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Hi all, I thought I’d share my experience with Huel so far.
I first found Huel about 3 years ago and really liked the idea.
Since then I’ve had Huel in my cupboard with various spates of having some and then getting bored and not having it for long stretches.

About March this year, I had a few things happen.
Food was getting unmanageable. I wanted to eat better and I found that I just had no time or could not be bothered to cook. thus I was making very poor food choices. Our kitchen and fridge are both tiny which added to my cooking lethargy as i like to buy a lot of ingredients and cook one big pot of food which would last 3-4 days
I had gained a lot of mass. My friends were jokingly asking me when the baby was due and I was up to 95kg. My ideal is 70-75.
My wife who was pregnant could no longer sleep with my heavy snoring. After speaking with the GP, he said first thing I should look at is to loose some weight.

So I decided to give Huel another go.
I’ve got to say, I’ve been really consistent and been having Almost 100% on most days.
I started with 2-3 shakes a day and a H&S occasionally in the evening. However, I’m having the H&S almost every evening now.
I’ll have 1-3 snacks day. Sometimes semi good, other times unhealthy.
I’ll was eating 2-3 other meals a week sometimes takeaway. Some home cooked meals which can be anything from medium to super healthy one meal would be a packet meal or a takeaway meal (totally unhealthy). However, with more H&S, I’ve not been having other meals as much.

It’s been going really well. I’m surprised at how easily and (how long!) this change has lasted and it’s definitely been a learning and discovery curve. It was far more difficult at first and now it’s just become a way of life!
I’m down to about 76kg and I’m sleeping in the bedroom with my wife again!
I feel pretty good about it all and I’m really pleased I gave it a proper go :slight_smile:

Moving on, I’m planning on cooking again. We’ve moved and have a much bigger kitchen and fridge although I do want to finish unpacking first. This will mean cutting back on some Huel although I’ll still have at least 2 items a day (shakes or H&S) depending on what else I’m having.
I still want the calorie deficit as I’d like to drop down to 70kg.
I’d love to start running again and I don’t think I have the time :frowning:


Woah so March this year you were 95kg, and now you are 76kg? That is incredible.

I’m honestly so damn happy for you. You’ve absolutely smashed it. Well done, you’ve been so committed to improving your life.

This is totally ok, it’s not all about Huel, it’s about having healthy habits you can maintain for life, this seems like a great balance!

Go for jog around the block, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, whatever. You will feel amazing, don’t push yourself too hard. I went for a run the other day, hadn’t been for a few weeks and I was walking down the street after with the biggest smile on my face. Running is awesome. You can build up!

Have a great weekend and thnak you for taking the time to share your story with us!

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