30 Days of Huel and gym (A daily journal)

Not sure how to start this out but I want to use this forum as my own food and exercise diary for the month and will note down my loss each day.
I’m going to be using 66% Huel for the next month to aid in my weight loss journey and will be updating this each day.

I hope for this to be a lifestyle change and not just a diet as for me the convenience of Huel is such a massive benefit and I know what I am putting in to my body Isn’t harmful. I’ve been lurking through the forum and love seeing how much of a community is on here and hope to have results a long with other people using it for weight loss.

Day 1:

Breakfast- 2x scoops of Huel
Snack- 3x salt & vinegar rice cakes
Lunch- 2x scoops of Huel
Dinner- Chicken Ceaser salad (homemade)
Snack- Handful of Raspberries

20 minutes of various weights
15 minutes cycling
20 minutes swimming

If anyone else who is using Huel for weight loss please feel free to share tips and experiences.


Hey there, good luck with your journey! Daily intake seems right and so does the workout plan. Did you already see: https://eu.huel.com/pages/guide-to-fat-loss for tips?

Good luck! I started my journey this week and I’m really surprised how quickly I’ve adapted to having Huel and not chewable food. My day yesterday looked like this:

3 scoops Huel with 500ml water, about 100ml for breakfast and 400 for lunch

2 rye crackers
1 satsuma

Chicken wrap with avocado and salad.

I only fit in exercise three times a week (walk or jog) although I try and do 10-30min yoga each night.

So far I feel great, I’ve lost 3.8lbs in a week but mostly because I’ve been able to track what I eat, I know that what I am putting in is good for me and is better balanced so I just feel healthier. On the first day I was really hungry but the last two days I’ve managed absolutely fine. I’m hoping that this can be a long term diet plan for me that will help retrain me out of my snacking habit. When I calculated how many calories I should be having to lose weight i got a bit of a shock as I had been definitely eating a lot more. Like a lot more. I don’t NEED those calories I just enjoyed eating! I felt so cross with myself as I’ve always thought of myself as quite healthy so I was entitled to some treats, I just didn’t notice the weight creeping up on me. I’m hoping to lose another 11 lbs and then I will see how I feel, hopefully then I can go to maintenance.

I’m feeling confident that I can do it, which I’ve not done before, so I really hope you get the same feeling! Like you I’ve found this forum really helpful and motivating so keep updating with how you’re getting on!

Thank you! :grinning: Yeah they are helpful. I guess what I really mean is I really enjoy hearing other peoples experiences. I find it incredibly motivating.

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Thank you! :grinning:

It’s really nice to hear your experience so far, I have been on and off Huel since may but due to birthdays and festivals I fell off the health wagon and the weight start creeping back. I feel very determined to make this lifestyle change like you and when I stick to it I do normally find it quite easy to follow.

Your meal and exercise sound very sustainable though, very balanced and not unrealistic (I in the past have been incredibly unrealistic)

Yeah I hope to get the same too, I just want to feel better about wearing certain clothes and feeling like I can actually run for more than 10 minutes :joy: good luck on your journey too and I look forward to more updates!

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Hey there cc :blush:
I look forward to seeing your progress
I’ve been using Huel for a few months by now, replacing 1-3 meals a day and started working out as well. I fell of the wagon too, didn’t workout at all between May 25th and June 27th, however finally got off my lazy butt yesterday and did 45 mins of crosstrainer so hopefully back on track!

Hey! I just thought I’d share as I have just done my proper weigh in image

Not added a photo before so hope that shows up… anyway you can see where I started to use Huel! I know it’s only been a short time so I’ve got a way to go especially keeping my weight stable once I do get to a weight I’m happy with but now I’m in the pattern of tracking I’m hoping that will be easier. Especially with Huel being so easy to work put the right portion! Last night I had dinner by myself so I got a “healthy” ready meal which was approx 325kcal … bleugh. I actually sat there after I ate it and wished I’d just had another Huel for dinner. If you had asked me that when I first tasted it I would have say no way!

Fingers crossed I can keep this up, it’s feeling good so far. Tonight might be a challenge as I’m out at a birthday but I will try and be sensible…if anyone has any tips for eating from a buffet without tipping the scales please let me know!!! X


So I have been doing good, was unable to post an update as I didn’t have access to internet as I have been camping.

Still managed to get somewhat of a work out in and haven’t been tempted what so ever with full English breakfast or toast ( bread is my absolute weakness when dieting, I could eat it for every meal)

Day 2:
Breakfast- 1x bowl of huel berry granola with raspberries and strawberries and almond milk. (what is everyone’s thoughts on granola? It’s the first time I’ve tried it and really struggled to eat it with out adding berries)
Lunch- 2x scoops of Huel with pineapple & coconut flavouring
Snack- A handful of raw nuts
Dinner- Homemade Quorn curry with 1/3 pack of wholegrain rice

15 minutes of jogging
10 minutes of free weights/squats

I think day 3 is when I felt a noticeable change and not feeling really hungry like I did the other 2 days, I feel like I couldn’t eat a lot of food even if I wanted to. The only thing I’m really craving is salt & vinegar crisps but all other cravings have gone.

Day 3:
Breakfast- 2x Scoops of Huel
Lunch- Chickpea Soup, 1 Pitta bread and 1 marinated chicken breast (baked)
Snack- Handful of mixed raw nuts and 10 raspberries
Dinner- 2x scoops of Huel

10 minutes cycling
(didn’t get to do much as had an absolutely manic day)

weighed in at a loss of 2lb so far.

You sound exactly like me :joy: I hope your progress goes well and you get to where you want to be! It can be so easy to fall off the wagon but I definitely used to have the mentality of oh well I’ve had one bad meal might as well just restart next Monday so my diet never lasted long whereas now I’m not going to be mad at myself for having a treat every now and again and hopefully this will help me finally stick at it permanently this time! Let me know how you’re getting on :grin:

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This great! well done on the weight loss so far. It seems like you are losing at a good rate and as long as it’s sustainable for you. I Completely agree, I found it difficult at first but along with the convenience I actually enjoy it too. The pineapple & coconut one is my favourite.

I have this predicament in a couple of weeks but fortunately we are going to a tapas one so the portions are a lot smaller so fingers crossed, I can manage it quite well. I reckon you probably won’t be able to eat that much anyways as I think on Huel your stomach definitely shrinks a lot.

Well done! I’m not sure my willpower would have held out when tempted with cooked breakfast. Toast/bread I can go without but the rest I’m all over!

Turned out the buffet was more of a bird food table so I don’t think I was in any danger of eating too much but possibly under ate. The following day I went and had a roast dinner with family (and then dessert as well, so disappointed in myself) I tried to be careful but weighed myself this morning and I’ve put on 1lb but hopefully that will drop back down again.

Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll be reminding myself next time that if you can be that disciplined when camping, I can control myself at mama’s Sunday lunch!! I haven’t tried the granola yet. Do you find it as filling as the shake?

Hahaha, I am still there! Always Monday or tomorrow. There are far too many tomorrows! Teach me your ways :joy: