My journey with Huel

Hi all,

Hoping to lose weight and save money by using Huel.

I’ve struggled with my weight pretty much all my adult life.

I can remember when I was 16 I weighed 16 stone. Put that down to a lot of things.

I’m 6 foot 2 and big build so I can carry that weight.

When I left school and started work I used to cycle everywhere. I would do at least 6 miles a day.

I was a student nurse at the time with allocations to different wards and hospitals. I had an allocation to one that was about 10 miles away in the middle of the winter. I bought a moped and that was basically it for cycling.

Fast forward 25 years I am now a parent of two kids, I sit at a desk 4 days a week. I do a lot of volunteering - I am a school governor and I coach rugby.

I weigh 25 stone now. My knees are playing up and I don’t think I’m far off type 2 diabetes.

On the two days I go to the office I rush breakfast sorting the kids out then get lunch from the local asda with all the temptation that that puts in front of me.
I spend about £7 on lunch on those days.
I have crap afternoons as I feel my blood sugar crashing so I will often get a snack from a petrol station on the way home.

On the two days I work at home I tend to graze through the day on whatever is around.

I am a member of a local gym where I enjoy Pilates but I know I need to be doing more.

I can’t remember where I read about Huel but I like the idea and the branding.

I ordered a trial sample and found it ok.

I then went on to get some more, the vanilla one.

I got the chocolate flavouring.

I had Huel for breakfast yesterday and I felt full all morning. No urge to snack.

I am having it for breakfast today and will see how I get on. I am coaching rugby this morning so I will see if I feel hungry earlier.

I think long term I will use Huel everyday for breakfast and will then build up to using it for lunches too.

One thing that appeals to me is using it on the go.
Quite often on a Sunday I am coaching rugby in the morning at one place then coaching again in the afternoon. I like the idea of having a measured amount of Huel ready to make up.
Better than skipping lunch and feeling crap or spending out on some barely nutritious stuff from a service station which would probably involve sweets.

I am about to sign up for a 90 day transformation at the gym. I will have some interesting debates about Huel I think. They will get the concept but part of the transformation is about looking at nutrition and eating real healthy food.

I could really do with losing 7 or 8 stone and I think Huel will really help as I will struggle to get time to prepare food.


Welcome to the forum, Heppers! :slight_smile:

You are taking great steps to turn things around. If you can replace all that junk food with Huel, this is a HUGE step. Well done for signing up to the 90 day transformation at the gym too.

Stick at it, and let us know how you get on.

Huel can genuinely change your life, man. I wish you all the luck in the world reaching your goals. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. According to my Fitbit I’ve done 18k steps today and walked 14km.

I had 500 calories of Huel for breakfast and other one for lunch. I knew I’d be busy so I measured the Huel into the shaker and topped it up with water when I needed it.

I didn’t feel hungry until about 1pm.

I’ve not long got in and I don’t feel hungry now.

I had a chat to a friend who was at the rugby event. She is a sports therapist who does personal training and is absolutely fit. She hadn’t heard of Huel but said she had something similar.

I’ve felt fine all day. No mid afternoon dip.

If this is the way forward I’m happy enough.

I’m going to order a spare shaker and maybe try one or two other flavours.

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Interesting couple of days.

I was at work yesterday which means a 70 mile drive to sit at a desk all day.

I had huel for breakfast - I did two meals worth in the blender and chucked in a couple of bananas instead of the chocolate flavouring.

Breakfast was fine - didn’t fancy a macdonalds on the way to work.

Had my 2nd huel about one pm.

Stopped for fuel on the way home and felt snacky so I thought and had some beef jerky and peanuts rather than the usual chocolate bar.

Had a normal evening meal.

Huel for breakfast this morning. I was working at home, as I mention I normally graze through the day.

Got peckish about 11.30 so I had some skyr (icelandic yogurt). Had huel for lunch about 12.30 and had a good productive afternoon - no dipping of blood sugar. Had a small piece of cake with a cup of tea about 3 pm because I fancied it.

Just had fish and chips for evening meal.

I’m feeling quite happy with the change to huel so far.