Trying to lose a fair bit of weight

Hi everyone,

A bit of backstory first. I’ve been heavier than everyone else for pretty much as long as I can remember and I’ve tried a couple of times to lose weight over the years and never really got anywhere as I wasn’t really committed enough and kinda though it would be easier than it was.

Anyway, as of last weekend I was 172.9kg and have been cutting calories out and eating healthy until my Huel came today and have lost 0.8kg so far. Not a lot I know but I’ve never actually recorded my weight before and seen it go down so it’s a lot for me haha.

One thing I did notice my first Huel was a kinda struggled to get the whole 125g/500ml down. I think it was a combination of the weird aftertaste and the quite strong vanilla. Normally I like sweet things but I’m not sure if the vanilla is too strong for me. For my next one I’ve blended some raspberries into it so hopefully that will go better. I’m asssuming I’ll be able to get used to it.

I guess the point of this is I just wanted somewhere publicly to log my progress to help me stay on track.

Thanks everyone


It gets said a lot, but try refrigerating it overnight…makes it loads better.

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Recommend downloading ‘MyFitnessPal’ app. Super helpful calorie tracking as well as weight, water intake and nutrition.

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Good luck with your goals!

It takes a while to find the Huel mix that works for you (and to some extent, to get used to drinking it at all).

Try more/less water (I like at least 100ml more than the standard mix).
Chuck in a shot or two of espresso for breakfast.
Try a mix with a half tsp each of nutmeg and cinnamon. Tastes like pudding.

Im probably doing 30-50% Huel right now (depending on the day of the week) and along with 5:2 fasting I’m losing about 0.5-1kg per week.

I was 152.4 kg 1st of March. Now 138.7 kg after 5 weeks on Huel. I have been having a healthy meal mid day and Huel shakes the rest of the time. I do 100g huel with 600ml water. Still working my way through my discounted stash of christmas pudding flavour Huel but after that I will prpbably mix some unflavoured Huel with the vanilla Huel 50/50. I found the vanilla too sweet also.

As someone else said My fitness pal is useful for logging food and nutrition as well as getting support. I use the standard free version. I wish you the very best of luck. If I can do this then I am sure you can too :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of the replies and support everyone :blush:

I already use MyFitnessPal but thanks for the suggestion.

I put some in the fridge last night with some raspberries mixed in so we’ll see how that goes later. I did have a cheeky sip of it this morning and it did seem to taste better and a lot thicker.

Hopefully I’ll get it how I like it because I think it’s something that will really help me. Even though I love cooking I always find it a chore during the week to make something and often end up with a takeaway which obviously isn’t good haha.


Hey Scott - I’ve just started using Huel too - I really recommend blending it and putting it in the fridge overnight. If you’re unable to put it in the fridge, drop some ice cubes into it, that’s what I do at the moment. Flavour isn’t amazing, but live you’d done, add in whatever you like to it. Also, experiment with it a bit as well - you can make pancakes with it if you want to try something that’s a bit more solid.

So I wasn’t sure how putting it in the fridge overnight would make so much difference, but it definitely does. My raspberry and Huel shake after being in the fridge since last night is significantly easier to drink now. Thanks for the tip everyone

As some have said, blending it rather than just mixing/shaking it does wonders, tried that today with some lovely fresh blueberries with Huel vanilla 100g with half coconut water and half ice cold tap water. My my it was DIVINE!

Only just started on the plan today but loving it so far, I feel full all the time (only doing breakfast and dinner huel at the moment, with a light healthy lunch)

I’d give the Huel flavourings a go too- I’ve found them great for adding variety. I also don’t find them too sweet! I’ve gone 100% Huel this week but guess I’m lucky as I find the vanilla great and I don’t even blend it! I just fill 400ml water, add 3 scoops and a flavouring, shake it for 10 seconds, top up with water to c.600-700ml and then shake again. Keep hunting and find what works for you. I’m finding it a really great product and have lost 1 kg a week since starting on it. Good luck.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I had a bit of a cheat day yesterday and had chippy for dinner instead of my usual Huel. Normally I’d feel bad about it and it would throw me off but for some reason this time I don’t. I got up this morning and happily has my Huel for breakfast instead and have healthy meals for the rest of the day.

I think it’s that Huel is so easily accessible for me now that it’s just easier to have that than it could be to eat crap food.

I did have a cheeky weigh this morning and I’ve lost 6 pounds this week. I know that sounds a lot for 1 week but I was eating really badly before this so I’m putting it down to the initial big change in diet and expect it to even out over time as I’m normally having at least 1600 calories per day with most days being 2000.


That’s great progress, well done. Just remember, weight loss is not linear and will include incremental rises as well as losses even though may be on point with your calorie intake. Just keep at it :+1: