. Now it could be my mindset etc and this may wear off, but, so far i’m finding this pretty good. If I got to a point previously that I was really hungry I often ‘bonked’ as my BF calls it. I got pretty shaky which i’m sure is due to low sugar maybe- i don’t know. I don’t have diabetes or anything- I am in normal health thankfully. Now though, I haven’t experienced that so far. Fingers crossed.
    So far since starting healthy eating (started on 02/07/18, before Huel arrived) I have lost 5 pounds. I know this isn’t a healthy loss but I am sure its water weight and will even out this week.

So far then I think its safe to say that I am really enjoying Huel and I am loving the motivation from this forum. If anyone is like me and enjoys progress reports then let me know and I can add to this.

N.B I also plan on being a lot more active- I have been doing a lot of walking and plan to go to the Gym/Swimming 3-4 times per week schedule permitting.

Talk soon :slight_smile:


Hi all- so thought id give an update on my progress since starting Huel back in July. Since posting I have been on 2 holidays and therefore have gained 4lbs back- could be worse I suppose since I had 1 week in Gran Canaria and 2 weeks in Cuba. I am back 1 week now from Cuba and am starting my Huel journey all over again hoping to get back on track.

I will post on this regularly (hopefully daily/weekly) to hold myself accountable but also to see my progress. So starting off again:

Weight: 14 stone 4 lbs :frowning: mini goal is to get to 12 stone 4lbs as this gets me out of the ‘obese’ category. I would like to get into a healthy weight range for my height however so 9 stone 7lbs would be my long term goal.

My recommended calorie intake is 1673 (to loose 1lb per week) or 1173 (to loose 2lb per week). I’m the kind of person who needs to lose weight fast and gives up after a couple of weeks if I haven’t had much progress or I binge on all the crappy food I can find. I’m hoping to change this and in order to change I need to be consistent. Ill be honest about my eating and update as much as possible.

I’m not usually too bad during the day, its the nights when i’m home alone and bored that I usually binge. I am aiming to loose 2lb a week however I will not be obsessive about this as that is were I run into trouble. I restrict myself to excess and then I cave and eat all the rubbish I can find.
As mentioned in my earlier post, I hope to exercise at least 2 times per week - setting myself this goal of 2 times as again- I go to extremes normally when dieting and never stick to it.

I will be tracking my calorie intake using my fitness pal and track my exercise/steps using my fit bit.

At the moment I am not sleeping well and my energy levels are terrible. Im hoping to get motivated again and basically take control of my life.

Ill not say fingers crossed this time I stick to it- Ill say look forward to updating these posts :slight_smile:

I will weigh in weekly and post regular reports as and when I can

As a newbie please say hello and send me over any tips when it comes to weight loss- also feel free to send any ‘simple’ vegetarian dinner tips - dinners are were I struggle as I hate cooking

Thanks for reading!


Good luck @Watsername. I’ll be checking in to see how you’re progressing. I’m sure you’ll smash your goals.

Far be it for me to tell you what to do (I am no expert, believe me!), but losing the weight at a rate of 2lbs p/w might not be sustainable and may cause you to feel the hunger pangs more so than doing so at 1lb p/w. Those hunger pangs could see you reach for the crap food more readily too, so it could have a negative effect. Doing things slowly, but surely at 1lb p/w is the suggested and healthy rate. It will mean that you’ll have to be very patient, as despite the early drop in weight (ie water weight), it’s very likely you’ll level off and see slow progress.

Don’t let this deter you though. Half the battle is starting a journey like this (I start mine shortly) and setting yourself sensible and achievable targets (both of which, you have nailed).

Go forth! :muscle:t3:

Thanks @MarkyT I appreciate your response. Yeah id love to lose my 5st :open_mouth: in month :smile: but I know thats unrealistic. I think Im going to aim for 2lb per week but i’m not going to be so strict- if i’m craving something I will have it (or an alternative healthy version) as long as its within the 1673 limit.

Weight gained over time so therefore weight loss needs to be over time- thats what I need to remember and remain consistent. I know thats were I went wrong so many times before.

I meant to say also I will be having 1 x 2 scoop shake for breakfast and a healthy lunch and dinner. Then in a few days (for adjustment) I will go to having 2 x 2 scoop shake for breakfast and lunch with a healthy dinner.

Im interested to see if I can manage 100% huel for a week but thats not going to be anytime soon. I want to focus on my food intake and exercise for the next month at least.

Got to hold on to that feeling of motivation and look at why Im doing this- when I lost 5 stone years ago I gained a huge amount of confidence and I cant wait to feel that again :blush:

I shall go forth and own it :smiley: good luck with your journey- cant wait to hear about that!

The psychological benefit of feeling and looking good should not be underestimated and that should rightly be one of your biggest drivers for losing weight. That buzz is the good stuff.

Thank you kindly. I am going from 0% to 100%, so it will be interesting to say the least, but I can’t wait to get cracking. Whoop.

@MarkyT yeah I just felt incredible and powerful when I lost weight and exercised daily. I loved the feeling of feeling motivated etc (I mean I had days that I didnt want to move LOL) but I need to hold onto that!! It wasnt so much of how I looked but I was proud of myself and happy with being able to wear what I liked.

100% Huel right away- good luck - we can do anything we set our minds too.

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Hey All

Update on yesterday- 08/10/18:

Current Weight: 14st 3lbs- ish-(loss of 1lb) i dont have a digital scale so im going by what i saw on my doctor style scale :slight_smile:

Food intake 08/10/18:
Breakfast: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel- I know its not for everyone but love this flavour :slight_smile:
Lunch: Quinoa & Supergreen salad from M&S
Dinner: Sweet chilli stir fry- home made and 2 Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages
Snacks: about 200g of grapes

Calorie intake was 1082 cals- lower than my recommended 1173 however I didnt feel v hungry until bed time (v busy day yesterday) and didnt want to eat rubbish so held off until this morning for breakfast.

Steps: 8216- missed out on the 10k :anguished: need to get better at this!

Planning to go to the gym later but with 5 hours sleep I dont know if I will follow through :frowning:

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Update on yesterday- 09/10/18:

Current Weight : 14st 2lbs (loss of 1lb again!) I know its water weight im loosing here so not expecting this to carry on for long

Food intake 09/10/18:
Breakfast: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Lunch: Quinoa & Supergreen salad from M&S (same as yesterday lol but today is Huel for lunch!!)
Dinner: Persian dish (Lubio Polo- basically green beans and rice) Had a small dish as i ate a couple of veggie kebabs (small) that my aunt made. I dont know the calories on these but I estimated in total for dinner 676 :/:anguished:
Snacks: about 200g of grapes and an apple

Calorie intake was 1426 cals- over my aim at 1173 but under 1673 so im happy :slight_smile:

Yesterday was a stressful day- at a course all day for work then brother drama! lol but I managed to stick to fruit for a snack.

Steps: 6848- was on my bum all day yesterday at work which didnt help the steps- plan to go for a walk today on lunch!

Should also note that my stomach has calmed down a lot- not having the terrible ‘Huel effect’ thankfully lol Huel seems to help my stomach as normally its going mental with the rubbish I eat :smiley:

Yesterday- 10/10/18
Current Weight : 14st 2lbs (same as yesterday)

Food intake
Breakfast: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Lunch: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Dinner: Basmati rice (1 cupish) vegetarian fajitas (no wraps)
Snacks: 1 satsuma

Calorie intake was under 1200

Yesterday I was pretty hungry but I wanted to hold out until dinner- after dinner I was satisfied all night and didnt need anything further

Steps: 6255- want to get into a better routine - moving at the weekend to my bfs house so hoping from next week or the week after I can get into a better routine!

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Update from yesterday:

Current Weight : 14st 1lbs (1lb loss)

Food intake 11/10/18:
Breakfast: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Lunch: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Dinner: Omelette with a side salad and avocado
Snacks: Pumpkin spiced latte with skimmed milk

Calorie intake was 1151 cals and exercise was 9599 steps- raging i missed out on the 10k :frowning:

This lack of sleep is killing me- I woke up today and could barely open my eyes :confused:

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Current Weight : 14st (loss of 1lb again)

Food intake 12/10/18:
Breakfast: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Lunch: 1 x 2 scoop new vanilla Huel
Dinner: Persian dish with spinach and quorn pieces, basmati rice
Snacks: Fibre one bar

Calories in was 1157 and steps was 5547 (not too bad as i was working from home and normally lucky if i get 2k lol)

Current Weight : not sure- didnt take my scales when I moved out- will post an update tomorrow morning!!

Food intake 13/10/18: this is my ‘relaxed day’
Breakfast: none
Lunch: Beetroot and Feta wrap from M&S
Dinner: 1/2 Vegetable black bean and 1/2 boiled rice (with some chips)
Snacks: 2 beers and a small packet of Hunky Dorys buffalo

Calories in 1253 and steps 13526 (moved in with BF and went to Ikea- was wrecked by the end of the night lol)

Food intake 14/10/18:
Brunch: 3 eggs and 1/2 an avocado with sirracha sauce
Dinner: vegetarian kebab meat in wholemeal pitta with tefal chips and kebab sauce (so good!!)
Snacks: 1 beer

Calories in was 1065- not sure if this is completely accurate tho its what MFP says so ill go with that- wouldnt be much more than that anyway- and steps was 6388

Morning all

Current Weight : 13st 13lb (loss of 6lb total)

Food intake since 14/10/18 has been all within my recommended calorie intake

Been a stressful couple of days due to the move and I may have had a sneaky beer here and there but all within my allowance

Glad to see the scales moving consistently (I know it wont be 6lb every week) but it has been a while since i saw under 14st and im elated :slight_smile:


Awesome. Well done! Keep it up.

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