It's time to get serious about Huel

Ok so I bought my Huel pack about 2 weeks ago and I’ve been playing with it. You know starting with the best of intentions and then just failing!

But tomorrow is the day, challenge is set 30 days with a progressive move towards 100% huel.

My biggest problem is that I own a pub and as such have very easy access to chips,crisps,nuts and everything I shouldn’t eat! I would just like to say that I like the taste of Huel and find it fills me up well but it’s the temptation.

So 30 days to a fitter, healthier me!


Looking forward to seeing the results!

I’ve been on huel since the end of Feb and I’ve so far met my target of 0.5kg average weight loss per week.

This is with no exercise and starting at about 78kg.

I feel awesome! I don’t get cranky at work. I don’t get tired when I’m not supposed to feel tired. I sleep better. My skin, hair, and even my fingernails are better than they’ve ever been. I used to eat meat with practically every meal, but now only once or twice a month. I honestly believe I’m going to live a longer, happier life thanks to Huel :smile:

I originally planned to go 100% but the reason for that was to plan exactly how many calories I consume. I have been eating home cooked vegan dinners most days and it averages out. Working in an office, breakfast and lunch are what make me fat. I was a skinny kid until my 20s when I got a real job at a desk. Now I’m 31 and I’m actually beginning to lose this horrible pot belly.

What I was gonna say (sorry for the selfish rambling) was that you should try to consume only huel and plenty of water while you’re at work. When you’re not on duty, stay away from meat, alcohol and sugary snacks and you will lose weight at exactly the right pace that you want. Of course you need to figure out how many calories you require per day and the huel/water ratio that gives your favourite consistency of mixed huel and also set aside a maximum number of cheat days per month for when your friends call. In the end, it’s up to you what the rules are, but if you stick to them, you will achieve exactly the results you want. Whatever they are.

Good luck!