My first week

I was a little worried reading some posts here. I have IBS and was concerned about any negative GI effects of Huel. I work as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in a GP surgery, and didn’t wish to share any noxious Huel fumes with my patients!! Although it might encourage them to stick to the 10 minute appointment slot :relieved:

I was initially interested in loosing a bit of middle aged spread, but also, given my working hours, looking to improve my diet. Long 12 hour days left me reaching for quick junk food at the supermarket on my way home and dubious quality sandwiches for lunch.

I am happy to report that my IBS symptoms have been non existent since starting Huel. I do include some nuts and fruit in my diet as snacks (and the occasional G&T for my sanity). The taste has grown on me and I have been adding some Cocoa to my Huel. I have not felt hungry or deprived. I feel like I have found the Holly Grail. Lunch with my parents tomorrow will be my first non Huel meal in 5 days.

If you are thinking about giving this a try I would encourage you to give it a go. Nothing ventured…


I have the same experience as you. I find I’m well fed and healthy on Huel, and my whole body works perfectly on it. I also very seldom bother to prepare meals, and mostly live on Huel :smiley:


Onto my second week and 'all is good in the ‘hood’ I cannot believe how much better I feel. Even my complexion seems clearer! Huel has saved me so much time which is a bonus. I am delighted.


i also feels the same , i have a little bit problem with my face skin, can get fast pigmentation from dust or other kinds of things. so i started to take healthy meal … and i m feeling better.

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