Weight Loss Win!

Between 26th December and 1st April I lost two and a half stone on 100% Huel. Not once was I hungry, and all my food cravings disappeared.

I decided to take a break for a week, and go back on a ‘normal’ diet. Within a day all of my cravings were back, I was hungry a lot of the time, and I feel like sh**. So, can’t wait to get back to 100% Huel next week.

The weight loss is amazing, because I am a wheelchair user and can’t do any exercise at all. So my losses were totally diet related, not exercise-related.

Thanks Huel!


Congratulations and very well done - that’s an awesome weight loss!

I’m also on 100% Huel primarily for weight loss. It’s early days, but I’m already seeing the benefit, and I feel great - no cravings or hunger pangs whatsoever.

With Huel, I suspect we’re eating way more healthily than we would through a typical western diet. I’d bet we’re getting a much better balance of nutrients…

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Amazing to hear about your experience with Huel. Thank you for sharing and keep up the hard work.