No cravings and lost weight

Been using Huel for about 8 weeks now and I am amazed that I do not get cravings and even better I have lost almost 2 stone and feeling great

What type of Huel are you using? Are you on 100% Huel?

I am on 100% Huel and I am using a mix of Huel Hot and Savory and The flavoured shakes. I like to have a variety through the day

Hey Dean, welcome to the Huel fam! Wow that’s a big start, 100% Huel too? It’s great to hear how well that transition is going! If I’m honest I’m surprised as 2 stone in 8 weeks is a big shift, has it been tough? We generally recommend losing between 1-2lbs per week, so 28lbs in 8 weeks is loads.

If you need some advice at all, please do post your starting weight/height/age etc as it will provide good context.

Great to have you here!

Amazing to hear about it. I’ve just started. I’m doing ADF diet ( not exactly full day fasting because I have 500kcal in the fasting day). With daily huel for one meal, usually breakfast and only huel in fast days. I also have noticed that it stops my cravings. It doesn’t matter how healthy is my breakfast, I usually have crazy cravings later in the day. But huel stops the crazy cravings and makes me more disciplined.
So far I’ve lost 1kg in 2 weeks. And I’ve had some days I ate a lot of dairy etc.
Thank you for sharing, it is inspiring