Huel is incredible

Hi all

Just thought I’d post my experience & progress since starting Huel earlier this year. Bought on a whim from a Facebook ad and a friend mentioning it briefly.

Been Hueling it since March this year, and have gone from ~94kg at New Year to ~75kg now (I am 6’1”). Body Fat % from 21% down to <14%.

All from Huel. No additional exercise (although maybe walking a bit more). Still go out for dinner and have the odd takeaway, but the thing that has changed is my long term intake. I feel healthier, consume far fewer calories than I used to without being hungry, have my body confidence back, and generally feel much better.

For what it’s worth, my approach is:
250ml cold water + 2 scoops + flavour boost
Top-up water to taste

I do breakfast and lunch, as they are the meals I don’t cRe much about and was usually spending money on. Have a normal dinner of whatever I fancy or will have a third Huel if not. Usually have some nuts or other sources of protein to snack on mid afternoon but only small amounts to nibble whilst at the computer.

That’s it. Consistent Huel use (which is now my go to preference far and above many other quick options such as shop bought sandwiches etc). Also, I think it’s helped get rid of my sugar addiction :joy:

Thank you Huel! I have got at least a few dozen other people onto it (still never received any kind of discount thanks to being on a subscription, but hey ho). I am a hospital doctor and have started endorsing it to friends and family as it is such an incredible option. The environmental benefits are also great.

My question to users would be: now I’m down to around my target weight, and have lost a lot of body fat, I’d like to tone my muscles a bit (nothing excessive). I have never done weight training or anything like that, so would appreciate advice on where to start and what to do with my Huel intake to accommodate.

Thanks Huel!



Hi Thom

Well done on your weight loss, that’s brilliant!

As for weights - I started with a PT in 2014 and built my knowledge up of compound moves, super-sets and correct form with him. Now I download programmes, usually a 3 day split as I took up running in June and want to keep that up over the winter.
Instagram is also a great way to pick up interesting moves, particularly if your gym lacks all the necessary equipment.

Until June I was also boxing twice a week, with a professional boxer - 2x30 min padwork sessions, amazing for building up strength and cardio. Had been training June-Sept for my first half marathon, so now that’s out the way it’s time to get back into my weights and boxing!

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