100% Huel - 90 day Challenge

Hey guys,

Just wanted to document/keep myself accountable on a total Huel challenge. I’ve dipped in and out of huel over the years but with a new job meaning lots of travelling and time in hotels; I thought it was time to commit to a change.

Starting weight: 136.7kg
Starting t shirt size: 3XL

Calories Planned: 1500 a day across Huel H&S, 3.1 Bars, and Huel Black Edition.

Week one update:
Energy levels through the roof and I’m not hungry. This is unheard of for me. From the guy who can demolish a large stuffed crust domino’s, a side and a tub of Ice cream in one sitting? I’m shocked. Biggest interest point for me is the satisfied feeling I get after eating. Normally food for me is like a constant craving; even when eating I want more. But with Huel it seems like my body is actually ‘registering’ that I’m eating and my belly feels happy and calm.

Apple Watch is reporting that my resting heart rate is decreasing, and my deep sleep is increasing. Deep sleep is averaging 1hr (up from 19 mins before) and resting heart rate has dropped to 56 (down from 70) which both seem incredible.

Weight this week has come in at 132.3kg but I suspect some (if not all) is going to be water changes. My skin is feeling incredible too; and as someone with chronic psoriasis and eczema - this is music to my ears. I’ll check in again next week but so far? FULL steam ahead!


Good luck with this, BUT 1500 calories is too low.

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Thanks Lee. I’ve played with amounts over the years (10 years of yo yo dieting) and found that tends to be my sweet point. Having said that, I’m not being strict at all in that calorie number; if I’m hungry? I’ll have more. I guess a better term would be ‘minimum’ rather than goal. Eg; today I slid in over 2k calories cause I was gyming (and wanted more).

Firstly, welcome to the forum @Samuelj :tada: and what an incredible start you’re off to already!

Wonderful to hear Huel is keeping you full and doing great things for your overall health :hearts: I’m excited to hear how you get on over the next week :raised_hands:

WELL… your history of yo-yo dieting suggests that you perhaps haven’t got your methodology quite as sorted as one might like.
A sustainable approach is better both in terms of maintaining your desired weight and your actual health.
1500 calories is too large a deficit for a man of 130 plus kilograms to maintain for any period of time without either breaking the diet or suffering illness and/or injury.
If you’d rather be left to do whatever you think best that’s fine with me, if you’d like to discuss that’s equally a-ok.

Good luck Samuel, it will be interesting to hear how you get on…

Sounds like a good plan to me, although you might want to make sure you get enough protein.

Without knowing training history (i.e. how much muscle you have), general movement throughout the day, and height, it’s tricky to work out what your goal weight is, and then comment on calories being too high or too low.

For example, if you are 150cm tall, have a desk job, and don’t weight train, 1500 calories is likely higher than your maintenance at your goal weight.

If you are 200cm tall, are a postman, and deadlift 2.5 times bodyweight, 1500 calories will be a massive deficit.

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you keep protein high, and have refeeds/cheat meals every now and then.

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