Two weeks with Huel, great so far

So i have been using Huel for two weeks now and i have been feeling much better.

I am not tracking weight loss as i am Hueling for a better health/nutrition, but people have begun commenting at work that i look different, so great on that front as well.

Right now, i have settled for:

Breakfast: Coffee Flavored Huel (with a bit of cocoa powder for a flavor boost)
Lunch : Salad (Plain Lettuce, 3 cherry Tomatoes) + 1 “grilled” (Halogen Oven, no Oil) chicken piece.
Snack::1 Banana or 1 Apple
Dinner: Chocolate Flavored Huel

I am also drinking only and exclusively water.

Just to make a comparison, this is what i used to eat (aprox) for the last few years:
*Obviously the food would change daily, but it was of the same types.

Breakfast: Two bowls of chocolatey cereal with Milk or some industrial bakery goods in big amounts.
Snack: Chocolate or some other candy, probably with a soda
Lunch: McDonalds Large Meal (At work lunchbreaks)
Snack: Some more chocolate with more soda
Dinner: Either Fish&Chips/Fried Chicken&Chips or Pizza/Delivery food.
Snack: Either more ceral or whatever i could find

I used to be extremely hungry and always in need to eat more, probably because i had a very big nutritional deficit and my body was trying to compensate, and i was often sick and feeling weak and sleepy during my extremely heavy nightshifts.

In just two weeks, i have recovered my sleep pattern, i feel more agile and almost never too tired or without energy, i am almost never hungry between meals, and even when i am a tiny apple or a banana are enough to make me feel satisfied until the next meal/Huel.

I wanted to go “full time Huel” but i was missing chewing and “eating” too much after a few days, so i switched to my current “Menu” which solves this issue, but maybe i will in the future.

My tummy has also behaved and i luckily did not have any of the upset stomach issues others had.
Was probably happy to receive real food for once, hah!


Wow that’s some dietary transformation!
I’m not surprised you’re feeling better :laughing:
I’m interested to know if you suffered a massive sugar withdrawal - headaches, irritability, lethargy etc - in the first week or two?
Well done on the change. You’ll never want to go back to your previous diet now you’ve experienced how good you can feel without all that junk in your system

This is fantastic! It’s a massive change to make so don’t worry if you have a takeaway every now and then.

We have bars if you want to try something a little different from the powders and something to chew on.

Keep us updated on your progress.

That’s fantastic! So good to hear how Huel has changed your eating habits and how much better you look and feel now. Same happened to me. Life changing stuff eh? :grin:
I also eat granola and bars for a bit of variety and for the chew factor.

How many grams of Huel do you have at each meal and how much water do you mix it with?

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What a great result! I too find I’m more alert, more energetic and just general wellbeing is a lot better since I started Huel. I’m now on week 9, I’ve had one binge out lapse and it took 2-3 days of feeling lethargic, tired and sluggish while all that crap processed through my system before I started to feel better again and back to my new norm. To think, that’s how I used to feel all the time! Well done for making such a huge change, and good luck!

@RaaRu Wow, what a massive change! Your body must be loving having a nutritionally balanced diet and it’s great that you’re feeling so good too. Well done, keep it up!!

I actually did not, which is something that i was worried about, however, on my fourth day of Huel, i did actually feel a bit off, like a weird kind of “tired” i had never experienced before, not so much physical as i kept feeling “out of it” for most of the day, although it went away once i had dinner.

Since then i have been just fine.

Also, my Huel portions are water up to 400 (500 if i am running to work and need to drink it faster) and 3 scoops of Huel per serving.

I had the odd 4 scoops Shake without much of a pattern, whenever i felt like i needed a bit of an extra boost or i wanted it thicker because i was not in a hurry to eat, maybe 4 times in total in 2 weeks.

So far, the only “weird” thing is that how fast or not i feel hungry seems to be a bit random, sometimes i can have 3 scoops of Huel and not feel hungry for about 4 hours and sometimes up to 9 hours.

Sometimes i need my Breakfast Huel as soon as i wake up, and sometimes i can wait for an hour before having Breakfast.

But i guess this must be my body adjusting.

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@RaaRu That last comment is probably not as weird as you think. For anyone eating food-food, hunger is sometimes seemingly random too. Some days, you can have a small breakfast and don’t feel hungry until 3pm, other days you might eat so much you can barely move at breakfast but then lunchtime comes around and you’re suddenly famished!

Or is that just me?!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Nope, I get that too!

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