My weight loss journey - 1 huel a day, 1 pound a week

Have been on my latest crack at a successful weightloss journey for 4 and a bit weeks now. (weigh-day is monday)

On 30th May I weighed 17st 4lb and my aim was to lose a pound a week with my initial goal weight being 13st

After 2 weeks I was going at the desired pound a week.

I then discovered huel and have been having it as a replacement for my lunch at work each day, as well as using my lunch break to go for a 30 min walk. In the past I would just go on facebook or whatever during my break and eat at my desk. I have a very needy 18 month old daughter and work full time with a 25 mile and have been struggling to fit in any massive changes in exercise.

In these two weeks though with just these small and simple changes, I have lost 8lb (4 per week). While I don’t expect things to keep shifting at that same rate, huel has definitely given me a massive kickstart.

My aim is to keep updating the thread to keep me motivated and if anyone has any advice on fitting in quick exercise tips then please throw them my way.



Keep it up, sounds like you are doing really well.

There is another thread with everyone’s start and current weights too

Ah brilliant - thanks. Will take a look

Thank you for sharing you progress and I look forward to hearing further how you are getting along. Hopefully the weight loss will slow down a little, just because the faster you lose it the easier it seems to be to regain it, which obviously you don’t want.

Keep at it, well done for getting out for a walk. So much research shows that by doing this you are not only losing weight/expending calories, but also reducing your risk of chronic disease and reducing your likelihood of depression. So there are 3 thumbs up right there. I will update this with those references if you’d like as they are in a textbook at home!

Thanks Tim - yeah I’ve done a lot of yo-yoing with my weight over the years and I’ve definitely found that if it comes off too quickly then I fall off the wagon. Then I often put the weight back on, with interest. That’s another reason why I’m trying to just make small changes with the exercise - again previously I’ve hammered the gym and i could easily lose 5 or so pounds in a week… sometimes much more but then it just falls apart after I’ve overdone that. Like I say though… with a toddler taking up as much of me as she can get, I don’t have the ability to go all out on it this time.

Am feeling the benefits with my health already and people are noticing not only that I’ve lost weight but also that I seem healthier… more alert and much healthier complexion.

The huel is a god-send. The only thing I’ve struggled with as a vegan has been the preparation of meals and being prepared for lunches and things when I’m out of the house. Too often, I’ve ended up with junk food for lunch as it was the only convenient option available at work. Huel just takes that out of the equation.