Huel Newbie

Hi everyone,

My weight is out of control, and I’ve decided I deserve better than that. For various reasons preparing food is very difficult for me, and it leads me to unhealthy snack-type foods. Having read up on Huel it looks ideal for me in that it’s nutritionally complete, the preparation is minimal and I don’t really need to think about food. I was worried about two things: (1) that it would taste disgusting, and (2) that it would leave me hungry. Actually, I’ve discovered it tastes pretty nice (I have chocolate at the moment, but I’ll try strawberry next) and it is really filling, so I feel quite positive.

This is only day one for me though, and I would appreciate any insights or advice more experienced Huelers could share with me, especially those of you using it as part of a weight-loss programme.

Happy Hueling :slight_smile:


Hi! For me, sometimes I have so little motivation I don’t even want to spend one minute making Huel and I end up grabbing something I can eat instantly. My advice is to always have a shake made and ready in the fridge. It helps you if have an extra shaker.


Hi Ella, Welcome to Huel, I am a new Hueler too. It has been 2.5 weeks now and I am so glad I did it.

Try not to be hard on yourself, it is not always easy. (Last weekend I fell off the wagon completely). Just try to be kind to yourself!

I am having 2 scoops in the morning (vanilla + flavour boosts) and 3 scoops of chocolate for lunch, then a healthy evening meal, which is usually meat/fish and loads of veg.

I lost 4lb in the first week but I have stopped losing now so I have reduced the carbohydrates in my evening meal. I also think that my water intake dropped which could have affected my progress.

One thing I have noticed is how much less bloated I feel, and I no longer feel ‘gross’ which is nice :wink:


Hi, You might have lost a lot of weight in your first week due to having a lower salt intake, as salt causes your body to store water. Therefore my assumption is that you were still having to many calories to lose weight.

I recommend slowly reducing the amount you eat until you start to lose 1 lbs a week.

I started having huel about a month ago and in the first week i lost 4.5kg which couldn’t possibly be anything other then water weight.


Thanks for the replies, everyone.

David, I understand totally what you mean about motivation and that’s really good advice.

Beat, I tend to find that when I lose weight that as Blobbymatt says the first week you lose a tonne of water and then it slows down. Be patient with yourself though :slight_smile: and it doesn’t matter if you “fall off the wagon”, you just climb back on and remember others are on the journey with you.