Huel Newbie - My first post & experience up to now


I’m quite new to Huel too! I got my first delivery last friday and I’m enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

Today is the first day I’ve used the unflavoured and unsweetened version and it’s nowhere near as bad as i imagined lol - I have added the Pineapple and Coconut flavour to it and its pretty nice but in future I think I will add a bit more of the flavour. Up to now I’ve been having the vanilla with the banana flavour but I have noticed its starting to taste sweeter and sweeter so I think I will stick with the UFUS version for a while. This also goes for cravings too - I’ve not even considered sweets/chocolate this week or even any ‘bad’ savoury snacks which is amazing!

I’m Hueling because I am getting married in July and I want to lose some weight and feel good (I have a dairy allergy too). All other means of weight loss for me have been hell so I’m amazed that Huel is so sustainable. I have had previous experience of the Paleo diet and I felt great, Huel seems to give a similar feel. I can even see myself incorporating Huel to my lifestyle after said wedding as It saves me so much time and I actually like the taste plus its more filling than most of the meals I used to consume lol.

Current regime is :

2.5 scoops for breakfast and lunch, a small snack around 150 cals then a large clean meal for dinner. I am trying to build up to 3 scoops but I’m struggling at the moment.

I’m 5ft 5 and 67.58kg (I was 71kg pre Huel!).

My skin is also looking better than before too!

Do any of you guys have weight loss stories to share?

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