Just about sick of being fat 🤢

Just started out on this, never been bigger 20 stone eat rubbish all day cause I’m lazy. Hoping this will work for me really. I’ve never been on a diet before but I’m hoping HUEL will help me lose the weight, any help you guys could give me, tips etc what to expect at first. If you failed and then tried again. That sort of thing for me would be inspiring. TIA :wink::hamburger: :fries:


So I’ve just ordered my third order from Huel, I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve lost so far 25.8 lb’s with a complete change of diet and approach to eating, and not forgetting the 12-16 miles a day I’m putting in exercises wise. I’ve bought myself a bike and a core machine and walking 8 miles a day with the dog. I’m shrinking, but in a healthily way. I still have the craving for chocolate, and have settled with the idea of a little of what you fancy does you good, and sneak a snickers (41g) in every now and then to make me feel normal, or an Alpan bar whatever? I must admit, at first it was strange drinking HUEL. But now, with frozen raspberries and blueberries in it, i cant get enough of the stuff. :heart_eyes:


Good luck buddy.
This is a good place to start - https://huel.com/pages/guide-to-fat-loss
There is a link on that page to somewhere you can work out a target daily calorie amount. Because you can measure Huel you can be pretty precise on your calories.
Huel has a very low GI so you are not on a sugar roller coaster. So, the way I see it, it makes sense to start off the day with Huel. Then I feel less like snacking and make better food decisions for the rest of the day. The other thing I’ve done is make sure the freezer is full of veg. Most of what I eat is what is in the house so if I’ve got Huel and veggies and less junk then it’s harder to go wrong. In the end a big part of the battle is buying the right stuff to begin with.
I also think exercise is very worthwhile. The trick is that we are all different but it is worth finding the exercise that works for you.
I’d browse the forum and chat with a few people. Some good advice and it might help with motivation.


Thank you for the inspiration :relaxed:

If you’re serious, you’re going to have to change the way you look at things.

To lose weight long term, you’re not going to go on a diet. To go on a diet has the implication that you’re eventually going to come off the diet. Think of it more as modifying your nutritional intake and understanding - A complete lifestyle revamp.

First step is a mental one. No one else can do the hardest part for you - Having the willpower to say no to that burger, having the willpower to only have one beer instead of 5. Keep your mind open and appreciate that weight does not just fall off. At 20st I’d guess it’ll take you until the end of the year to reach a healthy weight if you follow a sustainable and modest amount of weight loss. Keep that in mind and appreciate the end goal, it’s worth it!

Exercise will help keep your mental health in check while you break addiction to sugars, saturated fats and junk food. The mental health aspect was what I found the hardest to deal with. The trap with exercise is thinking “I’ve just run for half an hour so I’m going to treat myself to a nice big pudding”. No. Enter that exercise into your calorie counter (MyFitnessPal) and eat back some of the calories you lost with veggies or Huel.

Exercise is 20% of the battle, nutrition is the other 80%.


Doing a similar thing. Although I am not on a diet, I am regulating my eating with the hope that I will be come thinner. For me weighting myself has never worked. What has worked is eating better and exercising more. Progress is my clothes get looser.

I have started to use Huel as I was struggling to eat well as I travel to London 2/4 days a week and found eating very difficult. Huel for breakfast and lunch has stopped my mid-morning and early afternoon cravings. I then eat normally when I get home. Still struggling to reduce my alcohol intake but inch by inch. Not sure if it makes sense but I feel more even.

Recommend you look at this as a long term project. I feel better on Huel twice a day and now after 3 weeks feel more in control of what I eat. Good luck.


It’s all a very personal thing, but the following worked for me:

Eat huel for breakfast and lunch every week day. Strictly, no snacks/other food whatsoever until 6pm.
Eat what you want each evening, however unhealthy.
Eat what you want all weekend, however unhealthy.

This works for me as I don’t feel I’m limiting my life in anyway and can stil fully enjoy food. In reality though, the healthy effects of Huel has meant my body tends to prefer healthier dinners/weekends (although I still do have blowouts).

I think this will mean I have a long-term healthier diet, rather than a short term diet. It may not be the most efficient short term re. Weight loss, but I’m sure for me it will be the best long term.

My only other tip is to make the Huel system as easy to use (convenient) as possible, as this is where it’s big benefit for me is (as easy to have huel as snack).
I pre measure it out each week into little portion sized jars 3 scoops) to save time.

Good luck, and no matter how you find it at first, stick with it a week before giving up to see if you also get a health boost from it :slight_smile:

Edit: Hadn’t noticed the post above before I replied, but that’s essentially the same thing i do = 2 votes!

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Just a thought but if I’d of been smarter I’d of bookmarked more metrics before I started. Weight might be the thing that is in the front of your mind but other measures might help. I took my blood pressure this morning and it was in the healthy zone. I have had high blood pressure but if I’d of taken a record before I started then I’d know if that is something that has improved because of recent changes. Maybe distance you can walk/cycle without getting tired, steps per day,notches on a belt, resting heart rate or maybe something more technical/medical like a cholesterol test. If you go purely by weight then a plateau on that measure might be disappointing. The more measures you have the more likely you are to see improvement in other areas when you are doing healthy things.

Also the variability in measuring weight is greater than any likely weekly loss. So weigh every week by all means but look to a trend over weeks/months rather than any single number.

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Just take it one day at a time, you have already made a really positive step as Huel is a really great way to loose weight. I have found getting into a routine of when I have my huel has helped me control the junk food binges. I am an emotional eater, since starting on huel I have really started to gain control ( & loose weight), without feeling deprived. As a result I am learning to make positive changes to my diet and my shopping habits. Good luck with your journey.

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OP isn’t asking about how to become healthier, he’s directly asking how to lose weight.

The non-fluffy response to this is to monitor intake vs expenditure of calories all day every day. None of this “cheat meal” stuff. If you want to lose weight, you can’t simply have Huel for breakfast and lunch and hope for the best even though you scoff down a 1500 calorie evening meal.

I appreciate what you’re both saying, but the direct answer OP needs is to monitor calorie intake and further to that reduce said intake. Having the mentality “I’ll get my two Huels done then I can enjoy a nice big evening meal” is going to result in you just going round in circles…


Thank you all, inspiring thoughts there :relaxed:

Good stuff. I started at 17st 10lb about 3 weeks ago-put on a lot of weight after a rugby injury which forced me to stop playing.

I try not to be annoying to friends and have huel every meal unless there’s a good reason not to. This usually works out as roughly 2 normal meals a week.

I monitor my intake on My Fitness Pal and will occasionally snack on biltong (packet stuff, not the fresh one as it’s so much easier to track). I’m At 1500 calories consumed a day. The great thing about MFP is that you’re more aware of what goes in and what food is worth. I did crack and had a five guys the other day but logging it made me regret it. I now carry a couple of Huel bars with me in case I need late night food. I don’t track booze as I’ve nominated it as my final vice but I’ve given up having a pint of an evening regardless of consequences.

Also running again which is brilliant- nothing overly taxing but 30 minutes of interval running 3 timeS a week.

Now at 16st 12lb. Feeling better about myself and my relationship with food has improved almost overnight. Keep it up!

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Not the only one wanting to loose weight with Huel, I started at a whopping 336lbs!!! Way waaaay overweight since I have been on Huel (just over a week) I have lost 7lbs, still a long way to go to get to a healthy weight, but I’m not regretting my decision to start on Huel. I have two Huel meals a day (100g 500ml water) and a light healthy lunch, I did crack the other day and had a sneaky takeaway (I did regret it at the time!) but to my delight and surprise I still managed to loose half a pound! I feel much more healthy as I know I am now getting what my body needs. My major tip is this, the moment you start restricting what you can eat the moment you fail. Having unhealthy food IN MODERATION is perfectly fine, providing the calorie intake is LOWER than the calorie expenditure then naturally you will loose weight!
Good luck to everyone on this journey

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Good luck! Like a lot of people on here I use it to regulate my eating and it works great. I only had just over a stone I wanted to lose but managed that fairly easily. I found huel stopped me craving junk. I still pig out but I find because my eating is controlled most of the time it doesn’t make a difference. I committed to trying huel for a month starting from the new year, with 2 huel meals and a normal lunch. Still doing it as it’s easy and convenient. I find exercise really helps, not least because it gives me more calories! I hope it works for you. Keep us updated on your progress.

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This is good advice also!

When I was doing my initial wave of weight loss (17st down to 13st) I would crave junk food every now and again aside from the huge amounts of chicken, rice and broccoli I was eating (just before I discovered Huel).

The solution for me was to fast from 6PM to 6PM the next day and then eat an entire 14 inch ASDA pizza to myself. Must have done horrendous things to my stomach but it appeased my craving for a binge of junk food. The 2000 calories from said pizza would fill in my calories for the day and I’d be still under my goal.

That’s an extreme example, but it’s a good example of how one can simply count calories to perfection (no matter what they are, pizza, burgers, cakes) and still lose weight.

I did that for about 2 months before the cravings eventually went away. Much healthier and happier now :slight_smile:

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I basically live on junk food now and it is starting to worry me about the cravings for it I’ll get as I am very weak when it comes to will power. That being said my motivation out weighs the not doing it to the power of ten shall we say. My two daughters are very brutal about my baby twins I’m apparently growing hahaha :joy:

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I used huel as part of the 8 week blood sugar diet. Just finishing my 8th week. Weight falls off and not hungry.
I’d been using huel before tHat though.

It’s worth looking in to I’d think.

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Thanks for youre comments Kirsty, I’ve been using it twice a day for the last weeek. It’s actually not that bad, my water intake has increased loads. My exercise is up to 24 miles walking this week and I’m starting to feel better. Alas though, I had a friend I’ve not seen for years suddenly pop up yesterday so i had a few beers and a dirty burger as my shopping didn’t arrive before i went out. Felt like absolute shite this morning. But… I’m on my 2nd HUEL of the day and I’ve shaken last night off pretty quickly. :wink:

This is where the mental component of weight loss comes in, the one most people (especially me :frowning: ) struggle with. Perhaps gin and tonics instead of beers? That kind of switch helped me enormously until I built up the willpower to eliminate alcohol completely!