100% Huel First Week: 4 kg weight loss

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve started 100% Huel last Sunday (13th March) with weight 95 kg. Today (20th March) is a day 8 and I am 91kg. My BMI was 31.7 at the beginning, I’m looking to lose around 20kg (now 16kg). After one week my BMI went to 30.4.

I’ve also started weight lifting and walking 5 times per week, but Huel plays a huge role in my transformation. First of all I can count every single calorie that I eat and secondly, I completely stopped eating high sugary foods and snacks, which is a big change too.

I recommend 100% Huel to everyone who is looking to lose a chunk of fat :slight_smile:

I’ll keep writing my updates here, if you’d like to check, come back next Sunday :slight_smile:


Excellent progress, thank you for update. Keep up the good work. I like the addition of weight lifting, most people go for pure cardio when trying to lose fat and I think that is a mistake.


Agree 100% with Julian here - I’ve seen people loose weight far quicker though weight training than though cardio.

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Today down to 89kg :slight_smile:


6kg in under 3 weeks - that’s amazing work! Congratulations. :tada:

How are you feeling in yourself? There’s a girl in our office who has put a huge amount of effort into her weight loss, and not only does she look so much healthier for it, but she’s feeling a world apart from the old her.

I wish you all the best in your journey into the better you :slight_smile:

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@pookey I really wish my dad would do the same thing. Hi belly is HUGE! :astonished:

That’s brilliant progress. <3

Amazing progress! How are you doing now?

Hi heidihole,

I am on 87kg now, did not have Huel as they didnt deliver during Easter but now getting back on Huel track :wink:

Sorry I meant I was travelling during Easter so it took some time until I got back and could have Huel again :wink:

The most inspiring threat, Motivated me a lot.

Definitely better to weight train, the more muscle, the more calories are burned naturally.

Isn’t it dangerous to lose more than 1kg per week?

In my opinion if you have gone from a typical diet rich in sugar, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol etc. to 100% good nutritional food then your body will detoxify itself and experience a lot of weight loss in the first few weeks, especially when there is a greater amount of body fat to lose. After the initial detox period the body will settle down, then 1kg loss per week will become more usual. I’m no expert though, just talking from experience :grinning:

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Except the notion of a detox doesn’t make any sense at all and the sudden loss when changing diets comes from water retention.

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Sugar, caffeine, alcohol etc are all poisons that the body does not require. By ‘detox’ I mean suddenly stopping having these in your diet and the result of your body adjusting to its newer healthier nutrition. It is common to have headaches for a few days when cutting sugar or caffeine out of your diet and a side effect of the ‘detox’ your body is experiencing

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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for lovely comments! I want to give you an update on what’s going on, I’ve stayed on 87kg (from 95kg) until these days, to stabilise weight since I lost 7kg.

Now I am cutting down calories again and starting the next round!:slight_smile:


Do you mean you lost 8kg?

(95kg - 87kg = 8kg)