First attempt at 100% Huel for calorie counting and weight loss

I’ve been consuming Huel for about 5 weeks now. On average 3 scoops per day, sometimes 6.
I’ve been trying to lose weight for over a year now, since putting on 3 stone due to medications.
I have failed at every attempt. I’ve tried using a FitBit and recording every calorie in and out - that was a disaster - the obsessive nature of it made me go a bit doollally, I just hated it, and ended up putting ON weight as I felt so hungry all the time, having to put so much time and effort into recording every calorie in everything I ate.

So - I’m going to try a totally different approach this time and massively simpify it.
And hopefully Huel will help!

My activity levels vary massively, so I’ve decided to put my activity levels and calorie needs into 3 categories:
Sedentary day - (literally sitting all day)
Some activity - (days when I’m moving around - walking to shop / short cycle ride / cleaning / tidying etc)
Active - days I go to the gym! Or do lots of cycling

I’ve decided to do a 100% Huel diet to simplify calorie counting, but not count calories on days I go out for meals (which will be a bit more frequent over this next month, due to Christmas, but still only once a week at most).

So, plan is:
Sedentary days: 1200 calories ie 300g Huel - spread over the day, whenever I want it.
Days of some activity: 1400 calories ie 350g Huel
Gym days / Active days: 1600 calories ie 390g Huel and 10g Pea Protein powder - planned around my exercise.

So, here goes…

Day 1: Thursday 13th December
Height: 154cm
Weight: 63.6kg
Goal Weight: 53.6kg
Intial Goal Weight: 59kg (when I get down to 59kg I intend to stabilise at this weight for at least 3 weeks before continuing cutting)
Calorie allowance for today: 1400 calories, 350g Huel, as I need to cycle to an appointment.

Hopefully my will-power will keep me on track and I won’t stop off at the chippy on the way home… I’m taking some huel with me in case hunger strikes while I’m out!


Good luck, Christina. You can do it! I have lost 12.5lb over the past couple of months on two Huel meals and one healthy, veg rich meal per day plus a few low cal snacks. Another 10lbs or so and I’ll have reached my ideal weight.


way to go Bee!


It sounds like it’s all going well so far Christina, keep up the good work. :muscle:t2:

I’m hoping to lose a bit of weight using Huel myself. I make 400 calorie shakes for breakfast and lunch and I feel you get a lot of bang for your buck with that amount, I don’t tend to fill hungry again an hour later say if I’d eaten a 400 cal sandwich or bowl of cereal.


I’ve decided to change my plan very slightly (really needing something hot this evening after a very cold cycle ride!) so have decided to allow myself fresh vegetables as well as Huel on my “100%” Huel days…
I am experimenting with making spiced butternut squash soup, with 300g of butternut squash, and 150g huel, and lots of herbs and spices - if it works I will post the recipe!

So total intake for today:

Morning: 100g Huel
Afternoon: 80g Huel
Evening: 150g Huel + 300g Butternut squash

Total calories for the day: 1440


OMG Huel Soup is AMAZING!!!

That’s it, I’m gonna make Huel soup every day for my evening meal - just vary the vegetables!

I’m going to have to order a whole lot more Unflavoured/Unsweetened to keep me going over the winter


Sounds great! Recipe please :yum:

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I’ll post in the recipe category in a bit… when I’ve finished enjoying it!

It’s actually SO filling, I don’t think I could possibly finish all of it tonight (150g of Huel made a HUGE pan of soup lol)

So end of Day 1 and I actually have no idea how many calories I’ve consumed.
But that’s okay.
At least I know its under 1400 and I haven’t pigged out all evening, which is my downfall…

Edit: I’ve just done some rough calculations and worked out that I’ve consumed approximately 1000 calories today. I had to re-calulate a few times as that didnt seem right: I feel completely satiated, despite an hour’s uphill cycling at full-speed. I’m still doubting my calculations, but if I’m right, this is great!! I will beat the over-eating and lose weight in no time.


I wonder if that would freeze ok?


Hmmm I wonder too.
I don’t actually need to freeze it because I will have the rest tomorrow for lunch.
Im not doing a 100% Huel day or a calorie counting day tomorrow as I’m out with friends in the evening for a meal, but the soup will be perfect for lunch, and my usual morning huel shake for breakfast!

But it would be good to know for the future if you can cook with Huel, and then freeze it, then defrost and reheat it.
I should imagine it would still taste pretty good, but probably some of the nutrients would get destroyed or diminished in the process of cooking, then freezing, then reheating.


Hey you!!

Noticed we share a roughly similar height (I’m 153-4cm) and starting weight! Lost 10.7kg gradually with the Huel in ma life so just popping by to say I’m rooting for you and it’s definitely an attainable goal!! :smiley:

Keep us posted :slight_smile:

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How long did it take you @jeffy89? I’ve been trying for a year now. And lost nothing. In fact have put ON a couple of kilos. But thats definitely a couple of kilos due to muscle gain as I’ve been excerising lots this year in comparison to zero the year before.
I’ve only just started on the Huel. About a month and a half i’ve been consuming it now I think.
Despite a couple of odd days of doing a concerted effort at 100% huel, I really havent put much effort into trying to lose weight since starting the Huel.
I do need to. But this time of year is tricky.
Any tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated!