New to Huel- Diary

Hi everyone!
So after reading a few articles on Huel and how it has helped others in achieving their goals of calorie counting and losing weight, I thought I would give it a go. I have past experience in losing a lot of weight in a space of a year, so I am no stranger to changes to lifestyle (and cravings!) However as changing jobs from being on my feet for nearly 8 hours a day to a 9-5 desk job, that weight I lost has slowly crept back on which has depressed me a little. I don’t eat a lot either, however recently started taking note of the foods I’ve been eating and some of the sugar levels etc have really hit home.
Reasons for losing the weight again is as follows:

  1. My doctor has said that I am overweight for my height and will be high risk of various health issues in the future. Considering that I am life dependent on steriod medication, one of the long term side effects is weight gain which needs to be constantly monitored. The medication cannot be altered either in regards to dosage.
  2. Recently got engaged, so reaching goal weight would be ideal to start working into the dream dress.

Currently I have to commute from home to London which is around 45 mins to an hour journey each way so breakfast is something that I have problems with. Waking up super early to travel, of course you will want to go grab a coffee + snack and before you know it its nearly half the calorie total of the day!
I ordered one Vanilla, one Coffee and the flavour taster box so when the Vanilla is opened, there will be opportunity to mix it up.

I’ve started off with just having Huel for breakfast up until Wednesday where I will then have it for breakfast (1 scoop) and lunch (2 scoops) with dinner being a hot meal back at home. Breakfast I’ve had one scoop with half water to semi skimmed milk using the Coffee and it tasted nice. However lightbulb moment this evening where I have chocolate soya milk in the fridge so did the same mix for tomorrow but used this instead of the semi-skimmed milk. Will update if it tastes alright!
Plan to continue this for a month and if I get decent results, will continue with the same method.
Exercise wise, I usually do around 8,000 steps a day and more on the weekend due to playing Pokemon GO! :joy:

Thanks for sticking around this far and hope to keep this updated on a regular basis to keep track.


Day 3- The chocolate soya milk and Coffee flavour worked well together so would recommend if you want to have a bit more of a creamy mocha flavour. However this morning got into work and my stomach was growling horribly! Curbed it with some simple scrambled egg. Made my mix for tomorrow where as mentioned previously I will be having breakfast and lunch being Huel. Bought another shaker bottle as it’s much easier to prep in the evening, then have the breakfast one before leaving, and take the lunch bottle with me (keeping in the work fridge) Going to feel a little weird not having a solid food lunch but its part of the experience. If I do get hungry, water will be the go-to unless it gets unbearable!
Will also do a weigh-in on the scales in the morning to see how much change has happened in the past 3 days.

Day 4 - Breakfast and lunch were Huel. Got into work, and grabbed a small portion of scrambled egg from the canteen. saw me all the way through to lunchtime. After lunch though, it was a struggle. As I work in an office, other colleagues were eating around me and the person next to me had this lovely smelling Mac & Cheese **drool.
Had a headache that started to make me feel a little faint. Continued to have water throughout until having dinner in the evening.

Day 5- Same again but trying out the Vanilla flavour. Still using a little milk just to make it a creamier in taste. Not craving any extra breakfast treat, however bought a flapjack in case (300 kcal) Got to lunch and drank Huel much slower and actually got full from it so the 500ml that was made up didn’t get consumed completely. No headache. Had water and green tea throughout the day.

Tomorrow I’ve made up the Vanilla with no milk for breakfast, but trying out the Caramel flavour boost for lunch.

It’s been a while since last post- unfortunately been so busy at work that just get home, eat a hot meal then sleep. At the weekend I only had Huel for breakfast, whilst this week back on breakfast and lunch.
Have noticed that I have felt quite full throughout the day, but still extremely thirsty.
Did do a weigh in and lost 2lbs, which is not bad but considering I don’t snack, thought it might have been more. Will keep monitoring.

Day 10? Losing track to be honest! Still on the breakfast and lunch, however starting to feel that I need to have more scoops in the morning than lunchtime. It’s been a struggle trying to not go and get something else to nibble after the morning shake. As I’m up at 5am and get to work around half 7, my stomach is literally growling (not great in a morning meeting) Weightloss? No change still which is knocking my morale a little as thought I would be at least a stone lighter by now.


Day 11 and 12- Had cooked breakfast in the morning, but skipped lunch so Huel was for dinner. Still felt quite full so wasn’t able to consume the 2 scoops made up. Today though no Huel and had a roast dinner which after 30 mins I felt so sick. Not sure its due to being on Huel for most of the week and body is a little shocked by solid food again. Portion wise I wasn’t able to finish the plate. Will make up a 2 scoop for the morning and 1 scoop for lunch tomorrow to see if I fell fuller until lunchtime instead of what I have been doing previously.