New Huel User - Eager to Get Started!


I’m starting my Huel journey tomorrow; I’m about 1st overweight and about 2.5st over my ideal weight. I’m aiming to start off using Huel for every meal, mainly to get me out of the habit of eating junk food, then when I’m more confident I’ll ease back into one meal a day, as healthy as possible.

How do people find the first week of only consuming Huel? Is it hard to fight the cravings? I love bread and chocolate and cheese loads, I hope I can stay strong and stick to Huel! Any tips and advice are welcome.

I’ll try to keep this updated to track my progress, and maybe help anyone else with the same goals. I’m currently 5’5" and 12st 3lb with a 31" waist. I’d love to be under 11st for Christmas!

Anyway, I’m picking up my Huel tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Good luck. My one piece of advice is to drink a fair amount of water in addition to the water in your Huel shakes. Not only will you be hydrated and drop excess water weight, but it can also help stave off your cravings.

You will probably wee A LOT in your first week, if this not something you normally do, but your body will adjust.


Hey Marky,

Thanks, that’s great advice, I can be a bit forgetful about drinking water, especially if I’ve not been going to the gym. I just bought one of those 2.2L water bottles online, so hopefully that’ll help!

If you find yourself craving salty foods, add a tiny pinch of salt to each Huel. I’m not sure how quickly the body processes salt, so I don’t know how soon you might notice this, took me ages, or at least took me ages to make the connection! Anyway, the sodium level in Huel has recently been upped a bit, but from what I remember of a previous discussion, it’s still a bit on the low side if you’re doing 100% Huel. Have a look on the packs you have and adjust accordingly. It really is a tiny pinch, maybe 20 or 30 grains is what I add, certainly not enough for the Huel to actually taste salty! Good luck. :smile:


Drinking Huel pretty much got rid of any cravings I had. I hope it’s the same for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Amber. Hope you enjoy Huel and good luck with the weight loss.
What are you using to count the calories? Like plenty of people round here, I use MyFitnessPal and find it great. I started on 10th October and have managed to lose 7.5lb since then. My only real exercise is walking my two dogs about a mile each day and thinking about brushing the dust off my old kettlebell :grinning:


Hey @Bee, I am using MFP! I saw it mentioned on a few forums so I thought I’d give it a go and it’s great! I’m kind of shocked by how high in calories my diet had become, and the more stress I’m under the more it seems to creep up. Hopefully I can have a whole new start with Huel, I pick up my first bag at midday today, I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for the advice @Wendy_Shepherd, I’m really hoping you’re right @Africorn.

I’ll let you know how today goes!