My Huel Diary for Weightloss

I’ve been in a rut for awhile now, not happy with my weight, it being the highest it’s ever been. I’ve always been active (running/treadmill, walking), but not so much recently. Food has always been my down fall to fitness. One day last weekend my husband came home and said he saw a friend drinking Huel, that he’d lost a load of weight and felt great. Knowing I was struggling with my weight he suggested that perhaps I should try it! So I did some research and ordered 4 bags (vanilla, new vanilla, berry and coffee) using the Refer a Friend discount. Unfortunately there was the week delay, but that gave me time to say farewell to all my bad eating habits and mentally prepare for Huel. I do best on a all or nothing approach and frankly I am getting tired of crappy food (well not too too crappy, but not the best).

This morning I was excited that the DPD guy delivered my Huel at 11:56 (delivery time estimated between 11:54 and 12:54! Excellent service and great communication from Huel!

Here are my stats (using the Salter Body analyser scale) and my plan. (I’m the kind of person that need to be accountable, hence putting it on here for the world to see!)

Weight: 77.9
Height: 157
BMI: 32
Body Fat: 47%
Muscle Mass: 27.6%
Body Water: 40.8%

  • 100 gm of Huel 3 times a day to equal 1200 calories, more if feeling hungry after extra workout.
  • 2 litres of water a day (on top of Huel water)
  • use My Fitness Pal to log everything (Fitbit is linked to the account)
  • Gym - 3 times a week, treadmill and/or circuit class.
  • 10000 steps a day. Recovering from plantar fasciitis so running will be in accordance to pain level.
  • Weight myself every morning (I need to be accountable.)

Goal: Get to 70kg by Christmas as have a holiday in the Lakes involving loads of walks with husband and the dogs.

Ultimate goal: Weight 62kg, increased fitness and wear all the clothes that don’t fit me anymore (yeah, a whole new wardrobe!)

Had coffee flavour as my breakfast (at 11:15) and it was nice, it’s now 1pm and I’m actually kind of hungry, so will have some water. I finished it in about 10 min. Maybe a bit more watery because I used only 100gm. I will ease into it over this week over 3-5 days depending on how I feel.

Will update here on Monday mornings after the weigh-in!

Wish me luck kind peoples of Huel.


Good luck.

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Wow! You are certainly jumping in with both feet! Good luck!

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Great to have you on the team :slight_smile: Welcome to the Huel Forum. It’s so great to hear your motivation, you’ve definitely lit a fire in your belly! Only advice here is to possibly ease off initially. Diving in to 100% Huel always seems like the kind of dramatic move you need to kick start your journey, but really it’s quite tough and can often end up with an uncomfortable gut. Ease into 100%, find out what works for you and build it up from one meal to three meals over the course of a few weeks.

Keep us posted on how you’re getting along!

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First week done and all good. I didn’t go 100% as I wanted to, but instead did a nice chicken and steamed veg for evening meal. Savoy cabbage - my new fav!!! I’d gone off chicken and veg when I had to do a low/no iodine diet in preparation for radiation for thyroid cancer. Imagine the healthiest diet ever and still gaining weight. I was totally hypo thyroid as well - it’s so the radio active iodine can go in and kill any remaining thyroid cells. I had to carry a note if I set off the radiation detectors at airports! I digress.

Weight: 75.4 (-2.5 kgs)
Height: 157
BMI: 30.9 (-1.1)
Body Fat: 45.5% (-1.5)
Muscle Mass: 27.8% (+.2)
Body Water: 41.2% (+.4)

I loved the flavour boosts, tried the banana, toffee and mocha. For the coffee in the morning I added a teaspoon of instant as well as some sweetener. Mixed with 3 icecubes.

As for my goals, the only one I didn’t meet was going to the gym three times. But I did realize my job is more active than I thought. On a few days my fitbit had me in fat-burn/cardio for 5 hours.

Drank loads of water but I think I found that if I drank a lot of water right after the Huel meal, I was soon hungry. So I’m not allowing an hour or so before water intake.

I know that 2.5 kgs is “first week” loss, but I’m going to keep at it and 70kg by Xmas is doable. Going to keep on it - I felt SOOOO great. Can’t wait to feel even better in the future.