100 percent Huel- Who's in?

Hi everyone!

I have been using Huel for the past 4 months. On average I have been having huel twice per day, so I’ll have huel for breakfast and lunch, and then a regular healthy dinner in the evening. I’ve also been having snacks such as fruit, and I must admit there has been the odd week where I have broken my diet and eaten junk! For my height and weight I need to be consuming 1200-1400 calories per day to loose weight (doesn’t seem like much but I am just a petite woman).

So far I’ve lost 25lbs which I am super pleased about! I’ve also noticed my hair and nails are growing a lot faster and stronger and I feel great! But I have another 14lbs/1stone to go until I am at my goal weight and healthy BMI.

I have decided to give 100 percent huel a go starting Monday or Tuesday! I will start by just trying it out for one week, and then I will see if it is sustainable for me.

Is anyone else thinking about doing this? If so I thought this would be a good place to chat about how we’re finding the transition to 100 percent huel and also possibly support each other in our goals! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been 100% Huel since I first started about two weeks ago. Only Huel with water, no snacks or anything else. It’s not difficult. For me anyway. I actually feel like I’m having to eat more often than I normally do. Huel 4 or 5 times a day. I’m sure I’ll eventually add regular foods back into my diet but for now I like the simplicity of Huel.
I’m not trying to loose weight like most so I’m consuming 2500 cal per day. I’d actually like to gain a bit. Over the two weeks however I’ve lost one pound.
So at this point I’m deciding on either adding another 500 calories per day or start adding some fruit to my Huel in a blender. Currently I’m just using the shaker.
You sound like you’re doing great. Even if you didn’t change anything you’ll probably lose the 14 lbs in about two more months!

I’m starting 100% today, to help me reach my savings target to move back to Spain from the UK

I’ve been using huel for 1 or 2 meals a day for over a year but for the rest of my calorie intake I eat out and it costs a fortune. Been trying to make the other meals myself at home and take to work but I’m just not motivated and organised enough and end up throwing food not made.

With 100% huel I’ve no need to even take my bank card to work so for the next 3 months my life is work, huel, sleep repeat and then off to Spain :es:


I want to try 100% Huel + fruit 6 days a week! It would be great to share experiences on this forum with you and whoever else is doing this!
I want to lose weight, have a healthier gut and spend less money/less waste.
It’s difficult to do this on my own because my wife isn’t and so breaking my bad foodie habits is a STRUGGLE X2! Lol!

I would love to do 100% but struggle with “cravings” to eat savoury and solid/crunchy food, which sadly means I often reach for a bag of crisps or nuts to fulfil that urge.

Best wishes and good luck! :blush:

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I would love to be a true 100% but my goal is to gain weight and I have trouble eating more than 4 shakers hahaha. And yeah having the same taste over and over is a bit annoying. I’m looking for aromas on the Internet about this issue. But yeah huel is awesome!

Someone mentioned some sugar free flavours on this forum and I am purchasing the cinnamon swirl flavour. Ill let you know how it is when it arrives! Otherwise i put fruit in my Huel and my favourite is making an ‘Orange Julius’ with Huel. I also enjoy the nutritional yeast, pepper and a tomato or two! Yum! Day 6 is eat in evening a lovely yummy meal (& dessert if I have room!) Day 7 is my eat what I want day. I am only starting the 6 days idea. It may be that I adjust it to 5 days a week instead. Ill see. It is very difficult to not have junk food, especially when it’s in the staff room! Just trying my best.