10kg weight loss on Huel

Hello Huelers :wink:

I have posted a threat here earlier in March 16 about 4 kg I lost on Huel (see more here 100% Huel First Week: 4 kg weight loss).

It’s been over three months now since I have switched to Huel and until today (end of June 16) I have lost 10kg on Huel. I went from BMI 31.7 (95kg) which is already classified as OBESE to BMI 28.4 (85kg) - overweight.

I do eat cooked meals from time to time as well, in average one or two cooked meals per week. 99% of my meals are Huel shakes. I also exercise now regularly, lifting weights combining with running.

I would like to encourage everyone who is trying to improve their health and lose weight to keep it up and hopefully inspire others to change their lives. I learnt that giving up unhealthy foods and comforting meals is about solving other problems in your life. It is not about will power but rather about DARE TO change things we are unhappy with in life.

I wish all the best to everyone improving their health and life! :slight_smile:

P.S. I will post again more updates about my progression.


good to hear

i’m down a few kilos so far, i do tend to snack on popcorn or peanuts of an evening and often have to have a semi normal meal for dinner as the kids notice that ‘daddy isnt eating’ and dont understand.

my goal is to be digestively healthier, which i have attained with huel (as long as i dont slip) and also to loose, overall, around 20-25kg as i am currently at 100kg.

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Fantastic results!

I’ve got 1kg left to go and then I will also be classed as overweight and not obese. I never thought i’d be happy to be overweight haha


I know, right :smiley:

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10kg is brilliant, well done


I love this post.

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Hi Trundlore,
Your comments re being ‘digestively healthier’ are interesting to me.
Feel like I’m falling apart this week - had some abdominal tenderness which I’ve convinced myself is a epigastric hernia - I’ll check with docs when I’m mobile again - car’s broken not booked in/able to be fixed till Fri8th.
Diet a little better food/calorie wise but drank every evening - I know this is not helping any digestive or other issues! - I will knock that on the head now.
Just feel so sad that I’ve let this wieght gain and apathy persist for long enough now that I’m having health issues.
But the task now feels almost insurmountable so I must just take baby steps where I can and build up my better habits.
You don’t have to share personal details just wondered if you were able to expand a little?

This is why I love my job. You and everyone else on this forum are such an inspiration to those trying to lose/gain weight and just become healthier and happier people. I hope this galvanises others if they are unhappy with themselves, not because of pressure from any media/propaganda or other external pressure, but because they want to do it for them and no one else.

I’d love to add this to our testimonials page if you are OK with that as I think it is really important for people to read these personal accounts. I can quote your name, your username or not at all.

Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.


That’s a really good post - glad things are working well for you :slight_smile:

Loosing 10 kgs. That an amazing job.

apologies, only just seen this reply.

I have IBS so have to stick to a strict FODMAP diet to not experience stomach cramps and, shall we say, violent ‘passings’. this is also the reason that my snacking has devolved to peanuts and popcorn, with the occasional divergence into something like dairy/gluten/etc free bars from the free from section.

I think my issue is largely gut bacteria imbalance based, however having tried the (rather disgusting) options to try and reset that, living healthily on huel is by far the preferable option.

edit also as an aside, I seem to be managing a fairly steady 1.5-2kg a month weight loss a month, which should both be sustainable in the long term


Wow-well done!! 10kg!!
I thought I’d put a stone on after a really crap 18 months-turns out its over 2 stone-yikes!!
Am back on it since last week & have already lost weight in the first week-am new to Huel-I know that’s probably mostly fluid but have been upping my exercise and eating/Hueling well so feeling positive-hope I can keep up the good habits!
Well done again-very inspirational😊!

This thread is inspiring. I am starting today (1st October) on what I intend to be an exclusively Huel food programme.
I have chronic IBS, blood sugar issues that mean I eat everything, all the time, even when I am full (yes, blame the blood sugar!) and I am now in the frame of mind where I believe I can control these things if I focus and have patience.
My trial attempts with the Huel have been fine and I have no issue with the taste of the vanilla one which seems to have had some bad press, I think it’s great, so I intend to stick to that unless I get palate fatigue.
So I suppose I am posting here for solidarity. Good luck to everyone else and I’ll update in a month!

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3 months here too, and I’ve lost 8 kg! I’m 1.96m and was 104kg at most, and now i’m hovering around 96 kg.


I have gone from 107kg to 96kg since May, Huel has helped me keep track of my caloric intake and stopped me snacking altogether, I strength train 3 times a week and drink a gallon of water a day, also I starting cooking and prepping my own food so I don’t get tempted to eat over my daily allowance another 10kg to go till I reach my goal weight then from there who knows what will happen.


That is absolutely fantastic, great going!

I’ve been using it for weight loss as well, I was around the same weight that you were actually and was finding it REALLY hard to shift weight at all even though I exercised frequently and had a very active outdoors job. My meals in general were healthy, but because I was always hungry I was constantly snacking on biscuits and other really bad foods throughout the day.

After going onto Huel for 2-3 meals a day, I found myself more conscious of what I was eating for the 1 normal meal a day, and snacking was cut out all together. And it was SO easy to do, which I was not expecting after struggling for years of trying to cut it out! I sip my Huel gradually throughout the day and found myself more hydrated and alert and no hunger pangs, food cravings or crashes in energy whatsoever. After a few months I found that I had lost 5kgs! High five and keep it up!


Congratulations! :smiley:

down to 92KG now (104 starting point).
I’ve been getting to the gym whenever I can whilst staying away for work on top of the usual diet etc


Hello Huelers!:slight_smile:

I hope you are all having a great healthy week.

I’ve received few messages from you asking how I am doing now, I am currently on 79kg, which is 16kg weight loss all together :slight_smile: I can’t be happier, I can run for over an hour now without breaks and I am lifting good weights at the gym. Definitely recommend to everyone haha!:slight_smile:

My ultimate goal is to be below 70kg.

Hugs to all of you who are aspiring to be the best yourselves xxx Keep going!

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That is great to hear. :slight_smile: