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Hi all,
I’m kinda new on my Huel journey. I first ordered some about 6 months ago when I was pretty much living in a hotel. I didn’t use it consistently and stopped when I moved in to my house.
Recently I have been using slimming world to lose weight. I lost 1 and a half stone within the last few months. But my loses slowed down, mainly due to snacking too much. I thought I’d give Huel a try and I’m now on day 3, using it for two meals a day (breakfast and tea, and eating a meal at work). I used the tdee calculator on here to work out BMR and maintainence calories, as below:
Height: 5’9
Weight: 16 st 3lb
Lightly to moderately active
It suggested my BMR was 1693 and my maintainence was 2327.
I’m aiming for anything between 500 and 1000 calorie deficit daily, to aim for a loss of between 1 to 2lb per week.
I’m having 100g of Huel for breakfast (400cal?), then calorie counting my lunch, and having Huel again for tea. I have fruit or maybe one fairly low cal cereal bar as a snack during the day, and some milk in coffee. I vary what I have in the evening depending on how I feel and the deficit I want. I’m using My Fitness Pal to track calories.
Does that sound like I’m on track? Every time I weight out my Huel I’m worried I got the calculation wrong and instead I’m having something crazy high in calories!

I’m also planning to order more Huel powder. Any recommendations on flavour? Coffee isn’t great, but edible, vanilla is good. And the mint choc flavour boost was heaven!


Hey @Loup so lovely to have you on the team. Make sure you’re working towards a lifestyle change and not just using Huel as a quick fix. It’s all about changing lifestyle eating habits and sticking to them. Changing your mindset will do more than Huel ever could.

Spot on, it’s in MFP too though - just scan the barcode on the back of the pouch and enter however many grams you’ve eaten!

The Mint-Chocolate Preblend is awesome if you enjoyed the sample mint-chocolate flavour boost.

Keep us posted on your progress and stick at it :blush:

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Thanks @Tim_Huel
I am totally on board with the lifestyle change. Slimming world has already helped, focusing on a plate with at least half salad / veg, and keeping active. I’ve just come back from two weeks in Italy where I didn’t diet at all, and I lost 4lb, so pretty sure that’s all lifestyle change! Also got my first 5k running race this weekend after starting running a while back, so all good progress to a healthier lifestyle.
I’ll give the mint choc premix a go, and might risk the berry!
Thanks again Tim :slight_smile: