Weight loss journey: 60% huel

Hello! I’ve decided I’m going to experiment with a huel diet to help aid weight loss.

I currently weigh 16 stone (224 lbs), and I’m hoping to get back down to 160 lbs, though the more immediate goal is to be under 200lbs by autumn. I have already had some successful weight loss from exercise alone - I’m down from 244lbs since October, but I’m really struggling to stay disciplined with food and hoping the simplicity of huel will turn things around. Plus I tend to find it leaves me feeling a lot fuller than a salad!

I’m reasonably active. I work a desk job, but walk to and from work (just over 1 mile each way), I usually walk around 4-5 miles per day, and exercise 3-4 times a week (currently running 3 x week (#couchto5k) and swimming 1 x week).

I’m planning on subbing in 2 meals a day with huel and then eating 1 normal-ish meal.

This thread is basically just here to keep me accountable, but I’d be keen to hear other people’s experiences too!

Day 1:
Weight: 224 lbs
BMI: 39.6

Breakfast: 2 scoops huel
Lunch: 3 Scoops huel
Dinner: Under 600 calorie meal

On the basis of my exercise levels to maintain my weight I’d need to consume around 2682 kcal per day, which means I could stand to loose 1 lb per week by cutting to 2100 kcal, but I’m going to attempt to keep my intake undr 1600 kcal and see how it goes!

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Good luck Cleo!
I’m using Huel for the same reason. I lost about 1.5 stone on slimming world but found that I just lied to myself about how many snacks I was eating, even though my meals were bang on plan.
I’ve been using Huel for almost two weeks now. I lost 2.5lb last week and will probably lose similar this week. I didn’t have the big loss that can often happen to start with because I have been fairly sensible being on slimming world, and like I say, lost 1.5stone since March.
I’m loving Huel, for these reasons:

  • it’s so easy
  • so much time saved (shopping, prepping, cleaning up!)
  • much less waste
  • the taste is fine, and gets better
  • I really enjoy the 1 or 2 meals that I do have each day much more
  • less craving to snack. We have a tonne of biscuits etc at work, and whereas I used to easily eat two or three and then go back for the same again, this week I have only ever had a max of two but usually one.
    All the best, hope it works well for you :slight_smile:
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Hi and good luck! You will find lots of weightloss/fat loss threads on here if you do a search. Very easy to keep track of calories with Huel :+1:

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