One Year Later with Huel


I’ve been eating / drinking Huel for just over a year now and wanted to share my feedback as what I’ve read on here and Huel’s Facebook has been really useful to me.

I’ve been drinking it every weekday for breakfast and lunch - weekends I’ll have it most mornings too. Yeah it tasted a bit different when I first had it, but after trying all the different flavours you could add, I’ve stuck with the vanilla and I like it.

The initial reason I tried Huel was that I was rubbish at eating anything for breakfast in the morning, used to just run out the door, or jump straight on the laptop, eat nothing, drink coffee and then pig out at lunchtime -
grabbing some rubbish from a petrol station or cafe, which normally ended up including crisps and triple bacon/egg sandwiches barbecue I was so hungry! With Huel, there’s been no excuses for me to skip breakfast as it’s so quick to make (will have a banana too) and if I’m out for the day or working at home, I’ll make one for lunch too. Then I have whatever for dinner and on the weekends.

After a year of this routine, I feel so much better, more energy during the day, feel better for not skipping breakfast or eating crap during the week and I’ve lost weight. That combined with the exercise (basketball, punch bag and running) I do during the week and I’ll hopefully stick to it! I carry a Graze box in my bag too if I need a snack. I’m far from what you’d call a super-healthy person with what I eat, but having Huel has massively improved my overall diet.

Not sure I’d go to 100% Huel for all my meals as I like my food, cooking and BBQ too much, but as my breakfast and lunch during the week, it’s perfect and I’ll be continuing to order. Really like the company’s ethos and community too, loads of useful info, ideas and there’s clearly a desire to continue to innovate and improve the product.

Thanks Huel

PS - I go for 3 scoops per meal and 450ml of water, with ice occasionally. Just use the shaker, nothing else.


This is great to hear. I’m three weeks in and seemingly taking the same approach as you. So far so good!

I’m glad to read this! I use my nutrabullet but basically do what you’re doing.
I use 2 scoops and sometimes I have porridge with a scoop of Huel. Hot porridge in the winter is lovely.

Hey @Jamez, I’m so sorry I missed this message. Thanks so much for the great feedback and for being an all round legend. Reading this sort of stuff really makes our day, we’re just thrilled that we have made a good impact on your diet and day to day lifestyle and can only hope it continues - it sounds like it will.

This means a lot, you guys are the most important part of Huel, everything we do it’s with our amazing Huelers at the forefront of minds, so we’re glad that comes across in our ethos and community.