A Student's Experience of Huel

Hello everybody!

My Huel journey starts today and I would like to share it with you all.

I am 20 years old, 6ft and 238lbs. This is a turning point for me as it is the heaviest I have ever been - and ever wish to be!

I have decided to use Huel for three reasons:

  1. I don’t eat anywhere near healthily enough, finding it too easy to order food instead of cooking.

  2. The ease of counting calories with Huel should make weight loss ‘easy’. Not having to think about what I am consuming should eliminate the hard part of dieting.

  3. I like a challenge, and only consuming Huel seems like a big one! I am interested in whether Huel really does have a part to play in the future of food.

The aim is to replace all of my meals for this university term (12 weeks) with Huel. I will also be cutting out soft drinks. The aim is to lose weight during this process but the appealing part of Huel is that even if you don’t lose weight, at least your diet is a healthy one. The Huel blend is far healthier than anything I was consuming prior to this process and that in itself is a massive positive.

I am on day one now and have had one 3 scoop Huel so far. I am impressed with the way that it has taken the edge off my hunger and has stopped any cravings for snacks but it still leaves a desire for food - I’m not yet fulfilled. I hope that this feeling will diminish as I get used to being on Huel. Perhaps it will go away entirely when I have had the second and third Huel of the day (all three scoops).

The taste is something that I think I am going to have to get used to. The first half of my first Huel was nice, the second half didn’t sit so well with my tastebuds. I have some strawberry flavouring on the way and hope that this will solve some of these issues. I will also be experimenting with other ways of changing the flavour - adding fruit etc. I will report back on all of these trials.

The mental affects of using Huel are most important to me as I am currently at university. I aim to report back on how Huel is affecting my performance. I am expecting an increase in energy levels, as reported by other people. Even if this just means being able to get up a bit earlier in the morning, it will be enough for me.

When it comes to essays and exams, my consumption seems to increase. It will be hard not to snack whilst I’m working and I hope that the snacking isn’t providing the energy to work long hours. Hopefully, Huel will step in and provide all of the calories I need to put in a serious shift of mental work, as well as keep the energy levels up!

Throughout this process I will be monitoring my weight daily, my daily activity level and my sleep quality. I will be reporting back on all of these.

Hopefully this forum can be a place for me to keep myself honest. Thank you for reading the beginning of my journey and I would love to hear of your experiences with Huel and any tips that you may have.

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exact same position as me, except I’m a year younger, three inches taller and a stone heavier, fancy being huel support buddies? :slight_smile:

Look forward to reading your progress

Same position here ! hope it goes well for you .
Im going to be replacing 1 to 2 meals with Huel.
Currently 20 about 5ft10 and weigh 78kg. I know im not seriously overweight or anything but just want to slim down a bit also feel like my diet isn’t anywhere near balanced as a student so hope this does me some good :slightly_smiling:

Hello! I am in the same position as you!
May I ask how your experience has been over the past 2 months?
I’m surely tempted to start with Huel, but I want to know if changing ones life and diet entirely is a good option further down the line.
Especially considering the Price. Which is Reasonable, giving what you get. But still a lot to Drop at once.