My first week of Hueling

If anyone’s at all interested, here’s the story of my Huel experience so far with a bit of preamble to explain why I decided to buy Huel.

I was initially very sceptical despite the very positive reviews of a few colleagues at work. I was finally convinced to give it a try by the fact my health and physical condition has deteriorated over the last few years to the point where I can’t play the sports I used to love to any sort of acceptable level. Also, my colleagues are a very fit bunch - I’m very much lagging behind!

Anyway, the nature of my job necessitates a very early start and whether I get time for lunch most days is a complete unknown. Combine that with children, a house that needs work, a car that often needs work, and extended families that live on opposite sides of the country, I typically feel like I’m falling apart.

All this has led to chronic binge eating. I’ll get home with no interest in cooking and just massively overindulge in whatever takeaway interests me that evening. I’ve been known to stop at McDonalds on the way home then order a pizza as soon as I’m through the door. It’s pretty tragic really. I’m just so hungry I need it and I need it now!

So, for the last week I’ve been having Huel for breakfast (2 scoops initially, then moving up to 3) and having a normal lunch and dinner. I’m trying to change only one thing at a time as I’ve had plenty of false starts for my transformation plans in the past when I’ve tried to change everything all at once.

It’s probably no surprise that my digestive health is terrible and I regularly have IBS type symptoms . It got so bad a while ago I had a few weeks signed off work. This led to quite a bit of anxiety about all the stories about gastric distress I’d read in relation to Huel. It turns out that, for me, Huel has had no weird effects so far.

The first couple of days I felt full for ages after drinking Huel, but it seems to have settled into a normal pattern of feeling hungry at lunch time. I think now I’ll probably need a banana mid morning. In my previous pattern I was eating crisps and croissants after starting work so Huel must be an upgrade in comparison!

I’m not having any revolutionary spikes in energy levels, probably because the rest of my diet isn’t amazing, but my theory is that at least for this initial stage my breakfast is giving me a fighting chance for the day ahead.

I’ve found the ease of making it the night before and grabbing it out the fridge as I wearily stumble out the house an absolute blessing. It also means I don’t have my usual miserable commute crippled by hunger. And I’m not tempted to buy a muffin at the station while I wait on my train.

So far it’s all good, but I have found a weird feeling that I don’t want to tell anyone for fear of being judged. I haven’t even told my colleagues and have been washing my Huel bottle in secret before hiding it… Hopefully my mental health improves along with my physical health and I can be more open with people about my use of Huel.

So there you go. Thanks for sticking with me through this monster post.



In my humble opinion, my experience so far is not life-changing. I just replaced my bad habits (junk food) cravings with some more acceptable food.
I sometimes will replace a lunch with Huel but I feel frustrated afterwards. I like eating too much for that!

Same, I hide my Huel habits. My coworkers would think I am sick/have a eating disorder (I’m French and here it’s almost a blasphemy to eat liquid food.)


Welcome! Nothing revolutionary here too, but it makes me feel more secure about what I’m eating, at least for two meals a day. I also almost stopped eating any sweet, and lost around 9Kg in 3 months.

I don’t have problems telling others about Huel, but I understand the feeling. Some of my friends told me I’m mad, but I don’t care about them too much, so. :smiley:

Have a nice journey!

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I just wanted to drop you a post to tell you to keep at it!!

I just started Huel myself - day 3! - and unfortunately I feel hungry 1 or 2h after having Huel.

My goal is also to eat healthy, and to improve my health - as at the moment I am very overweight.

Just the fact that you are consciously making an effort to change your habits is an amazing start, and I am sure it will get better soon.

I only told my parents about this Huel journey I’m on, too - so I completely understand what you mean.

Keep up the good fight :blush:

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Us Hueligans are a pretty supportive bunch on the whole. I’m sure if you told your work colleges who are also “using” they would only judge you positively for it.

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