My Experience of Huel

It started on a idle Sunday evening and it popped up on Facebook - read through and decided that it sounded brilliant and that I’d give it a whirl.

Background, I’m 29, 5ft 11” and was approx 90kg. I would say that I am athletic in build.

I’ve always been about 82kg to 85kg which was a reasonable weight, although probably too much. I went skiing recently and was shocked that I was 90kg, so decided for the first time in my life that I need to trim up.

I work reasonably long hours and was finding myself eating too much white bread and processed meat for convenience added to doing less in the gym etc. Like most people eating junk food is too easy, it fills you up , tastes nice and satisfies cravings with instant gratification.

I choose the 2.3v vanilla and personally I really like the taste.

I have chosen to replace breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack with Huel and still have an evening meal with the Mrs. For me, this approach is more sustainable long term and brings an element of normality to my diet & life.

I have 3-scoops for breakfast & lunch with 2-scoops at around 4pm for a snack, this hopefully leaves enough to have a reasonable meal for tea whilst loosing weight.

I tried adding coffee or bananas but it doesn’t need it, it’s really nice as it is.

As expected, it gave me bad wind and the sh1ts at first, though oddly, this was after eating my evening meal. This has settled down now though.

I like to blend it was lots of ice in a nutri bullet which makes short work of blending it.

Things I like, the taste, texture, how it fills me up in a balanced way, I notice that I’m not spiking & craving as much, the health benefits, the price, the ability to control your consumption and loose weight in a convinient way that’s balanced and not just a fad, I feel
leas bloated, I also like the strong seal on the bag - small things I know.

I’ve been doing it for about 2 weeks now, although had a weekend stag & blowout in between which didn’t help. So far I’ve lost about 1.5kg which I’m happy with.

It’s just how you tell people about it, they seem to laugh: baby milk, slim fast comments etc. but then, quietly text and ask the name so they can buy some too.

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Thanks so much for message Thomas. Great to hear that it’s been a great start for you and Huel, sounds like it won’t take you long to get back down to your desired weight. Great to hear you’re enjoying the flavour of our vanilla without any extras, it’ll blow your mind on the days you do ‘treat yourself’!

:point_up: This. I can so relate to this! Although I get the added perk of being asked for discount codes from people I haven’t spoken to in 5 years!

Keep us posted on how it’s all going. Great to have you on the team.