23kg (51lbs) Weight loss with the help of Huel

Just thought I’d share my experience with Huel as a weight loss aid.

I admit, I’m lazy when it comes to preparing food when I need to diet and lose weight and Huel has been the perfect answer. With previous diet attempts I was always hungry but having Huel for breakfast and lunch solved this and up until now I’ve lost 51lbs in weight and am 5lbs away from my target and being within healthy BMI for the first time in 20+ years.

The only worry I had was how quickly I was losing weight, I started on 30th May so on average I’ve lost 4.6lbs a week to date. I visited my doctor with concerns and he wasn’t worried at all and commended me on my achievement and put my success down to cycling, which I must admit I love and always tackle steep hills which are aplenty where I live in Devon burning around 1000 calories on average per ride.

So you still have to get off your behind and exercise but Huel has been my formula to success and I hope it helps others achieve the same.


Congratulations, cycling in Devon is no mean feet.

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Wow that is some serious weight loss. I’m not normally a fan of super fast weight loss but as your doctor has no concerns I must say congratulations.

May I ask what your starting weight was please, height and age.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, it’s always great to hear.

Hi Julian,

I was 15st 2lbs, 5ft 7" tall, I aim to get down to 11st 7lbs


Thanks for info, that is v impressive.

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Wow. I’ve been losing around a kilo a week and thought that was good LOL. Last weigh in I lurched lower by nearly ten pounds which is the type of loss you’ve been managing, but I think that was a fluke. Need to get the exercise bit going for myself but long days in front of the computer coupled with a long commute and two small boys means a 20-30 minute yoga spot is all I can squeeze in (from YouTube). I started mid April so working it out I’ve lost around 3.1 pounds per week, but that’s due to the recent blip and a similar one right at the start.

Good to know there is someone else out there doing even better.

According to the Mathematical Diet spreadsheet I should hit my target in 3-4 weeks, only now I think I’ll reset my target a little lower :blush:

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p.s. 15st IS my target weight LOL

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p.p.s how much Huel are you eating with your strenuous exercise regime?


(as an American might say)

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Im having 3 scoops for breakfast, 3 for lunch. Im having anywhere between 1600 and 1800 calories a day while losing weight. I never feel hungry but occasionally tired but I put that down to vigorous exercising, cycling, at times.

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Only 6 scoops a day?

Must be having an evening meal as well.

I can down 6 scoops before it even gets to mid morning, easy. Not that this is a competition, I know.

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Yes, I also have a healthy evening meal :laughing:

Pretty much exactly my story except just the one child. Starting weight 15st and aiming for low 13s.

We’ll done OP that’s amazing work!

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